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Instant Fashion Blogging Costume

When I went to run errands on Halloween with my mom, I knew I’d feel like a total lame-o if I didn’t dress up at least a little. No offense to the non-costume types out there, it’s a personal choice. I dig.



This was my insta-celebrity. Just a dash of Aubrey Hepburn, coupled with a bit of sass. I know the real fashion bloggers of the world are probably shaking their head in the stark disapproval my lack of any designer anything while portraying a celebrity, but what can ya do? Me, I’ll stick to my boyfriend’s pea coat and my thrifted dress, thank you!

Coat: David’s | Dress: Thrifted | Vest: Nordstroms | Tights: Fred Meyer | Shoes: Mia | Sunglasses: F21

I actually can’t wait to get a real shot of me wearing this dress–I’m totally in love with it! My mom picked it out when we were thrifting a little bit ago. She knows me so well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Play Date

My mom and I have some of the best play dates. I wrote more of the details on my personal blog, over at Like A Small Fire, but here are the outfit deets

When I first wore this dress around my mom, she made the astute comment that I needed a shirt that matched it better. So when she was coming over for our trip to scope out Goodwills and furnish my art room, I figured I’d throw on the dress and we could see if anything appropriately matching came out. We were thinking something along the lines of a mauvey-lavender purple.

Dress: thrifted | Sweater & TIghts: Target | Shirt: inherited from my sister | Boots: Mishoes

We found something that should work, so you’ll probably see this dress again. I think that’s like three times on the blog. Hopefully you aren’t all harboring some secret grudge against my repetition. Because that would be… Well, it’d be a little sad. But if it makes you feel better, I found two dresses at Goodwill, so those will be nice and new for the blog. Just for you, guys, just for you.

Taking Back Fun

I’m back! I have internet, I have a roof over my head that is shared only with David (and our rattas, of course), and I (unfortunately) still have a lot of time on my hand for this whole blogging thing.

The past weekend was an utter, abysmal failure. It’s been a long time since anything has been that upsetting, or left that much of an impact on my psyche, but I guess, such is life. Sunday was full of errands, just like every other day (man moving is hard), so David and I decided to have a bit of fun. My fun? Blue hair!

I love this shot, because look at that gradient from summery green to fall orange! Also, look at that bright blue hair! Okay, so what if it’s just a wig? I had a ton of fun wearing it. David and I are working on our Halloween costumes and this wig is part of mine. It’s now also part of a desire I have to grow out my hair just a bit more and then do crazy dye jobs to it.

Wig: Goodwill | Sweater: Thrifted (H&M) | Shirt: Target | Skirt: Thrifted | Boots & Tights: Fred Meyer

And just in case you think it’s an empty threat, all this blue hair talk, have I ever told you guys about that time I dyed my hair bright pink? Best five months of my life. Well, at least hair-wise it was.

What’s Black & White & Limping Like A Lizard?

That’d be a Marci. Today I’m wearing black and white, and limping the way a lizard would if that lizard’s knee cap felt like it was on fire. Take close note at my standing photos, and see how much weight I have on my right leg. The answer is going to be none.

Dress (long sleeve): Thrifted | Dress (external): Charlotte Russe | Tights: Target (like, years ago) | Shoes: B.A.I.T

I was fine for most of the day, although the past few days I’ve been feeling a twinge-y-reminder of my old knee injury. Then I got on the bus and I literally fell into the open seat as an explosion of fire radiated from my knee cap. It was awful. Walking home from the bust stop was even worse. A tear may have been shed. I could feel it through my entire leg. Ugh. Have I whined enough? Are you guys making your best “Oh Poor Baby” faces? Good.

David hadn’t come home when I took these photos (and typed this post), which means two things. First, that I had to write that above paragraph since he wasn’t here to make the Poor Baby Face (he does it so very well) and it also means that I had to take my own photos. Which is awkward. This outfit was totes worth it, though, if I do say so myself. I like the black and white combo when it combines as many patterns as possible. The back was my favorite, although it was hard to get a good photo.

Most of my day was spent running errands, but one stop on a bus I rode is right next to a cemetery. I’ve ridden this bus hundreds of times, and gone past the cemetery more times than I can count, but I’ve never had a reason to take that stop before now. I decided to take a little break after my last errand and walk around the cemetery. It was beautiful and calm, but it felt so noisy and full at the same time.

Something Clever About Status Quos

I couldn’t find the right title in my brain, but it involves a clever reference to my return to status quos. I don’t know what’s been going on with the messages between my brain and outfit selections, but it’s been weird, guys. Like, wearing blue jeans and stretch pants and plain t-shirts weird. Which, if you’ve spent any time looking at this blog (or at me), you’d know–that’s pretty friggin’ weird.

So I’m happy to say that when I got dressed this morning, I reached for this dress. This dress, which I thrifted for a whopping ten dollars the other day. I’m rather fond of this dress.

Sweater: Target | Dress Necklace & Belt: Thrifted | Tights: Fred Meyer | Boots: Mi Shoes

Also, can we pause for a moment on the tights? I love them. I picked them up as back ups to my reverse-polka-dot tights (which I’m now realizing I don’t think I’ve ever worn on the blog…) for my rehearsal dinner outfit, and I love them ten times more than the originals. They make me feel pretty fabulous, which I’m pretty sure is the entire point of fashion. At least, that should be the point of fashion. I’m sure I have a step sister who might chime in and offer an alternative point, what with her whole fashion-college-background, but I say you should always wear things that make you feel fabulous. Including, for the record, jeans and tshirts, if that’s your thing.  No judgements from this end, my friend, if you feel fabulous dressing like a commoner.

One day all of my friends are going to gang together and beat me up with their collective jeans. And then strangle me with their tshirts. Which is okay, as long as I get to wear something as pretty as this dress when they do it.

Sequins: A Realy Good Morning

This doesn’t have a whole lot anything at all to do with my outfit, but it’s what I’m thinking about.

This morning was pretty awesome.

Nothing huge happened–no life changing decisions or amazing elaborate plans. Monsieur and I didn’t even have our usual hour to read and sip coffee together, which we usually try to fit in. It was a little rushed, and we spent most of the morning in separate rooms getting ready. But it was one of the best mornings because we talked the whole time.

We were silly and we sang harmonies to a couple of songs that have been stuck in our heads lately. He’s been learning a couple Bowie songs on the guitar, and he’s been listening to the Space Oddity album a bunch lately. Which means we’ve both been singing the Space Oddity song non-stop. This morning we kept singing it to each other as we putzed around in different rooms getting ready.

Then we switched over to Hooked On A Feeling and all heck broke loose. Do you guys remember that song? It’s impossible to not act super silly singing that song. We used to get in his 1984 Subaru and blast it on his pitiful speakers, banging on the sides of his car whenever it’d get to that drum beat. Good times, ya’ll.

This morning we pretty much pretended we didn’t live on the top floor of our apartment building and stomped our feet and sang at the top of our lungs and reminisced about the silly college years.

And then he packed my lunch for me and drove me to work since he was already heading out. Such a fella, I tell ya’.

Jacket, Vest, Necklace & Dress: Thrifted/ Tights: Betsey Johnson/ Shoes: Clarks