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Sequins: DIY Fashion Blogging Perfection

Oh man, guys, I’ve got something I’m super excited to share with you. I didn’t intend for this DIY, originally, but when I realized I had stumbled across Fashion Blogging Perfection, I figured it was just too good to keep to myself. So I whipped up this DIY and I hope you enjoy!

The other day, while Monsieur and I were on a date, I stumbled across the key ingredients for Fashion Blogging Perfection. I feel I should warn you that this particular brand of Fashion Blogging Perfection is ideal for the hipster fashion blogging, which has a lot of DIY and thrifting involved. Also commonly seen: bizarre pets, trips to obscure festivals, and copious amounts of eyewear. I outlined the basic four elements, though, to make sure your blog is capturing Fashion Blogger Perfection!

Step 1 Thrift. Thrift Often.

Thrift often, and thrift hard. Blog about your thrifts, and make sure to always properly call it thrifted. Bonus points for bulkiness, vintage (or faux-vintage, where it looks old enough), bizarre patterns, bright colors. >>pictured Thrifted Apple Red Chunky Sweater from Pendleton

Step 2 A Dash of Trend.

This particular breed of Fashion Blogger bucks the Brand-Name-Gawking habits that occasionally accompany the classic Fashion Blogger, but they still have an ear to the ground. Adding a splash of trendy goodness to an outfit shows that your other bizarre choices aren’t a mark of poor fashion consultation, but intentional deviations from a fashion world that you’re very aware of. Skinny colorful pants are the best way to make this type of statement. >>pictured Mint Green Pants from Nordstroms

Step 3 Don’t Forget Patterns

Look, color blocking is great, and you’ve probably achieved it with your sweater and pants. Bonus points if they’re in an in-season color set, like Apple Red and Mint Green. But more important, almost, than color blocking is inserting a brilliantly bold pattern. Polka Dots are particularly effective, and you get bonus points if you combine patterns. Bonus bonus points if it’s Thrifted, Sponsored, or Designer. >>pictured Polka Dot Shoes in Black and White, Thrift Store

Step 4 Frame Your Masterpiece

You didn’t spend all this time creating the Perfect Fashion Blogger Outfit just to frame it in a Popsicle-stick-wrapping. No no. Your outfit deserves to be framed in an appropriately-glorious background, and you know just the back-alley brick wall to do it justice. Bonus points if it’s from a particularly-hipster-ish event, or from a off-the-beat date night. >>pictured Barrels of Mead Background from Fancy Date Night With Monsieur

Well, friends? Did I forget any of the basic steps? Feel free to include your additions in the comments! ❤
Just know–I tease because I care. And sometimes because I feel silly about how formulaic my outfits can be somedays… alldays


Sequins: 30 for 30 Date Night

In case you were wondering, the newest update on living together is that it’s going well. Like, really really well. My fella? He’s awfully swell.

Err, sorry about that… Not quite sure how that rhyme slipped in there. Ahem.

Anyway, yes. Living together was a good choice (not that I, for even a moment, doubted that…) to make. The one thing we realized, though? We still have to date each other. And dates that include munching on some random snack while I work on an art project watching an episode of Star Trek (in other words: every single night ever) just doesn’t count.

So we went out! On a real date! Complete with live music! It was exciting. Until the girls who shared our table talked through everybody’s open mic performance. Finally we got up to stand by the door and I told them off, like the bossy pants I am. They were quiet after that. We also went out for coffee and books beforehand, and had a long and really good talk about what we want our life to look like, what goals we have, and how we can support each other. You know, mushy couple stuff.

We were going to do outfit photos, too, at this place I’ve been jonesing to get pictures from. We only got a couple of shots before it started raining, so I’m limited. It’s a simple outfit, though, so you can fill in the blanks, I’m sure.

Oh and PS, see how my hair is up? That’s a sure-fire sign that it’s heading to the chopping block soon. Like, tomorrow soon. Like, really chopped. Like this kind of chopped. I’m so stoked. Time to bring the mohawk back.

Dress: Thrifted/ Scarf: Gift from BFF/ Shoes: Soda/ Tights: Old Navy/ Socks: bella

Sequins 30 for 30: Stubborn As A Ram

So I’m an Aries. Sometimes, that means absolutely nothing. Sometimes, that means I’m as stubborn as a mule ram. Stubborn as a ram. Some days, like today, I’ll wear my pencil skirt and button up with no tights and a hood-less jacket, despite the huge rainstorm in the previous night and the drizzle that doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

What can I say? Sometimes I’m just really, really stubborn.

Sometimes, though, I’ll cave halfway through the day and throw on these amazing horse-print socks. What can I say? Sometimes it’s colder than expected! So, maybe the whole Aries thing is the most accurate depiction of my personality….

Jacket: Target/ Skirt: Hand-Me-Down from my sister, Romy’s/ Socks: Bella/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Shirt Belt & Necklace: Thrifted


PS I’m so so so in love with the socks. I want to wear them everyday (and I might. I just might.)

Sequins 30 for 30: My Look-A-Like Contest Entry

Do I remind you of anyone? Perhaps a little whiskered critter who giggles and is in a long term relationship with an actor worth billions?

Click Image for Source

Because this outfit is definitely making me channel Minnie Mouse! I started the day thinking that this is one of those outfits that, as much fun as I’m having, will probably not get repeated post-30 for 30 Challenge. I figured it was a good way to stretch myself, and know I have a costume if I’m ever in a pinch.

Except that as the day went on, I fell in love with this outfit more and more. It’s kinda one of my new favorites. It probably doesn’t hurt that I am more than mildly obsessed with this dress. Seriously one of my best decisions ever!

Also, though, the best part of today was how fan-friggin-tastic the weather was. Like, uh-mazing. So what better way than to celebrate with a bottle of super sweet white wine? It’s the third time in a week I’ve bought this bottle of wine, so I figured it deserved its own shout-out.

Dress & Scarf: Vintage/ Shirt: Sojourner/ Bag: Melie Bianca/ Shoes: Seychelles

Sequins 30 for 30 Golden Twenty Something Age

There’s something kind of amazing about being a twenty something in a small town. Every now and then, the stars line up right and you get to do some really fun things. One of our (fabulous but incredibly flaky) friends was celebrating his birthday, so we bought over some fruit, hummus, pita chips, cheese plate, and a bottle of cake (Three Olive’s “Cake” flavored Vodka. Seriously, cross my heart, it tasted like funfetti that had vodka poured into it. Crazy weird) and had a ton of fun.

I know I definitely partied it up a bit in college, and there’s this fine balance that everyone seems to need a few years to figure out about how to have fun drinking without going overboard, and this was a party where everyone there was in a good rhythm. There were the classic throw backs like beer pong, but there was actual ping pong, too. There was drunk kayaking, there was a pinata, there was a barbeque full of ribs, there was some strange frisbee jousting, night-time hackey-sacking and croquet. All of this took place on their lake-side lawn, which framed the most beautiful sunset.

Um so do you see the chicken? Because the best part were definitely the chickens! They have five of them, and they’re just past their awkward, haven’t-finished-changing-all-the-feathers-yet stage, so they had these great little pigeon-sized bodies just full of super soft feathers. I know I’ve posted about my lack of love towards the avian population, but I’ve always secretly wanted chickens. And I think these guys may have helped convince Monsieur that we need chickens…

I was bonding pretty hard core with this chicken. We watched the sunset together.


Oh and I guess I can show you guys what I wore. For the record (since you’ve already got a pretty good look), this was one of those days where I wasn’t so much thinking about putting together an outfit, as I was grabbing all my favorite pieces, and this is the outfit that occurred. I was a big fan, though. It was super fun!

Hat: Mi Shoes/ Scarf, Sweater & Vest: Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights: bella/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Necklace: Charming Charlie

Sequins 30 for 30 Throwback Shower

As you may recall, I spent Sunday at a wedding shower for my step sister. (yes–the very same step sister who I stole a dress from). I found out (after I packed my outfit and traveled) that it was a throwback, fifties-themed shower. My sister let me know, and I berated her (and my step mom) for not giving me more of a warning. Her exact response?

“I asked [our step mom] if she told you there was a theme, but she said you always dress appropriate anyway.”

Thanks. I guess?

Anyway, I’ll have a whole post up (probably after the 30 for 30) about getting ready for this. My sister is my own personal Barbie doll and a ton of fun to dress up, so I made sure to get enough photos that I’ll do a guest post later. We both did some epic wing-tipped eyeliner and red lips. My eyeliner didn’t show up in any of the photos, though. Apparently my eyes scrunch together when I smile. Good to know… (Oh and yes, the glasses definitely don’t help)

Oh! And the headband is homemade. Monsieur & I gave a nice cold-drinks pitcher to my stepsister and her fiance, and I whipped up two bands to go around it. The first one looked mostly like what I’m wearing in my hair, so I made a second one to actually wear as a headband. Lots of fun. The topper was raffia string tied with a skeleton key. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture, but I was (fairly) pleased with the outcome. Enough to give it, I suppose.

Dress: Sojourner/ Shoes: Soda/ Headband: Handmade/ Rings: F21/ Bracelets & Earrings: my sister's/ Tights: Gift from Stripes

Sequins 30 for 30: I Believe In Fun

… Way more than I believe in pretty! Monsieur and I were looking at someone-or-another’s blogger photo and I pointed out how pretty she looked, and put together the photo was. He nodded his agreement and I laughed because she took such a classic fashion blogger picture, while I? I take these pictures
Ah, well. Monsieur said he likes mine more anyway–“Your photos are way more fun”. He should know–he’s the one who takes them after all.

I have no idea if I’ve mentioned that before. Have I? Monsieur takes the majority of the photos (particularly the ones where there isn’t a corresponding background that Stripes has!). I’m a lucky girl, I know!

I had a “higher up” at work approach me at a meeting today. She’s super friendly and I like her a lot. Anyway she walked over and started to say something but paused, and looked at the rest of my outfit, and what came out was,
“I always notice your… tights…”

I think I distracted her with everything else going on. She asked me how many pairs of tights I own, and I guestimated around 20 (honestly more like 12 – 15, as I think back **Updated: So I just finished laundry and I counted. I have 27 pairs of tights. I almost feel ashamed..). This took her by surprise, but I balanced it out–most people don’t realize it, but I only have 4 pairs of pants.  A pair of jeans, brown cords, red denim, and mint green pants. So, you know, my tights balance out my skirt-heavy wardrobe. She nodded, because that makes a lot more sense.

I suppose.

Yes, these the new tights mentioned in my Not So Guilty Confession post. They’re soft like butter and really pretty. So I’m pleased with them. Enough to make me act like a ballerina, I guess.

Oh and in case you’re curious about the crazy forest I’m having my pictures taken in, it’s actually my front yard. My house in on a huge slope and I think the landlords are terrified of touching this crazy mess of ivy and blackberries because they’re very probably the only thing holding the hill (and house) up. Eep!

And as for the rest of the outfit…

Shirt & Dress: Thrifted/ Tights: Nouvella/ Shoes: Soda/ Necklace: Gift, Charming Charlie

Apparently it, too, is ballerina-worthy! It was a super cute outfit, and it is one I know I never ever ever would have tried without the 30 for 30 Challenge pushing me. So yay! Personal (style) growth!

Alright and time for a normal photo, just so I can prove that I am capable of taking them (every now and then)