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Stripes: Disney Fashion Time

Ooo boy! We finally made it to the Florida leg of my travels and I have a very Minnie Mouse inspired outfit post for you!

Isn’t the Epcot Ball pretty epic? This was a pretty exciting moment, I’ve been dreaming of this moment, standing infront of the giant golf ball, since I can remember-I mean who thinks of Disney World without thinking about the ball? I was sorely disappointed to realize the tour of the nations wasn’t actually in the ball nor was some sort of epic 70’s-esque model of “The Future”. My dreams, apparently, were a little too farfetched to fit in a giant golfball…who woulda thunk?

As far as my theme park fashion went, I stuck mainly to shorts (better for rides), tank tops (to avoid the dreaded farmers tan), Toms (comfy shoes…though, thanks to the heat/foot sweatage situation, I got blisters on almost all of my toes that I’m still working on getting rid of. Yay! TMI blogger moment! But seriously, shoes that don’t require socks sounded awesome in theory but in execution they tore up my feet), and Minnie ears. Oh yes, I wore these babies every single day at all the Disney parks (seemed like bad form to wear to Universal Studios…though I totally wore my Harry Potter shirt to Disney at which point a guy running one of the rides claimed to be Slytherin and tried to Avada Kedavra us…we Crucio’d back and got away). I certainly was *that* person and I soaked up every themed minute of it.

Tank:A&E//Shorts:Old Navy//Shoes:Toms//Backpack:REI//Ears:Magic Kingdom

Later that day, a phone booth tried to kidnap me! Epcot was an awesome park and it was second only to Magic Kingdom in my mind. There was so much to see and I loved the future theme! Also, I’m going to do a quick plug for my little backpack. This thing saved us and was the perfect bag for this trip! It’s just a little REI day pack I bought a couple years back to hold one of those Camelpack water bladders for a day hike and exploring bat caves (to my NW friends- it was Oyster Dome…that hike always kicks my butt in a way that makes me wanna cry a little but exploring the bat caves is seriously one of my favorite memories from college). This pack held both of our water bottles, snacks, cellphones, and sunglasses without getting the least bit heavy. And, just about every mom was jealously eyeballing it. So, if you’re planning a Disney trip in the near future, I would totally recommend bringing one of these bags since they let you bring in food and drink with no issues. This was the closest I could find to the one I have-I bought my bladder and bag separate and the bag was REI brand (it was discontinued and the last one in the store…and about $30 cheaper than the next best option at the time) but I think this set is actually cheaper than what my total ended up being buying them separately…so awesome for you if you decide you want to invest in one!

And we happened to find Mary Poppins in England(-land?). SO jealous of her getup! Can we please bring back fancy dresses and epic hats like this?! Seriously.

What’s everyone’s favorite Disney park? Anyone else done Oyster Dome? Was your butt handed to you or was that just me (probably just me…walking up hill is just about my least favorite activity)?

Stripes: Quick Florida Update

Hey guys! I’ve been up to a lot of this:

And this:

(Yes, that’s a sugar quill! And yes, you can write with the tip!!! TRUE MAGIC!)

Which hasn’t left very much time to write a well worded description of anything I’ve been up to so I’m going to let you fill in the blanks on these ones today! More Stripey posts with actual substance will be coming your way late next week, but until then let your imagination run wild as to how awesome this trip has been…it’s probably pretty close to what’s been going on down here (especially if you were imagining me fighting evil dragons, riding hippogriffs, pulling swords out of stones, or taming wild, flying elephants)!

Stripes: It’s Day 30! Thank God

It’s finally here!!! DAY 30! Wooooo! I am beyond excited to get back into the rest of my clothes and get back on a 3 a week posting schedule. II thought it would be really fun to do a retrospective look at all my outfits for the last 30 days to celebrate the end of this project.

And now you have my last outfit of the challenge:

Sweater: H&M

Dress: A&E

Leggings: Loft Outlet

Boots: Rocket Dog

Can i just say that I am glad to put this challenge behind me and wear some new clothes?!

Sequins & Stripes: A Sunday Adventure Day 29

Early* this morning Sequins, Stripes and our good friend Plaid all piled into the car and headed over to the Skagit Valley Yearly Tulip Festival to look at some flowers, have some lady bonding time, and take a bajillion pictures. Also, side note, Sequins definitely drove us home. Because she’s awesome like that. Check out some of our pictures! The titles, if you hover over them, will tell you which one of us took it. Enjoy!

This is what happens when I don't remember I zoomed my camera in to take the previous shot!

Sequins Outfit:

Shirt: Sojourner/ Vest Scarf & Shoes: Thrifted/ Shoes: H&M/ TIghts: Gift

Stripes’ Outfit:

Shirt: Target/ Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: Toms/ Sweatshirt: Aerie/ Coat: The North Face (seriously awesome raincoat….if you’re in the market for one, this one is great!)


*So only two of us (*cough cough* Stripes and Plaid) thought 8 am was early…Our lovely Sequins is much more adjusted to such grown up hours and was bright eyed and fully awake by that point in the morning. The other two of us needed some more wake up time and coffee.

Stripes: A Coldplay Update Day 26

Ok, so I was totally planning to do a post about driving from school to Seattle (a drive I have done at least 100 times in the last 5 years) and I had planned it out on the drive BUT last night’s concert was soooooo amazing I’ve decided to through a post about it in here and save the driving post for tomorrow. So here are my concert highlights:

-When everyone first got to the arena, they were given a super dorky bracelet. About 10 minutes for the show started while they were setting up the final instruments and stuff a sign came on telling us to put the bracelets on. And then, when the lights went off, all the bracelets turned on an glowed!! It was like being apart of a giant Christmas tree. They had some sort of computer program that let the bracelets light up on beat and everything. SO COOL.

-Chris Martin smashed a guitar! I’ve never seen anyone do that before so that was pretty awesome.


-And this was the best part. For the encore, the band surprised us by coming into the stand IN MY AISLE! I was 10 feet away from all of Coldplay!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever screamed quite like I did when I realized what was happening, cause they’re only my favorite band, you know, no big deal. And, can I just say, Chris Martin’s arms are uh-mazing?! I actually had noticed them on a close up on one of the screens while playing piano…boy is built! But this was undoubtedly the coolest part of the show! The tech crew even brought up a piano and everything. I still cannot believe that happened and I’m pretty sure I’m still feeling the residual adrenaline.

This is the picture I took of Chris Martin (and his sexy arms) when we was right next to us! He's in the pink!

All in all it was an awesome show! I had a ton of fun and the band did a really good job mixing old stuff and new stuff…they did songs from every album they’ve produced, which I really liked. Now, I just want a private show where they play my perfect set list so they will do all the awesome songs they skipped 😛 A girl can dream!

Also, I realize this shirt breaks the rules, but how do you go to your favorite band’s concert and not get a shirt?!


Shirt: Coldplay Concert

Real Shirt: Target

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Toms

Anyone else ever seen Coldplay live? What kinds of effects did they do in past shows? I’m dying to know because they seem like they really pull all the stops!

Stripes: Stretch or No Stretch? Day 24

I have something to confess (that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before): I am a noob to the whole no stretch jeans thing. This pair of pants in the only one I own that has 0% spandex/lycra blended into the cotton and I am slowly falling in love with them.

I really really love these jeans but I am still not completely used to the lack of stretch going on around the waist and butt. All my round bottom girls out there know what I am talking about. My waist is substantially smaller then my hips which leaves about 2″ of excess fabric around the waistband on these pants making it hard to sit down sometimes. And so I was scared when buying them. I’d been told that skinny jeans were supposed to be a no-no for girls with my body shape and that stretch was essential so I could sit in my pants. But you know what? These pants rebel against all of that, and I love it!

I definitely an grateful of the 30 for 30 for giving me a nudge to get me to wear these without boots (why I originally bought them) and fully embrace not only the jeans but also my body in these jeans.


I’ve started playing around with PicMonkey an online photo editor so hopefully I can start phasing in so cool new pictures!

Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Toms

Anyone else have the same apple bottom shape as me? How do you feel about skinny jeans? Do you own any jeans without stretch? How do you deal with this not so bad problem (not going to lie, guys love a little junk in the trunk…or so I’ve heard 😉 )


Stripes: What’s In My Make Up Bag? Day 13

For the all of you who have been DYING (I’m sure) to know what goes on inside my make up bag, today is your lucky day. I was inspired by Miss Indie’s post about what’s in her bag and thought, “gee I have one of those too, maybe someone would like to see whats in it!” So if that’s you, welcome to my make-up bag:

Let’s start with the tools. The black brush came from a free gift from Estee Lauder (as did a ton of my stuff) and the bamboo ones are from EcoTools (yes, Alicia Silverstone pimps these brushes) but I don’t really use them much any more (aside from the concealer brush and eyebrow brush which I still use all the time). This is mainly because I recently got my Sophora brush set and I really like them. I just use a really cheap pair of nail scissors from like 10 years ago to trim my eyebrows and a pair over tweezers I’ve had for probably 8 years (which kick butt! I have no idea what brand they are though…the lettering wore off years ago).

I just started using this Almay liquid foundation about a month ago and I love it (even if it does not zap zips like it promised). I’ve been using MAC studio for a couple years now (my first gift to myself when I was promoted at work for the first time) and although I know people who use it as their everyday foundation without a liquid foundation underneath, it doesn’t stick to my face for more than a couple hours after I put it on when I use it alone. I got this Estee Lauder under eye concealer as a free gift with purchase a year ago and this bitty tube is still going strong! I use it everyday under my eyes and on random little red spots on my face and it works super well.

As far as blush goes, I recently revamped my routine and I really love the results. The Maybelline blush is super sparkly and kind of old so I don’t really use it all that often…glitter on your cheeks in the daytime is not as cool as it seems like it should be. I also got called Edward Cullen one day by one of my friends because I was glittering in the sun. Yeah. That was incentive enough to grow up and use big girl (read: not sparkly) face stuff. I now use this Estee Lauder blush and this MAC highlighting compact to define my cheekbones. I love the highlighter because you can use just one of the colors if you want and you can use it as an eyeshadow, too.

As far as eye shadows go, I have a few that I like to pull from. I also feel like I should start this section with the following statement: it took me YEARS to embrace eyeshadow. I felt like I could never apply it right and that it looked gaudy and that it was cheap and that it took too much time to apply. Yes, it is the most time consuming part of my make-up regime. And yes, it can look terrible when you’re first learning how to apply it or you are a guidette. But it is so much fun once you start to just go with it and play around with the colors, shapes, and effects. So I have my little Almay 3 color “blue eyes” palette. This was the start of my eyeshadow collection and helped me believe that I could actually wear eyeshadow without looking like someone from Jersey Shore or MiMi from the Drew Carey Show. That being said, I have this Estee Lauder blue eyeshadow and have worn it exactly never since I got it a year ago. The lady at the counter made me look fabulous and talked me into buying it but once I got home and realized I had no idea how to actually apply eyeshadow in the first place and that I had nothing to blend it with.

And now, this is my baby. It’s my first Urban Decay Palette and it has literally changed my relationship with make-up. I LOVE all the options and playing around with different combos. I also use this primer to make the pigment stick to my eyes all day (and night…I am really bad about taking my eye make up off at night even though I wash my face. I am one hot mess in the mornings, let me tell ya). I realized as I was uploading that I didn’t include the eye shadow primer because it fell out in the box I keep all my bathroom stuff in. So yeah I just use the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer (it comes in a purple tube).

To finish off my eyes I use CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara. I’ve been a HUGE fan of this stuff for the last couple years and, despite the higher end approach I’m taking with the other parts of my make up bag, I think I am going to stick with this stuff for a while. I also have this trial size tube of Estee Lauder’s mascara (yet another free sample) that I like to use when I’m going out because it makes my lashes look epically big but I think it’s a little too much for most daytime adventures. Then I like to line just my bottom waterlines with CoverGirl Point Plus liner crayon. I also love the little smudger on the end! (And I’m also really awful at lining my upper lids which may or may not be 90% of the reason why I don’t do them).

For my lips, I actually almost never remember to put on lipgloss…like ever. But I do have these few options. I LOVE the Sophora multicolor one but it’s almost all out 😦 . I like the Clinique gloss and it’s my usual gloss of choice and I almost never wear the Estee Lauder stuff (free sample…) because it leaves way too much glitter on my lips at the end of the day (which looks really weird when you get home form work).

And finally my silly lipsticks. All of these are from various theme parties I’ve attended and I seriously never wear them. Ever. But they still live in my make-up collection.

If you’re still reading, I applaud you. This was for sure my longest post ever. But that’s it. That’s what’s in my make-up bag. And now on to the usual, the outfit:

I am really in love with my hair today!

Dress: A&E

Shirt: Target

Shoes: Toms (Ironically, I was actually wearing them in all the pictures but they never made it in the frame!)

Anyone love MAC and Urban Decay as much as I do? Anyone know any tips about how to apply eyeliner on your top lid? Seriously leave me a comment if you do, I really wanna know the secret! Also, if you have any questions about my make up routine or anything please feel free to comment and ask!

Stripes: Start of the End

Yesterday was my last first day of a quarter for my undergrad career. While that day is, for the most part, arbitrary in that it’s just another day closer to graduation, it’s still a pretty big milestone because these will be my last professors here, my last chance to positively influence my gpa, and have the “college” experience. At the same time, however, I feel as though it is the preface to the start of a new book in my life rather than the conclusion of the last one. I am really looking forward to the adventures that await me after I graduate.

Also, it is officially spring quarter which is my favorite of all the quarters! Why you ask? Because I get to wear fun outfits like this!

The sun actually comes out!

People go outside again and do fun things (sing, play frisbee, spin fire, ya know!)

There are adventures to be had-hiking, swimming, skim boarding, sunsets, long walks with long talks.

Classes also seem to go faster and people in general seem happier…we all forget during the winter months how much the gray effects us up here.

Shirt: H&M (recent), Sweater: Old Navy, Pin: Handmade by Sequins herself!, Earrings: Target, Jeans: Gap Outlet, Shoes: Toms, Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

And so marks the start of a new, exciting part of my life (though not as exciting as what June and July hold!!). Anyone else on the cusp of a life change? Enjoy the sun? Wear gifts from their friends?