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Office Costume

My whole transition into business-casual-land hit a new milestone yesterday…it was time for the office Halloween Costume. Ooooo ahhhh, I know, what was I, you ask? Well, I rocked the crap out of Hermione. Ohhhh yes, I pulled out my Scotland wool sweater, brought the wand into public, and learned to tie a tie all in order to pull off this level of awesomeness…and I’s pretty sure it was a success.

Mostly, though, I was just pretty dang excited to wear my HP gear all day…in public…without judgement…mostly. There were a few interesting looks shot my way when I walked into the grocery store on my lunch break but, despite the weird (probably jealous, let’s be honest) looks,  it was a blast being a wizard. If only I could take wizarding up as a full time profession…that would be the life!

As a side note, Dave (yep, Marci’s Dave who also happens to be my lunchtime photographer) and I had never considered the the fact that there is a parking garage attached to the building we work in…this was just the thing Marci and I dreamt of in months past, trudging through puddles and downpour just to snag a picture or two! How we didn’t realize there was photo shoot gold 30 feet from my desk is beyond me (derp moment, by chance?), regardless, it’s pretty awesome knowing we’ll never have to walk in the rain again for a lunch time photo shoot. It’s the little things in life, folks. Wands and parking garages are all it takes to live a very happy life.

Sweater, Tie, & Wand:Wizarding World of HP//Skirt:Gap Outlet// Tights:H&M://Shoes:Lucky Brand via Macys

How was everyone elses’ Halloween? I hope everyone had fun and ate some yummy treats! Annnnd mad props for anyone else who was a wizard, too! Making the dream come true on Halloween at a time.

The Many Faces of A Fashion Blogger

This outfit was the outfit where I realized I have officially become a fashion blogger. “Why,” You may be asking, “is this outfit so much more magnificent than any other outfit?” Because I layered cardigans. Oh yes, I have entered the big leagues oh epic layering that only fabulous fashion bloggers and J. Crew Models attempt. And with big league clothing comes big league faces….I hope you’re ready for the many faces of a fashion blogger.

The smug, I’m a legit fashion blogger look.

The really intense like my outfit darn it look.

The photobombing yourself look.

Shirt:J Crew//Patterned Sweater:Target//Cream Sweater:Old Navy//Skirt:Romy//Tights:H&M//Shoes:Target//Purse:Sorial via TJMaxx

And the normal fashion blogger look.

Oh yes, I think I have finally arrived as a fashion blogger (next stop: add some chambray and start working toward J. Crew model…I totes got this) 😛

Days Like This

As promised in my last post, Marci and I had quite the little meetup/coffee date/photo shoot in Seattle this last weekend and boy did I miss her (and her fancy pants camera). We had fun, sipping coffee, catching up, and being slightly vain while posing on a bunch of rocks.

It’s strange how different life feels being removed from our little college town. I really miss having meet ups like this with friends, bumping into people I know all the time, and spontaneity in general. I realize that I spent a huge portion of college yearning for some semblance of routine but now that my life is all routine I miss the fluidity, flexibility, and occasional chaotic moments.

Despite how much I miss my old lifestyle, however, I have found some serious benefits to this new big girl era-benefits that make me remember how awesome growing up is. For example, being able to go on trips whenever I want (ok, on weekends or with my VACATION TIME…oh heck yes I can get paid to have fun). Or getting to buy cute new clothes on a whim (and shoes…eh, eh! Check these babies out…just got them at Target for $30-Uhhhhmazing). And for finally being able to plan for some big life changes that I think will bring full-on happiness to every corner of my life.

Sweater:TJMaxx//Dress:A&E//Tights:H&M//Shoes:Target//Bag:Lucky Brand//Belt:PacSun

But at the end of the day, I feel especially glad that I can always have a coffee date with and old friend, catch up, and take photos just like we’re back in our old, college town ways soaking up the nostalgia. Although most parts of me are moving, fast-forward, toward the future, there will always be some bits and pieces craving and appreciating these moments of old school bliss and, for that, I’m glad for days like this.

Channeling My Inner Marci

Happy Monday! These last couple of weeks have been crazy in Kels-land and are only set to get busier as my paralegal classes start in a week. To burn off some steam what have I been doing? Taking some fashion risks on the weekends!

Oh yes, what you can’t really see in these pictures is that I did, indeed, pulling a page directly from the Marci book of everyday fashion , layer tights! Heck yes!

I also got to bust out this scarf- a gift that fly all the way from Thailand just to be worn around my neck. Oh yes, This scarf was pretty much begging to be worn with my new, ballsy layered tights look and I have to say, it wasn’t hard to say “yes, scarf, you would make the perfect addition to this outfit.” (And, yes, I do totally have conversations with my clothes…that’s normal, right?)

Blue Tights:F21//GrayTights:H&M//Shoes:Lucky Brand


I leave you with my most Marci pose. Have a great Monday, and let us know what you think of the new layout and “about me” sections in the comments! We’d love to hear your feedback!

Stripes: Only 10 Day Left Day 20

Whew! Only 10 more days of the challenge. Not that this has been a horrible month, I’ve gotten a lot more creative with my outfitting and I’m more likely to take some fashion risks in the future, but I’m ready for a change. And so, to commemorate these last 10 days of April, here’s a list of 10 things I’m looking forward to in May.

10. We’ve been having tons of April showers…BRING ON THE MAY FLOWERS!

9. We’re one month closer to my birthday.

8. Only one month until graduation!

7. I get to wear other clothes again! Wooo! I can’t wait to break out my butterfly Toms and and sandals.

6. Also, so excited for cute summer toes!

5. Being able to study in the sunshine on campus.

4. Getting the start of a tan.

3. I can go shopping again!

2. Being healthy (that’s right mono, your days are numbered).

1. Weekends at the bay, enjoying good company, and having fun adventures!


Sweater: Old Navy

Tank Top: H&M

Skirt: The Gap

Tights: Target

Shoes: Lucky Brand

And there you have it, the ten things I’m most looking forward for in May! What is everyone else looking forward to in May?! Anyone going somewhere exciting? All my travels are saved up for July because I’m still in school until the first week of June but I wanna know if you all are going anywhere or doing anything cool so I can live vicariously through you!

Stripes: Where’s My Baret? Day 3

Today I feel French. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the skirt. Maybe it’s the opaque tights. Maybe it’s the strips. I just feel French. And so I have to ask, where’s my baret?


Shirt: The Gap

Sweater: Old Navy

Skirt: Gap Outlet

Tights: Target

Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macys

Earrings: Lucky Brand

Pin: Handmade by Sequins

Anyone else channeling the French today? Italian? The Amish? I don’t discriminate 😉

Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 3.25

It’s that day of the week again! Here are some of the awesome things I found on the internet this week, hope you enjoy!

It’s killing me that I do not own these tights from BZRshop’s Etsy! OMG if you were to buy these for me, you would be my favorite person ever.

This is a really great article from Psychology Today about resiliency and not giving up in everyday life. I really like that it applies to pretty much any life situations and how it emphasizes the ability of the individual to improve their own situation. There’s nothing like taking action to make you feel empowered!


Like I needed another reason to think a’capella is amazing.

I’ve also been addicted to this song. I’m not sure why but I can’t stop listening.

Happy Sunday!

Stripes: I Just Wanna Dance

Confession time: I love dancing. Ok, so that’s probably not a huge surprise but dancing rocks!

As a kid, I took a couple dance classes and then started ice skating. I really love being on ice and I think I developed a sense of natural grace from it. Since coming to college, I have taken a couple dance classes and my absolute favorite was Modern Dance. We got to prance like unicorns, experiment with negative space, and dance like flowers. I had such a blast and I definitely incorporated my danciness into the other areas of my life.

I love to dance my way around the house, I dance in the car while I rock out to some tunage, I dance while I make food, and I even dance while in the stalls in public bathrooms. I just love to dance! And now that I am in the midst of finals week, all I want to do is dance every day away.

Coat: Kohls (old), Tank Top: AE (old), Shirt: Old Navy (old), Skirt: Gap Outlet (recent), Tights: Target (old), Gloves: Ugg via Nordstrom Rack (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macy's (recent).

I feel so close and yet so far away from being done with college and yet all I want to do one way or another is dance! So, please all feel free to join me, and dance away to some Beyonce!

While I am not nearly as awesome as Lady B, I can do the bit where I hold up my left hand and turn it in and out and that’s practically the same things, right? 😛

Anyone else out there a fan of dancing? What’s your favorite kind of dance? What’s you’re favorite song to dance to?


Sequins: I Am A Walking Blanket, And That’s Okay

I kind of hope color blocking is still in, because then I can pretend that’s what was I was going for with this outfit. Mostly, though, (mostly = entirely) I was going for comfort. This outfit was so comfortable my coworker teased me for falling asleep and drooling on myself at my desk.*

Dress& Shoes: Thrifted, Sweatershirt: American Apparel, Tights: Macys, Necklace: Fireworks & Lisa Leonard, Hair bow: DIY'd from Modcloth Shoes (long story)

I wore this outfit for no reason other than Monsieur really likes the dress, and it was Valentine’s Day. Poor planning (re: poor brain function) meant that I wore the dress while I was at work (re: not with him), and that the moment I came home all I wanted to wear was sweatpants.

Fortunately, I have a hunch he likes me regardless of what I’m wearing, and we still had a pretty snazzy Valentine’s Day. He cooked (and did the dishes, which means I’ll definitely keep him) and we settled in to watch Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which is one of my all-time favorites. And, you know, he was even okay with turning it off early because it was a work night and I was falling asleep.He’s definitely my favorite Valentine. And as I spend today wearing that same sweatshirt, only with an old tshirt and jeans while he officially moves in (instead of living here 90% of the time, unofficially), let’s hope I keep liking him that much!

Shirt: 7 Diamond, Pants: (he has no clue), Shoes: (probably) Nordstroms

*Okay so that didn’t happen at all, but this outfit is so comfortable it could happen. If I’m not careful.

Stripes: The Unexpected

Sometimes ridiculously silly just kind of happen and Sequins was able to catch a rather unexpected moment on her camera. At this exact second a guy on a bike happened to sneak up on us in our little ally, we made super intense eye contact, and both burst out laughing.

And this is me watching him ride away. This was just one of those unexpected moments that you are so unprepared for that all you can do is laugh really hard. I seriously felt like I had to share this with you all seeing as Sequins managed to get decent pictures as the events unfolded.

I also am trying out a new pair of earrings that I found at target for 75% off…a very different by also rather awesome unexpected happenstance in my life recently. I’m finally getting into gold jewelry which is awesome because for the last 10-12 years (essentially since I realized you could get a platinum wedding ring instead of traditional gold…not white gold but, yes, exceedingly expensive platinum) of my life I actively fought against wearing gold. This has been a fun transition into the world of gold and I honestly feel the slightest big of rebellion every time I wear anything that’s not silver (white gold…ect).

Shirt, Skirt, & Tights: Target (old), Sweater: Old Navy (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand (recent), Earrings: Dana Kellin via Target (recent), Bracelet: Alex & Ani via Nordstrom (recent).

Anyone else have some weird or unexpected experience this week? I always feel like things like this make me live in the present and I love that, how do you feel about them? Love them? Hate them? Never had one?