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Sequins: Stop Reverse Back It Up

I read Stripes’ post from yesterday and giggled, since oh how I remember the pains of figuring that out. Granted, I was the girl in college who had the habit of dressing in a way that frequently prompted the question about my upcoming job interview from fellow students and professors alike, so my problem was really the mild sort. Regardles, figuring out whole new wardrobe requirements is no easy task. Wait for the segue. Especially when you’ve already cut your wardrobe down to a fraction of its original size. Oh there it was.

I’m not kidding when I describe this as the Second Coming of the 30 -for-30. I haven’t done a count, mostly because that would make me sad, but believe me when I said it’s small. And it’s somehow going to last me for a least a month, likely longer. And seriously, though, could I scream PrivledgedWhiteGirlFirstWorldProblems any louder?

I had a whole theme of what I was planning on writing about for this outfit. I took it yesterday, on Tuesday September 11, and I didn’t think much about the date as I was getting dressed. It’s an anniversary that makes me pause, but in an odd, reflective way instead of the more state-approved patriotic way. I did read some well-articulated thoughts about using this anniversary as a way not only to reflect on the actions eleven years ago, but on the consequences that occurred as a result of the day. As a result of America’s reaction.

I’m not that patriotic of a person–not in the sense that I love my country because it’s mine. Moreso, I feel like you love a country in the same way that you love and respect a person–because they deserve it. I think when you look at the actions of our country, the line gets a little lot blurrier. So when I took off my sweater and realized I had (very unintentionally) decked myself out in red white & blue, it was strange.

Like I said, those were things I thought about writing about–the challenges of turning my professional wardrobe into an everyday casual one while simultaneously chopping it into a fifth its size; the thoughts that get tied in knots when I start trying to decipher my own feelings about what happened eleven years ago which includes America’s reaction; I even considered a lighthearted post about an apple growing on one of the trees in the backyard. But then? I got distracted.

Then I got distracted with the fresh, ripe raspberries growing all around the wall I picked for photos. Omnomnomnom. Like, seriously guys, have you tasted the amazingness of fresh raspberries plucked from their branches? I repeat: Omnomnomnomnom.

Sweater: Thrifted | Shirt: Anthro | Tank: Target | Shorts: H&M | Tights: Express (gift) | Shoes: Modcloth


Sequins: What to Wear to a Bonfire

So I think there’s a lot of confusion and skepticism in the blogging world about what bloggers wear in Real Life versus what they present on the blog. I hope I have some built up street cred, if you know what I’m sayin’, since a large majority of my outfits were taken on my lunch break. That being said, this outfit is one of the (if not The) first outfits I’ve staged entirely for the purposes of the blog. It’s cool, though, because I checked through my life archives (completely unrelated to blogging in any way), and yes, this is exactly what I would wear to anything that requires the outdoors and possibility of dirt.

Shirt: gift, Necklace: Market, Shorts: Target, Tights: gift Express, Shoes: H&M

This has also turned, magically, into the outfit I’m going to wear for the rest of the day. This is the first day in months that I’ve needed to add tights! Woohooo! Lordy I missed my tights. Anyway. This outfit comprises the main essentials to a daily look for me. Especially a “me” that isn’t working every weekday anymore. It has:

  • a brightly colored and vibrantly patterned shirt that’s oversized
  • sentimental piece of jewelry
  • shorts
  • bright (& comfy) tights
  • cute shoes that still work for dirt-related purposes

That’s literally all I would ever wear if my life consisted of exactly days like this. The shirt was a gift from this gentleman I met a couple years back when I was living at home. He moved here for school/work from Cameroon, and we had a few really great months of getting to know each other and learn more about our different cultures. He teased me because this is a men’s shirt, but honestly, it’s so damned comfortable I just can’t stand it. I have a full shirt & pants combo for a woman, but that outfit gets worn with much less frequency.


As for bonfires go, I swap what are usually ballet flats for shoes that tie, and I add layers. This is definitely a “if the weather is warm” look, but the tights do add some additional heat. And, you know, if it’s a bonfire in the woods, then I can definitely have extra points for visibility. You know this is a staged photo because if I’m actually rough-and-tumbling it, I don’t wear tights that are still hole-free and this comfortable (seriously, guys, have I mentioned how much I love these red tights?). Other than that, though, just slap on some mosquito repellent and I’m good to go!

I originally thought I wouldn’t have time this morning to go out and get a couple photos of myself, so I made a collage of my favorite “being outdoors with the chance of dirt” outfits. It was a ton of fun, and made me nostalgic for the days when I would wear what-the-fuck-ever. The time to start doing that again is now, and it’s starting with the outfit in this post! Woo!

Thanks for tuning in! I’m  so excited to be a part of this, and it’s fun to be making friends on the internets through this link up. You guys should totally check them out as well, since they kick ass.

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Sequins: Definitely Not An Arm Party

Oh. My. Goodness. I have no idea why, but getting dressed on May 1st has to be one of the top post painful things I think I’ve ever done. Nothing fit right, I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to wear, and I kept gravitating towards things that were in my 30 for 30 pile. Probably because I’m just so damn used to them. It was tough, guys. Like, almost-late-for-work-so-I-biked-really-fast kind of tough. Plus I didn’t have my morning fashion consultant available to help me decide what to wear. He had to be at work really early this morning (like 6:00). UGH! Could I manage to complain anymore? Okay, I’ll stop.

And…..Done complaining! I actually really like the outfit I ended up with, and I have no clue how I got there. I have a really hard time styling these red tights for non-winter/autumn looks. Really, I have a hard time styling anything to be non-winter/autumn. Mostly just I have a hard time styling for spring. Anyone else there with me on this? But I like how it ended up! And I had a total blast putting together my crazy pin collection. It’s not an arm party…. it’s more like a shoulder* party…

Shirt: Target/ Belt Shoes & Necklace: Thrifted/ Skirt: H&M/ Tights: Gift (Express)

*Okay, guys, so confession–as I was writing the title of this post, I was thinking about how it’s not an arm party, it’s more like a shoulder party. But then I was thinking, well, it’s not really my shoulder, it’s like my shoulder cavity–like my upper chest. Then I was all, “boob party”? No. Wrong. Do not make “Boob Party” your post title. So I settled on something else. But really, what other kind of party would you call this? Ah well.

Also, I like proof that Stripes and I are actual friends who spend actual time together besides blogging. I think it’s a good reminder 😉 We had a lunch date with Monsieur and our other friend, P, because a bunch of local restaurants were doing a fundraiser for this great cause. Perfect way to indulge in a meal, if you ask me!

Oh PS, in case you forgot, I actually have this whole outfit sketched and mostly painted. I just didn’t have time to scan it. But I thought about it, and yes. Yes I am going to make a concerted effort to keeping that going. Just, not, you know, today. With this post. For now. Kay bye!