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Stripes: That Person

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a running joke that in the Pacific Northwest on the first sunny day of spring everyone throws on shorts even though it can’t be more than 60 degrees outside. Well, this year, I fell into the stereotype.

I looked out the window and saw sun so, after I rejoiced and did a happy dance, I threw on some shorts. It wasn’t until I made it to the grocery store and every one there was wearing parkas and long pants that I realized I am *that* person. Though, admittedly, I felt a lot better after seeing Sequin’s post yesterday where she, too, broke out the shorts and have decided it must be a fashion blogger thing. We’re just so excited to widen our outfit potential that we don’t mind being the weirds in shorts in 58 degree weather.

Sweater: H&M (recent), Shorts: Old Navy, Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

Has anyone else been *that* person this week? Are there other kinds of *that* person outside of the Northwest? Anyone else rocking shorts and sweaters? I am kind of in love with this look and I’m pretty sure it will make quite a few reemergences over the next couple seasons.

Stripes: Start of the End

Yesterday was my last first day of a quarter for my undergrad career. While that day is, for the most part, arbitrary in that it’s just another day closer to graduation, it’s still a pretty big milestone because these will be my last professors here, my last chance to positively influence my gpa, and have the “college” experience. At the same time, however, I feel as though it is the preface to the start of a new book in my life rather than the conclusion of the last one. I am really looking forward to the adventures that await me after I graduate.

Also, it is officially spring quarter which is my favorite of all the quarters! Why you ask? Because I get to wear fun outfits like this!

The sun actually comes out!

People go outside again and do fun things (sing, play frisbee, spin fire, ya know!)

There are adventures to be had-hiking, swimming, skim boarding, sunsets, long walks with long talks.

Classes also seem to go faster and people in general seem happier…we all forget during the winter months how much the gray effects us up here.

Shirt: H&M (recent), Sweater: Old Navy, Pin: Handmade by Sequins herself!, Earrings: Target, Jeans: Gap Outlet, Shoes: Toms, Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

And so marks the start of a new, exciting part of my life (though not as exciting as what June and July hold!!). Anyone else on the cusp of a life change? Enjoy the sun? Wear gifts from their friends?