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Faux Food Baby

This was my post-Thanksgiving outfit and I know I’ve got an epic faux food baby going on in it.

Sweater: Kohls | Top: Thrifted | Tank & Jeans: Target | Bag: H&M | Boots: Mi Shoes

It’s a faux food baby because it’s really just how I’m standing. And I’m only standing that way to keep my mouth tucked in my scarf. Also, it’s not actually that cold out in these photos. I have my scarf over my face because I’ve got a cold sore and I don’t care how much body acceptance I’m supposed to have–that is just not a photo I want on the internet. So you guys get these somewhat goofy photos instead.

On a side note, though, I love how crazy wild and mess my hair is in these photos. It’s growing out kind of crazy and I’m trying to trim it the best I can. Right now it’s in a weird faux-Kate Gosselin¬†the early years phase. Which I did. It’s really similar to how I had it in high school.

Also, and entirely separate side note, these are the last photos with my favorite, beloved hipster glasses. They were tragically destroyed in a really frustrating accident that makes me grumpy just thinking about it. We’re talking full-on annihilation. >.< So long, hipster frames, and hello new pair that I’ve had as back up but hated for along time and now like a lot.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Moose


For all our American readers, we extend a Happy Thanksgiving with full bellies and maybe even a touch of political awareness and sensitivy. We are grateful to you all for reading us. We’re grateful for the comments that let us know we aren’t just talking to ourselves, and for all the interactions we get to have with you guys. Mostly, though, we’re grateful for family. Families that we might not share blood with but that still invite us for Thanksgiving. For all the people, blood-related and not, who open their arms and hearts wide for us regardless of the holiday. We love you all very much!