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Three years ago today

This isn’t really going to be an outfit post, you guys. Sorry. But there are some snazzy outfits in it! The thing is, three years ago* I met an amazing guy. His name is David, although up until recently you’ve known him as Monsieur. And he’s a guy who’s kind of worthy of a blog post. We’re celebrating our two year anniversary today*, and while it isn’t the most elaborate celebration you’ll ever hear of, it’s still a special one.

“Sometimes you have to fall apart before you can fall back together.”

When I first saw that quote on Pinterest, I ┬árolled my eyes pretty hard. I’m the type of girl who thinks “Jeez, enough is enough. You break up, you move on”. So when David and I broke in October 2010, I figured it was over. Which sucked, but I knew we’d live. We’d heal, and we’d be friends .

Clearly it’s not the case, and it took us slightly less than a year to figure that out. When we got back together we made a strong commitment to each other. We knew that if we decided to give it another shot, we knew we needed to be in it for all of the cards.

The past year has been a rough one for non-romantic reasons, and I’m just really glad that David has been there for its entirety. He makes me laugh when I’m grumpy, he’s calm when I’m spiraling into crazy land, and he’s patient. Dear god is he patient. And he’s all mine!

These photos are from the last of the three weddings. My dress is F21 and his suit is a rental.

*Well, technically, yesterday, but we celebrate it on the 20th so who knows when…
** See the above footnote