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Stripes & Sequins: Favorite Mugs

After several mug mishaps (including my last which was bumped off a desk and shattered…yes it was a travel mug, and yes, it was the day after I bought it), I finally found this mug and I LOVE it! It is the perfect Stripes travel mug; classic yet slightly modern look, unique but not too¬†obscure¬†color, it holds just the right amount of coffee, and it keeps my drinks warm for hours. And, as you can see, it is the opposite of Sequin’s mug in almost every way possible.

I have totally already featured this mug on the blog before, and probably will again–I love this mug. Even if it is chipped. I’m constantly afraid I’m going to break it, it is completely impractical for any mode of transportation beyond small amounts of walking, and it’s too large to be considered practical, but it makes me happy because it is the most colorful thing on my desk, and Melville’s quote is the perfect pick-me-up for the occasional workplace blues.

What kinds of mug does everyone else out there use on a daily basis? Anyone else require an excessively durable mug? What about ones that are one of a kind? What’s your favorite drink to put in your mug?

-Stripes & Sequins

Sequins: Literature in Liquid Form

I love how in my last post I was busy bemoaning the fact that I never wear bright colors in wintertime. Apparently today is my exception. Purple tights, hurrah! Also making an appearance is my mug. I keep this mug at my desk at work, and it almost always accompanies me on my lunch time outings (especially since my lunchtime outings almost exclusively lead me to the same coffee shop). I painted it myself in what was an epic long, three-visit journey to our local paint-your-own-pottery store, and it has a quote from Melville’s Moby Dick on it.

But as for me, I am stricken by an everlasting itch for things remote

It’s funny how much I love (several) lines from Moby Dick, but I really was not an overwhelming fan of the book. I’m stuffy and boring and will always prefer my Russian classics to the exclusion of almost everything else. My favorite author, Murakami, only worms his way onto the top because he’s even more of a Russians classics fanboy than I am, and manages to heavily reference them in just about every novel he writes (be still, my heart!).

This is my “smize” attempt. I think considering I don’t even do “smile” that well, it turned out fair enough.

I don’t actually have a lot to say about this outfit. It’s happy, it’s bright, it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin for the…..fifteen… hours I’m going to spend wearing it.

Scarf: Antropology (gift)
Pin: Made by me! from this Pinterest link
Dress: H&M
Sweater: Target
Jacket: Thrifted
Tights: Macy’s (gift)
Socks: ModSock (new local kitschy sock store)
Boots: Fred Meyer
Spray Paint on Boots: Dangerous result of Stripes & I’s Spray Paint Party that took place when I finished work, after five. Unfortunately, in our neck of the woods “after 5:00 PM” is actually synonmous with “pitch-fucking-black”, and I didn’t see the damage till it was to late. It was definitely fun, though!