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Sequins: I Am A Walking Taxi Cab

When I was a little obnoxious teenager, excited to move away for my college experience, I had this idea of living with my first college roommate, and having fun girly adventures. One of those adventures included playing the “What Should I Wear?” game, and having someone to play dress up with.

I went to college, was roomed with an (adorable, wonderful, creative, fun) senior who was also a die-hard tomboy and could care less about fashion. Needless to say, I gave up on The Dream.


The morning of this outfit, I was hemming and hawwing and finally called Monsieur over. I asked him what I should wear, and he said a dress, because I wore a skirt the previous day. Intrigued, I poked further, to see if how far I could go before he rolled his eyes and said the classic, guy-answer “I don’t care” (or, my favorite from him, “clothes”)…

I asked him what color tights I should wear.

He said yellow. Then he paused, and asked if I actually had yellow tights (I do).

I asked if I should throw a new yellow-tight-outfit combo, or go with a classic. He said new, so it would be new for the blog (because he remembers what days Stripes and I do photos). I told him I had never worn yellow tights on the blog. He said to go with a classic.

I pulled two dresses out and asked with one. He went with the taxi-cab dress*.

And thus, it was (again) solidified that he is clearly the love of my life. He does the dishes, he lets me turn a light on in the car so I can read on long trips, and he plays the What Should I Wear Game with me. Clearly he is the roommate I always wanted.

Living together full time has been going great, in case you were wondering. My life has somehow, though, become a little heavier than usual in the amount of video games I play, and somewhat lighter in how much crafting I usually do, but I imagine that will get sorted once the appeal of having a PS3 and my favorite games constantly at the tip of my fingertips wears down.

*It’s silly, because I really like this outfit, but I avoid putting it together because I feel like I’m screaming “New York taxi” at the top of my lungs. And now that I’ve given you that mental image, just try to see anything else when looking at this outfit.

Am I right, or am I right? Well, sorry about that.

PPS: I promise I’ll stop with the grossly couple-y romantic posts. Soon. Thank you for indulging in it this long.