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Sequins: Flowers and Tassles

Does this dress look familiar? If not, clearly you don’t blog-stalk us enough 😉

I had this weird moment where I panicked about the shoe choice with the dress, but Monsieur reassured me they were fine. Because for five minutes, I entered a parallel universe where I was concerned with color matching. It was weird, guys, but I’m glad to have a partner like Monsieur to walk me through it.

The dress, though, needs some work. The top fits loosely (which, by the way, never ever ever happens) and needs pinned together, or maybe up. I haven’t figured out what it needs just yet.

Oh and in case you thought I stopped loving on my purse, think again. Stripes was showing her purse off, so I figured I’d flaunt this baby once more. Also, I’m a complete dork, but I didn’t realize until writing the previous sentence that I was saving these shoes for a different, special reveal. Ah well–there was another accessory that was going to go along with them, so that’s still on. Also also? These shoes are amazingly comfortable. They didn’t need any kind of breaking in or anything. Uh-may-zing.

Tired of me flaunting my nerd frames yet? Because honestly? I’m totally in love with them. I’ll also share how I did my nails pretty soon, if you dig them. It was a ton of fun.

Alright guys, the episode of Buffy that Monsieur and I were watching just ended so that means it’s bed time.

Dress; Sojourner/ Purse: Melie Bianco/ Shoes: Mi Shoes

Sequins: Walking A Fine Line

The one thing I really, really took away from the 30 for 30 is that I have boring shoes. It’s sad, but it’s true. I’ve been noticing it more and more, so I’ve been trying to fix it a little bit. Also, though? I’m not someone who wears heels. Like, ever. It just doesn’t work. I walk to work, I bike everywhere, and I don’t have the patience required to lug around a spare pair of shoes for those activities.

So, when a different fashion blogger mentioned that she had to wear wedges instead of heels so she could bike to work, it frankly blew my mind.

“You can bike in wedges?”

I’ll admit, I was a skeptic. It sounded too good to be true. But, if you think about it–it makes a certain level of sense. I mean, it’s a flat bottomed shoe, so it should be fine. Should.

Is it fine yet? I’ll admit it–I love these shoes with the same force that they scare the crap out of me! They’re gorgeous, they’re fun, they match so much in my wardrobe. Also, they’re scary as hell!I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve just lost my ability to stand and walk in heels. I loose all dignity walking down stairs–I look exactly like a baby giraffe. A drunk baby giraffe.

But I put them on in the morning and twirled for Monsieur.

“You’re going to want a ride to work, aren’t you?”

I nodded, my head bent in shame.

“But I can ride my bike home!”

He looked at me, skepticism filling his eyes, and I know we both flashed to an identical image of me sitting on my overturned bike, crying pitifully as I call him for a rescue at the top of a hill (have I mentioned my bike ride home is entirely full of hills?).

“Kay. But I’ll have the car ready, just in case you need a ride home.”

He’s a keeper, that one.

Success was mine! Turns out that riding a bike in wedges is way, way way easier than walking in them. I made it home with slightly sore feet, but mostly sore from walking. I didn’t slip on the peddles or anything. Watch out, wardrobe, you’re about to get a whole lot taller…

If I don’t break my neck first.

Tights: gift
Vest: thrifted

Sequins: Change My Eyes To Match The Color Of My Hair?

Okay, I’ve tried to find the clip everywhere but with no luck. Anyone remember what that line is from?

When Dorothy gets her makeover after entering the Emerald City, there’s a part where the woman look at Dorothy and trill “We can even change the color of your eyes to match the color of your hair!” and she sings it back to them, confused but excited.

The scene stuck with me, what can I say? It always mildly freaked me out to think of them changing her eye color. In retrospect, they probably meant eyeshadow, but still. Creepy…

Anyway, that’s what popped in my head when I achieved my milder (and much less permanent) version:

I changed my clothes to match the colors of my nails!

I had fun playing with my nails, and I wanted my outfit to match. I really had no clue if I had all the color components, but as it turns out–I do! It was a moment of ultimate triumph. Also, you can see the details of my nails on my other blog, over here.

Sweater: Thrifted/ Belt: H&M/ Shire: Element/ Skirt: Handmade by Me/ Tights: Macy’s (gift)/ Shoes: Seychelles

Also, I think this outfit proves I’m finally (finally!) getting into my spring time groove.

Stripes: Choice is Nice

Hey all! Just popping in on a study break (hella mid terms on Friday and prepping for a show) but I wanted to say how excited I am to be able to wear anything again! Holy cow this is awesome and I definitely have a better appreciation for my wardrobe.

I cannot explain how much I felt drawn to this sweater as the challenge got closer and closer to the end. It’s not remotely one of my favorite pieces but it was different and I needed different.

//Sweater:Target//Shirt:Kohls//Tank:A&E//Jeans:Gap//Shoes:Lucky Brand//

Sorry to keep it so short, I do have big news to share I just don’t have time to type it all up…darn classes/lab/double rehearsals/meetings. But I promise, soon you’ll be in the know!


Sequins 30 for 30: My Look-A-Like Contest Entry

Do I remind you of anyone? Perhaps a little whiskered critter who giggles and is in a long term relationship with an actor worth billions?

Click Image for Source

Because this outfit is definitely making me channel Minnie Mouse! I started the day thinking that this is one of those outfits that, as much fun as I’m having, will probably not get repeated post-30 for 30 Challenge. I figured it was a good way to stretch myself, and know I have a costume if I’m ever in a pinch.

Except that as the day went on, I fell in love with this outfit more and more. It’s kinda one of my new favorites. It probably doesn’t hurt that I am more than mildly obsessed with this dress. Seriously one of my best decisions ever!

Also, though, the best part of today was how fan-friggin-tastic the weather was. Like, uh-mazing. So what better way than to celebrate with a bottle of super sweet white wine? It’s the third time in a week I’ve bought this bottle of wine, so I figured it deserved its own shout-out.

Dress & Scarf: Vintage/ Shirt: Sojourner/ Bag: Melie Bianca/ Shoes: Seychelles

Sequins 30 for 30: Growing Our Family

It’s true, Monsieur & I have been having some serious talks about growing our little family unit. And I shall pause before explaining further, to give time for my mom to climb back into the chair she just fell out of.

(That’s not true–my mom wouldn’t fall out of a chair in shock. She would merely raise an eyebrow as she continues to read, looking for the explanation with pursed lips going “I know my daughter better than this. I would not find this out through her blog”. Well, mom, you’re right. I was being clever and misleading. You (and Stripes, who’s all “Seriously? I found this out through the friggin’ blog??”) can rest assured–I was just being misleading), and for my other blog readers who are going “Wait, I didn’t think she was even married??”, rest assured–I’m not. We have no intentions of being married. We are rather serious about each other, though, enough so that I can make a baby joke without worrying that he will bolt for the hills. He only bolts for about a block or so.

Monsieur and I are looking at getting a pet. Or two.

Aha, clever readers say, I knew she had something up her sleeve!

I’ve wanted my dog to come back into our lives for a while now, but it’s just so up in the air with us moving in August that I can’t quite say with certainty that it’ll happen. Hopefully, this darling pup of mine shall soon be in my life on a more permanent and less visitation-based way. Because, as I’ve previously alluded to, I deal with some intense bouts of depression. It’s hard, and I’ve learned that no matter how supportive and loving my family and close friends are (of which they are plenty supportive), nothing quite helps get me over the hump like the love of a furry creature.

So without further ado, I’d like everyone to say….

Pet rats. I know. I know. Before you squeal and go all “oh gross!!”, though, hear me out—they’re smart, they potty train themselves, they’re really friendly and interactive, and they actively enjoy being pets. They’re the best rodent you can have for a pet, since they’re not inherently terrified of people and dislike having you touch them (ahem, like, every hamster, gerbil and guinea pig I’ve ever met). I had my first pet rat when I was like six years old, and I’ve just learned that they’re wonderfully low maintenance and  caring pets. And, bonus, they live in a cage! And are easier to clean up after than 80 lb boxers!

The sweet, local, independently-owned pet store has a new litter of baby rats and they’re best for pets when you get ’em young, so we popped down to look at them yesterday and we’re taking two home this afternoon! I’m really excited. Monsieur is hesitant, but they say the fathers never really have their parental instincts kick in until the baby comes homes. So I’ll keep you posted!

Until then, let’s hear it for one of my new most absolute favorite outfits ever!

Dress & Scarf: Thrifted/ Sweater: Target/ Necklace: Charming Charlie (Gift!)/ Purse: Melie Bianco/ Boots: Mi Shoes/ Tights: Gift from Stripes!

This is my stoic face, eh?

Sequins 30 for 30: Friends In Low Places

I’ve got friends low places, or so the song goes. Not really–I don’t think, at least. I done, however, have awesome friends. In cool places. Awesome friends who find cool trinkets from those cool places, and who then mail those things to me. Curious yet? Fell off the train that was my thought? That’s okay. I’ll just show you a picture, then.

**Update: My darling friend let me know that the necklace is from Charming Charlies, and there’s only one of its kind up here in Washington. Apparently it’s based out of Texas, and apparently (or so the reports go), everything in that store has the same level of awesome a my necklace.

See that necklace? That necklace was found by a good friend of mine, a good friend who has a blog that you should check out. Girl is crazy interesting with her crazy lists. But back to the necklace! Isn’t it awesome? The paper in the typewriter moves. And it’s a full QWERTY key board. Ugh it’s so cool it hurts! And the rest of the outfit isn’t that bad (if I do say so myself)…

Shirt: Gap, Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights: Bella/ Shoes: Clarks/ Necklace: present!

Are you loving my ponytail? I told you all it was dorky! I’m so happy to have my hair up, though. It’s been up the whole weekend. It take a couple of hair clips to support it, but man alive is it comfy! Right now I’m just curled up in my boyfriend’s sweatpants (few things are more comfortalbe than the things that come out of his wardrobe), watching Game of Thrones with him and our darling friend Lou Lou (he hates the nickname, but he puts up with it like the good sport that he is!)

Let’s take one last look at that friggin’ awesome necklace, shall we?

Ahh… What a necklace. What a gift! Lordy I must be spoiled rotten!