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Sequins: Maid of Honor Round One

Wow guys.  So I guess I didn’t expect to fall off the face of the blogging earth, but I guess that’s what happens when your sister gets married in Maui and you’re the Maid of Honor. Lots has been going down. Yesterday, though, was The Day and everything went off mostly without a hitch–unless, of course, you’re me. If you’re me, you’ll find yourself with hives covering your entire body from an allergic reaction to the sunscreen, a dress with a zipper that breaks and you have to be literally sewn into, and a couple other crises that I can’t remember. I was laughing with my dad about it at the ceremony. It was like all the bad luck that brides fear was flying at my sister, and I managed to jump in front of her every time. I’ll share more pictures later and go into more details later, but for now I’ll just say two things–I’m exhausted beyond belief, and the happy couple is definitely worth the effort.

These were our Getting Ready outfits. Hers was white, as is appropriate.

Technically, I gimp’d this photo, but it was to make my camera more accurately reflect what we were looking at during the beginning of the reception. And yes, the happy newlyweds were on the beach with their photographer during the sunset.

Stripes: Two Really Awesome People pt. 2

After reading Sequins sweet words about our dear friends, I thought I might include some pictures from their gorgeous day (and give you all a break from Stripes’ vacation central). Again, Sequins and I don’t want to make any sweeping political statements because that’s not what this day is about-it is about celebrating the love between not only two people but also the support and love of a community and that’s just what this event achieved. It brought back together our college community and allowed us all to not only come together and share time with our old friends but also support our good friends as they made the biggest commitment two people can make to each other.

I did manage to snag some pictures with my iPhone! Here you have our beautiful grooms and a few of our friends:

And then an epic photoshoot and a jam sesh broke out. Best.Wedding.Ever.

All in all, yesterday was a day filled with joy, smiles, love, and friendship. I was so happy to see so many of my college friends (many of whom had left our college town in the last year or two so it had been a really long time since we’d all been at one place together) and I am so grateful to be reminded of the simple joy of just spending time bonding/catching up with/listening to/laughing with old friends. I suppose all I can say is that yesterday was absolute perfection and I’m so glad to have all these people in my life.