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What to Wear on Laundry Day

This is the post where I flash you guys. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true. I haven’t done this to you in a long time, but yeah. I tried to not flash you guys, but if you wanted to see what to wear on laundry, if you’re me, then it would look like this

It’s that time of year where David doesn’t get home until after sunset, and I still haven’t figured out a good tripod backup in this apartment. One day (hopefully soon) I’ll break down and invest in a tripod,  but until then I usually jerryrig chairs and stepstools. I plan on utilizing all these unopened boxes soon. But on this particular day, I actually left my camera in his car. That sentence can only be followed with–even though I left both my memory cards at home. *Le sigh!

Jacket: REI | Shirt: H&M (originally a dress) | Sweater: Express | Skirt: Homemade | Tights: Buffalo Exchange

The thing about laundry day is, and I’ll try to do this without humblebragging because ew much, I have a lot of clothes. Enough so that laundry day doesn’t rely on any of my clothes running out, but rather knowing I have enough in the laundry pile to be a complete load of laundry. This means I don’t get to my B-List of clothing very often, but I thought about the things I don’t wear very often and this is what I came up with!

The things I skip over in my closet have a fairly repetitive ring to them–active wear, homemade clothing, and cheap tights. Also on the list but not in the photo because it wasn’t visible is awkward fits. I know I should get ride of my Express sweater, but I can’t. I love it. I want so badly to love it even though it’s the most awkward fitting thing I’ve ever owned. The skirt and shirt I skip because I made (/modified) them, and for some reason I just don’t. The skirt tends to wrinkle really easily, and in my mind it looks unfinished. I never got around to sewing a liner on the inside. The tights I bought at Buffalo Exchange, and it’s a lesson I need to never repeat. Their tights are always the lowest quality costume-y tights. It’s sad.

What’s really sad, though, isn’t my overabundance of clothes–it’s that this post coincided perfectly with me actually needing to do laundry. The tragedy? That hamper is still just as full as it was the day before I decided to do laundry. Sometimes I’m a pretty awful SAH

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Sequins: Change My Eyes To Match The Color Of My Hair?

Okay, I’ve tried to find the clip everywhere but with no luck. Anyone remember what that line is from?

When Dorothy gets her makeover after entering the Emerald City, there’s a part where the woman look at Dorothy and trill “We can even change the color of your eyes to match the color of your hair!” and she sings it back to them, confused but excited.

The scene stuck with me, what can I say? It always mildly freaked me out to think of them changing her eye color. In retrospect, they probably meant eyeshadow, but still. Creepy…

Anyway, that’s what popped in my head when I achieved my milder (and much less permanent) version:

I changed my clothes to match the colors of my nails!

I had fun playing with my nails, and I wanted my outfit to match. I really had no clue if I had all the color components, but as it turns out–I do! It was a moment of ultimate triumph. Also, you can see the details of my nails on my other blog, over here.

Sweater: Thrifted/ Belt: H&M/ Shire: Element/ Skirt: Handmade by Me/ Tights: Macy’s (gift)/ Shoes: Seychelles

Also, I think this outfit proves I’m finally (finally!) getting into my spring time groove.

Guest Post: My Personal Barbie Doll

Okay so as Stripes and I recoup from the craziness that was our April 30 for 30 Challenge, I figured we’d kick May off with a fun guest post! Introducing, my personal barbie doll err I mean, my sister!

My sister is technically two years older than me, but the family joke is to call her my little sister. Namely because she’s so little! Growing up, she was always more of a tomboy and less concerned with the girly things like makeup and hair styles. She’s also the patient and thought out one, so she was the one capable of growing her hair out. While I was running around, painting my nails every color of the rainbow and chopping my hair off, she took it easy.

This made her the perfect Barbie doll! Her hair has almost always been ridiculously long, so I love that I get to play with long hair whenever I want, without actually having to grow my hair out. She was also my mannequin during my make up years, although we’ve definitely reversed roles these past few years. Lastly, she’s a ton of fun to dress up. She has a teeny tiny figure so she’ll fit just about anything I can find. Accessories are her nemesis, so I’m often called in to help her out.

In short, my friendship with Stripes is really easy because everything Stripes mentions to me, fashion wise, is something I’ve dealt with my darling sister approximately three or four years ago. It’s really funny, actually. They’re both such naturally, organically beauitufl creatures that I think the prospect of adding to their looks just becomes overwhelming. Or something. Without further ado, though, I bring you some of my favorite picks from my sister’s stylings

I think she looks rather stunning with the teal dress. She found this dress when we were shopping for dresses to wear at our dad’s wedding a couple years ago. The shoes she found as a candidate for her wedding reception in August (another one will win, though, I think. We had a lot of fun being girl with the winged eyeliner and bright red lipstick. I love having a Barbie doll to do victory roll hairstyles on!

One of her classic looks to work. She picked out the fabric for the skirt and I made it for her. I think I was the one who talked her into wearing the brown tights with the brown boots, and she pairs it with the brown top for a great monochromatic effect.

This is a pretty classic winter look. The girl can wear neutrals like no one I’ve ever met! She’s also a chronically cold person, and thus the faux fur muff (which was a gift from our stepmom) went over pretty well. We all teased her about how Russian she looks in this getup.

Well I hope you enjoy! She’s definitely my favorite sister ever (and I’m pretty sure it’s not just because she’s my only sister….). We’re both really proud of how we survived the awkward painful teenage years (I still have a scar on my cheek from one of our altercations) and have developed a strong, mature relationship. She’s someone I know will always be there for me, and she’s proved her loyalty in ways no one should ever have to be asked. I love her, I respect her, and I will always “make her hair fancy, please”, as she so often asks.

Sequins 30 for 30: Birthday Dress!

It’s kind of (really really) fun to kick off our 30 for 30 project in April, because my birthday is today! Yay April Fool’s Day! (Just in case you don’t believe me, I’ve included proof).

My first outfit for the 30-for-30 adventure is a really pretty (vintage??) dress I picked up at a thrift store. I loved it, but knew the length was too long. I had every intention of trimming it, but I wanted before pictures first. I styled myself up, grabbed Monsieur and the camera, and we went outside to grab a couple shots. I took one look and fell in love–it’s the perfect length already, I thought! I don’t want to cut it, I thought! It’s so perfect, I thought!

It’s true–but only if I’m willing to wear heels with it. Which, I’m not, I thought. So I grabbed the scissors, and we have this…

Dress & Sweater: Thrifted, Shoes: Mi Shoes

The shoes are my last indulgence before the self-imposed austerity from our 30-for-30 challenge. My coworkers gave me a very thoughtful gift card to my favorite shoe store, and I’ve been eyeing these every since Modcloth did a post about them. They’re so gorgeous! I’m in love. My sister came to town and we had a really fabulous day poking around in the local antique stores and shoe shopping. I found these and she found beautiful white lacey heels for her wedding reception.

Here's the original version of the dress. PS don't you love my white tights? Oh, right--those are just my legs. My pale, pale legs.

Sequins: Happy One Hundredth Post!!

I’m so excited I get to be the one who posts our 100th post! In honor of this oh-so-momentous occasion, and because I need the pick-me-up that this always offers, here’s a list of one hundred things that make me happy!

*glitter * unicorns * breakfast in bed * zelda * katamari * beaches * cupcakes * crafts * bubble baths * morning kisses * my roommate * red glasses * summer dresses * new books * bookstores * coffee * art * anatomical heart designs * puppies * curly hair * puns * seaweed smoothies * chocolate milkshakes * political protests * photography *
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Sequins: A Very Nerdy Lunch Date

I used vacation time to tack on an extra hour to my lunch so I could attend a lecture on our local college campus. It was nice to be back on my old stomping grounds, and especially nice to listen to a really interesting presentation about a grass roots peace-building initiative amongst Palestinian & Israel’s youth musicians. Very inspiring.

It helped that while she was very upfront about the conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis, she was also upfront about her focus for her presentation. She highlighted the legal aspects of an occupation, as well as the legal obligations of occupiers, without pointing any emotional blame (which I found very impressive–mostly because it’s not something I could do myself). She presented the music program not as a program that will fix things, or solve all the problems, or, really, any of the problems. Rather, she said that the program would lay the road to peaceful relations between individuals once the rest of it fell into place.

I went up to her afterwards and thanked her for her beautiful presentation, and told her how much I enjoyed it. She smiled, thanked me for my words, and wished me luck on my studies.

…Because instead of the mid-twenties professional that I am, I still look like a college kid. Ah well!

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Sequins: Thinking Out Loud

Dress, Necklace, Belt & Shoes: Thrifted; Jacket & Sweater: Target; Tights:

It totally snowed the other day. Monsieur and I were sitting on the couch and being lazy on Sunday when I looked out and saw beautiful flurries coming down full force. It didn’t stick, and stopped in about an hour, but man oh man was it pretty. I’m totally okay with it snowing all the time. None of my coworkers (except the one from Iowa) agrees with me, but that’s okay. They don’t have to.

This dress was almost deemed too short for work. I almost wore a pencil skirt underneath it. The belt almost didn’t make it onto the final cut for the outfit. I’m really glad all of those “almost”s didn’t pan out.

This month is a busy month at work. Our second most busy time of the year is gearing up to start, and I’m pretty excited about that.  It’s nice to be really active and busy at work. Not that I’m never not busy, of course, but working on new and exciting projects is way more fun that maintenance projects that never seem to finish, if you know what I”m sayin’.

Monsieur took these pictures before our lunch date, and this was his “blogger photo”. I’ve decided I need to do a lot more sewing projects. I thrifted the most amazing red polka dot dress, and it desperately needs hemmed to a new length. I want to get that done. I also added buttons to a skirt so I can wear it with suspenders (pictures soon), and I’ve decided that all my skirts and pants need hidden buttons for suspender options. I have a list of my top five articles that need prioritized for suspender optioning, though, and I should go from there. Now that there’s a sun re-emerging in the sky, it’s definitely time for sewing. I have no clue why those two things are related, but apparently they are.

Also, have you entered your guess for Stripes’ and I’s giveaway? You should totally check it out! It’s okay if someone’s already guessed what you would guess. We’re being pretty chill about the giveaway so it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong–we just want to hear from you! And in return, one of the lucky commenters is going to get this handmade brooch:

Good luck!