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There are trees outside my window

Seriously guys sometimes it takes me a while to come up with a post title. Other timesĀ this time it takes me forever, until I give up and write the firstĀ only sentence that popped in my brain when I looked at my outfit photos. Suddenly the mystery of my blog writing is gone. Whoops.

There is totally a huge tree outside my window, though. Well. Outside my glass doors that lead to the balcony. I’ve been having a lame-ass time with random stuff so I told David that he should text me periodically throughout the day about the tree we have, and how awesome is our tree?

The whole view is pretty gorgeous, and definitely a large part of what keeps me sane lately! As for my jerryrigged tripod? Iffy at best. I have some normal photos, but here’s my favorite.

Sweater Tank Pants & Boots: Target | Shirt: Thrifted

It took me until typing that out to realize my entire outfit, sans shirt, is from Target. I usually make a point of avoiding doing that. Am I alone? I always feel weird when I wear all one brand. Even weirder when I walk into a store wearing mostly their brand. Gives me hives. Which is silly, I know, but haven’t we established that most of what keeps my inner wheels turning is silly? No? Let’s stare at the trees again then