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Sequins 30 for 30: When In Doubt

… Run straight for your nearest beach. Or park. Or both. That’s all. it helps if you bring your book and your special someone brings their guitar.

Sweater: Target, Shirt & Pants: Thrifted, Sandals: Seychelles, Sunnies: F21


Sequins 30 for 30 Ew Gross (Not)Top

Stripes and I were joking over coffee the other day about articles of clothing we have hidden in our closets that the other has yet to see (which, for the record, is fairly impressive–we’ve known each other for years, and spend a lot of time together. Especially since the birth of the blog, we’ve seen each other at least twice a week). I told her about an orange top with feathers I have, and how I have a hard time figuring out a place for it in my wardrobe (thus throwing it on the 30-for-30 list), and she made the grossest face.

“Ew gross, with feathers? I’m sorry but that’s a bit much, even for you…”

We worked out our misunderstanding, though. Feather print, and a rust-colored orange. Not the neon orange with craft-supplies feathers glued on that she had envisioned (honestly, you’d think the lady didn’t trust my fashion sensibilities…). The next day we each wore (unprompted) something the other hadn’t seen, so of course I had to show her my oh-so-gross top. Which she promptly conceeded was not gross. Although I think we all know, it’s still definitely not a her top (even though I would totally lend it to her for a day if she let me take pictures). But it doesn’t have to be!

Shirt: Nordstroms, Tank: Sojourner, Pants: H&M (thrifted), Shoes: Modcloth, Necklace: f21

I was really nervous about the orange and red together, despite my devil-may-care attitude about color matching. I’m pleased, though, and this outfit was perfect for one of those days where I just wanted to be comfortable and relaxed. It was definitely a donut kind of day, complete with a stop at Monsieur’s and I’s favorite donut shop in town (he’s mildly obsessed with anything pastry, and shares this love (and the calories) with me).

Sequins: Happy Saturday!

I spent the whole weekend looking forward to Saturday. I’ve missed my good ol’ friend, and couldn’t wait for the day to roll around. Then, two hours into my workday on Friday, I sneezed myself sick. I went home after finishing a big project, around noon, and grumbled my way into a slump. This is was I look like when I go home sick on a Friday, and then have to go to the store for something or other with Monsieur (juice. but the right kind of juice. which would be too complicated to explain to him, so I had to go with him).

This is how I dress for grocery store trips. When it’s the middle of the day on Friday. And I’m sick. And slightly grumble-bumble-y.

We went and shopped and waited and shopped and dilly-dallied at the magazines until the main reason we went was finished.

Balloons make EVERYTHING better! (Okay, we didn’t buy 26 balloons just for a lark. It’s our friend, Plaid’s, 26th birthday on Friday so we wanted to surprise her)

Somehow, though, carrying all these balloons around (as well as using my sick time to curl up on the couch and read a fantastic new book) make me feel like I’ll be okay. This cold will go away, and I’ll still have the whole weekend to conquer everything else.

Shirt: Wet Seal, Sweatershirt: UW Campus, Pants: H&M (thrifted), boots: gift from stepmom

Hello Saturday. It’s so nice to see you. I’ve missed you.

For all you non-student, Monday-Friday workers out there, let’s all just breath a large, collective sigh of relief.*

*I’m sorry if I’m alienating anyone with my Yay-Saturday post. Just know that I’m with you in spirit on whatever day you designate your Sigh Of Relief Day. And if you’re an unfortunate soul who never gets a Sigh Of Relief Day, just know my heart goes out to you.

Sequins: Not Even Wild Horses Can Stop Me

From wearing wild horses. In the workplace.
Anyone remember that movie, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken? It’s about spunky girl who gets into horse diving, and doesn’t let an accident that leaves her blind stop her. It’s one of the great things that emerged from the 90s, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, that movie is what I think of when I wear this shirt. That and really passionate things like “Not even wild horses can stop me”. Because those crazy colored doodles with curly loops? They’re passionate, wild and crazy horses. Better believe it. They’ve got fire and spunk.

They also live on the weirdest shaped dress/shirt ever. I saw it at my thrifting store for a good five times before I actually put it on, and then decided I loved it enough to have it. It was marked down to a whoppin’ $3, so I think the rest of the world may be slightly blind to how incredible this shirt is. Of course, I happen to be of the opinion that if you make an item of clothing $3, that radically increases the likelihood of me finding it incredible.

So I had a professional business lunch thing recently*, and one of the top execs I work with commented on my clothes (very friendly).

“Oh, you’re always wearing such bright colors and patterns!”

I smiled and told her the grayer the sky, the brighter my outfits get. She laughed. I made a silent promise to never move somewhere sunny, so I would always have the excuse.

Pants & Tank Top: thrifted H&M, Sweater: Target, Boots: Clarks

Truth is? I love color. I love bright, bold things. I love the comfort I have of not caring if things match each other “perfectly”. It’s so freeing, and my clothes are fun to put on in the morning!

Plus, seriously, what better way to start of the first “spring” month of March? I’m so excited for the daylight poking through my morning routines lately! I wake up at 5:30 every morning, and having it not be entirely pitch black outside before I head to work is just a dream come true. And, soon, it’ll be bright enough after work for bike riding to the beach to read!

*For the record, I totally wasn’t wearing this outfit when she said it. I was wearing black tights, bright purple floral dress, and a blue sweater with bright red polka dots. I do opt for not-denim on professional days.

**Also, do you love the “<3 Lando” tag on the door? Because I sure do. Stripes rolled her eyes at me, but I’ve been saying “I love you Lando Calrissian!” with my best swooney, fan girl voice ever since I saw that tag. And for you not-nerds out there, Lando Calrissian is a great anti-hero. He was seriously one of my favorite characters.

**Also also, have you entered a guess in Stripes’ and I’s game yet for a chance to win a handmade owl pin? Because you still can! Quick, go here!

Sequins: Is It Spring Yet?

I saw in our local newspaper that, while the rest of the country has been experiencing one of the more milder winters to date, our pocket is getting hit harder than usual. It’s definitely wearing on me, and I’ve noticed that my response to day after day of crummy weather is to wear the brightest clothes I own.

Sweater: Thrifted, Shirt: Modcloth, Pants; H&M used, Boots:... One day I will remember, Necklace: Lisa Leonard & Fireworks, Jacket: Paris, Cowl: Anthro *gift

It worked well. I love my new lavender sweater, and I think it works so perfectly with an abundance of items in my closet. Which is always my goal–as crazy as my clothes might seem, my goal is to have as many things paired with as many other things as possible, so that at my laziest moments I can just grab at random any combination of necessary articles and head out the door.

Many may argue that I should never do that with my closet, but what can I say? Picking outfits out is really no where near my top priority. I’d much rather spend my mornings sipping on coffee that Monsieur made while reading a book on naval tactics throughout history. But that’s just me 😉

My other top priority? Wearing things with sentimental value. It’s why the earrings Monsieur gave me are what I wear 95% of the time I wear earrings (well, that and they’re absolutely awesome. Seriously, the fella knows my jewelry tastes). The necklace I’m wearing is a combination of Lisa Leonard’s Hope Is the Thing Necklace, which was a birthday present from my mom during my first year as a college graduate, and a beautiful blue bird necklace my sister found for me at Fireworks, years and years ago. I’m grateful enough to be surrounded by people who not only love me, but have fabulous taste in jewelry (I know, I’ve got my priorities in order!)

“Hope” is the thing with feathers—
That perches in the soul—
And sings the tune without the words—
And never stops—at all—

And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard—
And sore must be the storm—
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm—

I’ve heard it in the chillest land—
And on the strangest Sea—
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb—of Me.

Emily Dickinson

Sequins: The Perfect Outfit

There are a few really basic, essential pieces of my character–the qualities that I value above all others, and this outfit manages to highlight a few of them. My politics and political beliefs, my commitment to myself to be myself, and (of course) books.

I spent last weekend in the nearby big city, visiting family and my best friend from high school. She is a pretty passionate activist, and is one of the smartest people I know. She keeps me sharp, and I love every chance I get to have conversations with her. We don’t see each other a whole lot right now (living an hour and a half apart, and both busy with full time jobs), but when we do, everything is gravy.

We talk a lot about politics when we get together, even though we have fairly different viewpoints. While our methods may vary, we do agree strongly on some things–including some stances on Middle Eastern politics, specifically the occupation of Palestine. The scarf I’m wearing, a keffiyeh, is a sign of solidarity and support for their struggle.

The rest of this outfit–the sequined top, the red pants, the lime sweater–it’s all a part of my commitment to be myself. Particularly in the way I dress. I used to be afraid to do anything that involves standing out too drastically. It’s not always easy, and a lot of the time I feel exposed, or strangely on exhibit. But it’s worth it. It’s important to be true to yourself.

Sweater& Shirt: Target, Jeans: H&M used, Keffiyeh: Palestine

Oh and the third important quality, books? Well they’re in my bag, of which you can see the strap underneath my keffiyeh, of course!