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Stripes: The Final Vacation Post

It’s that time, folks, the last vacation post of my epic East Coast adventures. Florida was a long rerun of allergy free pancakes, theme parks, and laughter so I think the best way to sum up this segment of travel is to throw about a million pictures of me and my friend, Blue. The first pictures are of us at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom (*cough cough* seven hundred pictures of giraffe butts because I am really a 6 year old trapped in this big person body) and the final set are from Universal Studios (more specifically, Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and a rainy day photoshoot of us EPICALLY nerding out. Please revel in our nerdiness and let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had a similar photoshoot because I would love to know we weren’t the only ones who were so HP excited!

Our very dorky HP photoshoot came up because of an 8 hour thunder and lightning storm accentuated by a torrential downpour and a Lifetime movie marathon. Needless to say, after being stuck in our hotel room for hours and hours right after buying a TON of HP stuff we *had* to have a photoshoot.

Anyone else having a nerdy summer? I sure hope so! Life’s way(yyyyyyyy) more fun this way!


Sequins: A Bird, A Plane

Jacket (see below), Dress & Shoes: Thrifted/ Sweater: my sister’s/ Earrings: Mi Shoes/ Necklace: Gift, Charming Charlies/ Socks: Mod Sock

This is what I wear once I’ve been strongly influenced by The Avengers. Confession time? Total comic-turned-movie nerd, right here. I go weak in the knees for Batman movies, and when I sat in the imax theater for The Dark Knight, I was one of the three people who gasped and made inappropriate noises when the trailer for Watchmen first previewed. In fact, Watchmen definitely counts as my favorite comic story of all times. Yes, I know, it’s done as a depressed satire of other comics (so lots of people don’t think it counts as a real comic), but that’s kind of what I love about it. After Watchmen, though, Batman and Hulk are tied as my favorite comic heroes.As for The Avengers? Perfect level of campy glory! It was cheesey, but in an intentional way, and it borderlined being over the top, but never pushed the envelope of dork-tastic-ness too far.

PS is it just me, or does everyone have this problem? I feel like whenever I get a new piece of clothing that I’m absolutely in love with (like the polka dot vintage jacket up above), the first time I wear it is a total flop. It happens with every article of clothing!Such a weirdo thing to do. Maybe it’s just because I get so excited I want to make the perfect outfit for my new piece and over think it beyond belief and end up looking weird.