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Stripes: The Cycle of Blogging

I have to admit, this morning when I walked pass the bathroom mirror on my way out the front door, I didn’t recognize myself. When did I become quasi-glamourous? The answer was this morning when I got dressed. I’ve been SUPER dressed down and pretty unfashionable since getting back from my trips because I haven’t seen much of a reason to throw on a sundress if all I’m going to do is putz around the house all day reading/journaling/watching youtube/writing a fashion blog…yeah, that’s right, I write a fashion blog.

This realization that I do, indeed, write a fashion blog lit a fire under my butt to get out of my sweats and tshirts (which I’ve been wearing almost everyday aside from when I’m doing job hunty things) because I was quickly running out of pictures and stories for the blog (seriously, there is not much going on in Stripes Land right now, ooooo boy). So I did.

And somehow, throwing on clothes (and make up…I need to do a make up post stat btws because I bought a bunch of new stuff [I know, way to rock not having a job] and it has changed my life) has helped me to actually do stuff with my day. Like, productive, life enriching things that I can blog about in the future.

Dress:H&M(recent)//Shoes:Lucky Brand//Sunnies:Steve Madden via TJMaxx

So you see, blogging is really just an epic cycle. You need motivation to do something for the blog so you put on your cute outfit and then you have something to show everyone/can write a great post (because this post is clearly literary genius). The cute outfit makes you want to get out of the house and do things so you go to the craft store and buy all the missing components for the 47241 unfinished crafts you’ve been waiting to do. And then, when the crafts are done, you can blog about those too! Full circle moment, my friends.

What kinds of crafts is everyone else up to these day? I’d love to hear about it in the comments because, until I’m employed, I foresee a lot of crafting in my future.

Stripes: Wilderness Time

Maybe it’s the overabundance of evergreen trees or maybe it’s the epic number of giant hills we have out here, but the NW is prime hiking territory and this is the story of that one time I went hiking in the Summer of 2012.

The trip started off beautifully; the sun was shining, the air crisp with a hint of dust, the trees green as ever. So we took off heading up this epic hill. 

We climbed and climbed (this was a very big hill) until we were about a quarter of the way up because it was time for a water break. While sitting on a boulder, I decided to be vain and take some pictures of myself (I mean really, what else are you supposed to do in the woods? Reflect on life? Ponder the deep wonders of the universe? Look for birds? IDK) so this happened.

And then this happened.

Then I looked down and realized there was blood dripping down my ankle. Eeeek! I had a wound! So I rubbed some dirt on it and got over it (actually the dirt was there already…I just got rid of the residual blood and took a shower as soon as I was home to make sure it was clean and prevent gangrene and other things that the woods seem like they can cause). As you can see, this was a doozy of a hiking wound.

Then began the ascend once more. We climbed and climbed until the half way point when we stopped for water again. I chugged with everyone else instead of taking a million more pictures of myself but when it came time to decide whether we would go forth to the top or head home, we took a group poll  and ended up heading home. The hill had won. So with a sense of defeat, we turned around and marched our way back to the car.

Yeah, sorry this story doesn’t have an epic ending and I’m not even all that sure why it made it’s way to the blog but I do have a somewhat epic picture of the trail for you!

Happy Trails Folks!

Stripes: Looking a Little Zooey

This morning when I walked out of the bathroom (after taking forever…still trying to figure out this whole blowing out my hair with a round brush thing), I was greeted with a cheerful “Gee you look like Zooey Deschanel today,” from my family. You know what, I totally agree and there is a really good reason for this: Zooey Deschanel is awesome.

She rocks bangs (and inspired mine). She loves a-line skirts (perfect for someone with athletic thighs-like my own). She has a zillion food allergies (most of which are the same as mine…hey girl, I feel your pain/lack of pain because we take care of our organs!). She loves to sing, play guitar, and dance (all of which are fun hobbies…have I mentioned I took modern dance in college? I should totally do a modern dance photoshoot one of these days!!!). She’s a genuinely nice person (ok, this one is a little more of a guess seeing as I’ve never met her). All in all, she seems pretty dang cool person but more importantly she supports people just being themselves doing what makes them happy which has been inspiring me on my post-grad journey.

You know what makes me happy? Sunny days. Fun hair. Colorful skirts. Farmers Markets. Lunch dates with best friends. Check, check, check, check, and check. Today has been awesome and, little quiz from earlier in the post, who is also awesome? Oh, yes, Zooey Deschanel. Clearly there is a correlation: take Zooey’s advice (and bangs)–>have an awesome day.

Shirt:Target//Skirt:Macy’s//Belt:PacSun//Shoes:Lucky Brand

And of course, playing with my doggie is totally on my “things that make for a great day” list (though, I think I should start calling her my production manager or director of photography because she is all up in my business while trying to take pictures).

An action shot of us while I was trying to get outfit shots. She is one persistant puppy.

Anyone else totally rocking a girl crush on Zooey? What about my doggie Maggie?! She’s a cutie but she’s all mine! 😛

Stripes: My Big News

(This is me looking off into the awesomeness that is the future.)

I realized this afternoon that a week ago I promised some exciting news but I hadn’t hd a chance to come up with the time to write out a proper post to tell you all about it. Well folks, THE TIME HAS COME.

I got into the paralegal program of my dreams at a really cool university not too far from my parents’ house. 

Which means, logistics aside (like the massive amount of driving to and from home/school/work I’m about to do), that next year is going to be crazy awesome!

Time for a little background on all this, I originally thought the only place near my parents’ house (yes, I’m moving home. yes, it is also an amazing gift my parents are offering me so I can finally save enough money to be completely independent) that had a paralegal program was one of the local community colleges. The classes would have been during the day and did not require any prior higher education (although a BA took one year off the total finish time). The program I ended up getting into is specifically intended for working individuals with their BA which means the classes are all in the evenings and it will only take 9 months to complete the program. Not only will I be able to live at home and go to school but I can get a full time job and save more money than I ever thought possible. So, yes, this is really, really exciting on my end of things.

I’m also pretty sure this fueled a good amount of my frustration toward summer fashion that I was complaining about on Wednesday; I know I am about to transition into a whole new style and self-identity as I transition into a “business woman” and I’m not quite sure how I want to adapt my style into a more mature sense of self. I’m SO excited to see where I take my wardrobe and the person I become in the next year. Clearly a lot of that will depend on where I end up getting a job. While an office setting is ideal, I might end up in a coffee shop or doing retail or something to make some money (and save hella! Seriously cannot wait to be out of the poor college student phase of my life).

dress:Gap//Purse:Lucky Brand//Sunglasses:Ray Ban//Sandals:Aldo

Anyone ever become a certified paralegal? What did you think? Any suggestions for things I should do (or not do)?

Stripes: Beautiful Moments Day 15

Since I spent all of this morning at work, I thought it might be a little more interesting if I wrote a little something about yesterday because it was filled with so many beautiful moments. Sometimes, especially when it rains for 5 months straight, it’s easy to forget how beautiful our little town is up here. But yesterday, it was amazing. The morning started off very gray and around 2 or 3 the clouds broke and the sky became this:

I ended up at the bay studying and I actually got a lot done. Beyond that, however, I was just ridiculously happy. Like, smile on my face for no reason happy. I love that (although I think it may have been making the people sitting around me a little nervous…me sitting there, books open, with a giant grin on my face). I was having fun, despite the studying, and really just enjoyed my time I got to spend there.

I also had my first iced coffee of the year and boy have I apparently cut back on my caffeine intake! Admittedly I got the biggest size (hey the ice takes up a lot of space!) but I think I drank it too fast and I ended up in the back corner of the seating area twitching as I tried to condense my notes. It was soooo hard not to break out laughing but I was able to manage (mainly because they people around me really did think I was weird).

And then for dinner I got to make enchiladas for the first time! I’ve had them before but I’ve never made them so I was a little intimidated but one of my friends came over and we made dinner (oh heck yes it was from scratch!) and chatted for a while. We caught up on what’s going on in our lives, what it’s like transitioning out of college, future plans, and our little bits of personal gossip (about ourselves…it’s always more fun to gossip about yourself).

Yesterday was just plain beautiful and I enjoyed all of it. I got to sleep in (woot! slept for 14 hours! I’m a champion sleeper thanks to mono), I spent my day studying at my favorite bayside cafe, had my first iced coffee of the year, got some vitamin D, made yummy food (the enchiladas were uh-mazing…definitely making them again!), and caught up with a good friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂

And, today, I did have one high point at work; I made this epic platter of food for lunch! So yummy!


Shirt: Target

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macy’s

And this was my attempt at getting a picture of me and my shoes, since I’ve been really bad about it lately…too bad the camera was not into this picture at all! Although, it is a lovely picture of my bike.

Anyone else having a beautiful weekend? or sleep for 14 hours? It was epic! AND today marks the official halfway point for our 30 for 30! These days have gone by much faster than I’d expected!

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