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Sequins: New Years with Monsieur

Happy New Years, everyone!

Monsieur: Sweater, Target; Tie, Garcia; Pin, I made!
Me: Sweater, Gap; Boots, Can’t Remember; Socks, Mod Sock; Skirt, Thrifted; Pin, I made!

My dad bought himself a fancy camera and wanted use his daughters and their respective partners as models. We traveled for our New Year’s Celebration, which means we had limited clothes to pick our outfits from. Fortunately, Monsieur was totally on board with wearing a fox pin (apparently it’s not too feminine! Yay!). Then we posed.

Turns out it’s hard to get a good picture of just our top halves, horizontally, considering the height difference. Also turns out? We have very little patience for serious “nice” poses.

This is our model photo.

Then it just devolved into us making horrific monster faces. We’ve sorted through our favorites to figure out which ones we’re getting framed.

This is going on the mantle, for sure. Possibly our Christmas card. Happy New Year’s!