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Faux Food Baby

This was my post-Thanksgiving outfit and I know I’ve got an epic faux food baby going on in it.

Sweater: Kohls | Top: Thrifted | Tank & Jeans: Target | Bag: H&M | Boots: Mi Shoes

It’s a faux food baby because it’s really just how I’m standing. And I’m only standing that way to keep my mouth tucked in my scarf. Also, it’s not actually that cold out in these photos. I have my scarf over my face because I’ve got a cold sore and I don’t care how much body acceptance I’m supposed to have–that is just not a photo I want on the internet. So you guys get these somewhat goofy photos instead.

On a side note, though, I love how crazy wild and mess my hair is in these photos. It’s growing out kind of crazy and I’m trying to trim it the best I can. Right now it’s in a weird faux-Kate GosselinĀ the early years phase. Which I did. It’s really similar to how I had it in high school.

Also, and entirely separate side note, these are the last photos with my favorite, beloved hipster glasses. They were tragically destroyed in a really frustrating accident that makes me grumpy just thinking about it. We’re talking full-on annihilation. >.< So long, hipster frames, and hello new pair that I’ve had as back up but hated for along time and now like a lot.

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Sequins: It Occurs To Me

I’ve never given you guys a good side shot of what my hair looks like. It’s a little radical, especially considering I’m in two weddings this summer, but the brides are being relaxed(ish) about it. I’m growing the top out to the point of being capable of curling it, which will look cute for wedding photos. I might even perm the top. The sides, however, which is what you miss most days, are shorn. Entirely. I had Monsieur help me with his beard trimmer (on the 4 setting) to shear me like a little lamb in springtime.

The top is totally long enough to french braid, albeit poorly. This makes me happier than I can even comprehend. I’m too self conscious to give you guys more than like one or two side profile shots, but I’ll try to fix that. Mostly because my hair is way cooler than any amount of self awareness should damper.

Sequins: Flowers and Tassles

Does this dress look familiar? If not, clearly you don’t blog-stalk us enough šŸ˜‰

I had this weird moment where I panicked about the shoe choice with the dress, but Monsieur reassured me they were fine. Because for five minutes, I entered a parallel universe where I was concerned with color matching. It was weird, guys, but I’m glad to have a partner like Monsieur to walk me through it.

The dress, though, needs some work. The top fits loosely (which, by the way, never ever ever happens) and needs pinned together, or maybe up. I haven’t figured out what it needs just yet.

Oh and in case you thought I stopped loving on my purse, think again. Stripes was showing her purse off, so I figured I’d flaunt this baby once more. Also, I’m a complete dork, but I didn’t realize until writing the previous sentence that I was saving these shoes for a different, special reveal. Ah well–there was another accessory that was going to go along with them, so that’s still on. Also also? These shoes are amazingly comfortable. They didn’t need any kind of breaking in or anything. Uh-may-zing.

Tired of me flaunting my nerd frames yet? Because honestly? I’m totally in love with them. I’ll also share how I did my nails pretty soon, if you dig them. It was a ton of fun.

Alright guys, the episode of Buffy that Monsieur and I were watching just ended so that means it’s bed time.

Dress; Sojourner/ Purse: Melie Bianco/ Shoes: Mi Shoes

Sequins: Professional Daisies

I mentioned a while back in this post that I wore that top two days in a row (eww, gross, no way, that’s yucky, ewww). with different tank tops underneath (oh way better, but still kinda ewww) because of how much I loved it. It’s been forever since I’ve been a Good Blogger with Consistent Posts, but what can I say? My life has been kinda really crazy lately. Hopefully a good, consistent routine will start forming and you can look forward to all my amazing outfits with my new frames (because seriously guys? I don’t know if it came across in Monday’s post but holy crap am I just so in love with my frames. So. In. Love.) It took a while to adjust to the frames, because for whatever reason I’d get motion sick with these. Four days, though, of pure determination and I’m good. I can see in them and function all day and it’s fine. I think it was just the adjustment they made the prescription, which would be very boring but basically they made my very very very bad eye’s lens a little weaker and my not as bad eye’s lens a little stronger, which made it hard to adjust to. Good news, though, is that my very very bad eye is getting better! Bad news, of course, my not-as-bad- eye is getting worse.

Oh and for the record, Stripes gets total and completely credit for this jacket. She’ll show off her equivalent soon, and let me tell ya it’s adorable. So adorable that I asked her where she got it, and then went on a quest for my own. I would’ve gotten an identical one, but I didn’t want to step on any toes (I told Strips that and her exact response was “Dude you should have gotten it, it would have been fun to see how we’d each wear it!”). I’m happy with my choice, though. Yellow is a color I’ve avoided for a really long time. When I was little my dad told me I should never wear yellow because it looks horrible on me, and that stuck. I’ve tip toed with the idea of breaking from that rule, though, and a couple years ago I wore a yellow shirt around him. His response? “That color looks really good on you. Why don’t you ever wear yellow?” I reminded him of what he said, and he promptly denied it. Story of my life. Lesson learned?

Don’t follow fashion rules.

We might live on opposite sides of the state, but Elizabeth fromĀ  Delightfully Tacky said it best–it’s definitely still Sweater Weather round these parts. Also, side note? I’m so in love with her wardrobe and the way she styles things. This top definitely made me flash to her blog when I bought it, mostly because I know she would wear it in super cool ways that I have yet to figure out. I’ll get there, though, one day.

This outfit was from one of those rare moments where I could actually get away with short sleeves, no hoods, and bare legs. I’m nostalgic putting this post together, since it is a very, very gray sky out my window. You’d think it’s still March up in here

Oh and last note–the shoes. It should be known that I’ve had these shoes since my dad’s wedding in October 2008 and this is the second time I’ve ever worn them, apart from his wedding. If you guys haven’t figured this out by now, I’m really, really really bad at wearing heels. They’re wedges, though, and that whole biking-in-wedges thing is totally legit. I biked in this outfit!

Jacket: Charlotte Ruse/ Shirt: Romy/ Skirt: Thrifted/ Shoes: Mia/ Earrings: Gift from Monsieur

*PS that icky-looking white stuff on the wall is paint, not bird poo. Just sayin’

Sequins: Take a Deep Breath

That’s been my almost-constant reminder to myself. It’s been a rough week, guys, but I’m happy to say that it’s finally the weekend.

I think the highlights of my week can be quickly summarized in two parts.

First, I finished the two books that I wanted to complete for April.Ā  I finished the first one on Sunday and the second one on Tuesday, so I’m still tracking along. I even snuck an entire book in between last Wednesday and Saturday, which was nice. If you’re just dying to know what books I read (I’m such a tease, I know), I posted my thoughts over on my personal blog, Like A Small Fire.

Second, I shopped. The confining rules of April a thing of the past, now I’m free to shop! So I did! Spefically for the skirt you’ll see in the picture below, and for a pair of black flats to replace my dead ones. Other items may have been found along the way.

And then I remembered that life list of goals Monsieur and I drafted up, which includes a budget. A budget that does not include willy-nilly shopping.

Ah well, the moment of freedom was nice while it lasted.

Shirt: Element/ Belt, Shoes & Skirt: Thrifted/ Tights: American Apparel

Sequins: I LoveHate My Hair

My hair and I have a very love-hate relationship. A very love-hate relationship, and not in the way you might think. My hair is pretty chill–as you’ve seen, it’ll go pretty curly if I don’t touch it, but it’s really easy to straighten. It’s thick enough that I can always french braid it (even at this length), and it’s healthy enough to withstand the multiple hair dyes I tend to layer on top of it. I’m pretty laid back in what I’m willing to do with it, and while I might branch out with my stylings every now and then, for the most part I stick a bobby pin in my hair and ignore it, and it ignores me right back. It works out alright.

So what’s the root of my intense hair relationship? Honestly, I get bored. A lot. My hair is pretty much always more boring than I’d prefer, and my lack of inhibitions with my hair means I’ll do almost anything to it. Which means I go to the salon (sometimes–sometime I just hack away at it myself, which terrifies everyone around me) and tell the stylist that I’m bored, I don’t care how short they go, just make it interesting.Ā  And then I love my hair for the next month or so.

Right now, I’m bored with my hair. Stripes, among other people, has shared her opinion that my current hairstyle is the most flattering for my face. I’m inclined to agree. Monsieur loves me hair right now–he’s a sucker for the curls it gets going, and is the ultimate fan of how crazy it gets in the morning. The two brides-to-be in my life whom I’m serving as Maid of Honour both love me hair and are hoping I don’t do anything drastic to it before their weddings in late summer/early fall.

I’m inclined to agree with all the peeps in my life rooting for my current do–I also know myself, though, and I know that I’m already bored with it. I’m ready for bright pink or a mohawk or for it to at least be long enough to rock french braided pigtails to work. Pretty much anything aside from what I have going on right now. I will admit, though, I do love short hair. I’m at the long end of what I consider for short hair (really, it’s in the medium category), and I’m itching to go shorter.

Reasons why I want to cut my hair by two-four inches:

  • I can stick my head under a kitchen sink spout when it’s super hot outside without my hair touching the sink itself
  • I don’t have to do anything to it. I don’t even have to comb it.
  • Savings in hair product
  • Bad hair days are far and few between, and can usually be solved by running my hands under hot water and then through my hair.
  • It’s easy to sleep on & doesn’t get caught in anything
  • I feel like myself with short hair.

Reasons to convince me to continue to grow it out (at least until the weddings):

  • French braided pigtails
  • Hats look better with longer hair
  • Short hair will always add weight to your face (it’s an unpleasant, but unavoidable truth. I just try to not worry about it, but honestly, sometimes I’m more vain than I’d like to admit).
  • ……??
  • I feel prettier with long hair.

Well that list was definitely balanced towards short. I’m working on keeping my hair one length for a while, but that’s honestly way harder than actively growing it out. I do enjoy feeling like myself, though, even if it’s at the expense of feeling pretty (which is a totally weird contrast that I’m sure my future therapist will have a ton of fun sorting out).

Sweater & Belt: Thrifted, Shirt: Target, Skirt: my sister, Necklace: Lisa Leonard & Fireworks, Tights: bella, Shoes: Clarks