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Won’t You Put Me In A Zoo?

Marci 12-4-12 DMV2

That was totally my favorite Doctor Seuss book growing up. I felt so bad for the poor little fella! He’d be so happy in a zoo. Anyway, this was totally all I could think of when I threw this outfit together.

This was my DMV + Car Insurance + Medical Appointment for David outfit. Comfortable yet professional, and for those who think I’m flashing some inappropriate levels of cleavage rest assured–there’s a tank under that top.

Marci 12-4-12 DMV1

Sweater Skirt & Shoes: Thrifted | Shirt: Mona B | Tights: gift Express

There’s not a whole lot to say except this outfit was a million times more comfortable than I expected and a lot more flattering than that shirt’s initial shape would lend you to believe. My personal policy, by the way, for the DMV is to go into as ridiculously happy as is fucking possible. Charm everyone who looks at you for longer than five seconds. Kill them with kindness. Oh and go in armed with a 16 oz iced green tea half sweetened from Starbucks.

Marci signature

Sequins: Work Field Trip!

Monsieur chauffeured me around town to a few places while I worked on a project for my job, and it was during the first beautiful day we’ve had this summer. My heart goes out to those faces triple digit weather, it really does, but I’ll admit–it’s hard to remember that’s happening in other places when here, it just feels like October. Oh weather–know you of moderation? Seriously.

Anyway, we took a quick break while on campus to get some fun outfit shots in.

Shirt & Belt: Thrifted/ Skirt: 36 point 5/ Shoes: Mi Shoes

Do you see that beautiful blue sky? So gorgeous! We’ve had some nice weather for four days in a row now, which is the kind of trend that makes you believe it’s going to finally be summer. I’m sure I just jinxed the entire Northwest with that comment. Sorry guys….

Also, I love this shirt. I sneak-peeked it a while back in my beach post but this shirt is just the bee’s knees. This shirt is an excellent example of why Stripes and I have very very different wardrobes. We were shopping at Buffalo Exchange together and I tried on that top. Her face looks suspiciously similar to that one time I recommended allergen-friendly Larrabars to her, and she asked me if I was actually serious. I was, as you can see from this photo. Our variations in taste are what keep us interesting, after all.

Also interesting? This awkward segue.


This Saturday is the first Saturday in eons (hold for dramatic pause) that Monsieur has off, so we’ve been up since 8 AM eating leftover birthay cake and cookies his mom brought up for him and playing video games. We’re supposed to be finishing up Lego Harry Potter 1-4 because OH MY GOD ARE WE EXCITED TO START THE NEXT ONE. Stripes was playing Lego HP 5-7 with Plaid and let slip a certain secret about a certain evil character turning into a certain FRIGGIN’ PEACOCK. So we’re stoked about that.

I’m refusing to let us move on until we have 100% completion, though, because that’s the kind of person I am. He’s playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 while I finish up this post. It took longer than usual because I spent most of my “blog post time” trying to figure out how to make this:

You’re welcome!

Sequins 30 for 30: And I’m Finished!

Okay because I really want to be done with this, I tacked on the sketched versions of the two outfits I forgot to take pictures of. Come May, I can start showing off my non-30 for 30 clothes!

So this has been fun–it’s been a bit harder than anticipated (mostly at the end, when I couldn’t quite remember what I had already worn), but mostly just a ton of fun. Full of fun and learning. Some things I’ve learned include: I love my red polka dot dress. Love. Love. Love. I can rock a mint green midi skirt much better than originally anticipated. How to tie a blogger knot on my belt. How boring most of my shoe collection is. How much I’ve enjoyed having watercolor illustrations of all my clothing.

A month of (mostly) no shopping has also been hard. Less fun. But it, too, has taught me quite a bit. Namely, it’s taught me that I want a denim jacket. Oh, wait, it’s the fashion blogger world who taught me that. Still, it was learned during the Great 30 for 30 Era.

I’ve also learned about these amazing black flats that I have every intention of buying May 1st, because the black flats I’ve included in my 30 for 30 are officially on their last breath. I think the Challenge was their Swan Song, because they’re goners. And, after getting five years of almost daily wear out of a $15 pair of flats, I’ll call that a pretty good run!

Mostly, though, I’ve learned that 30 articles of clothing is actually a healthy (albeit lean) amount of clothing to own. It’s maybe a fifth of my whole wardrobe, so I’m being a complete hypocrite, but honestly? I remixed and restyled most of my outfits without ever feeling like I was really struggling. Especially if you take into consideration the fact that I was not repeating combinations at all, which is something that most people would do in their everyday lives.

I definitely miss my clothes, though, so don’t expect me to slim down my closet anytime soon!

Sequins 30 for 30 Look Down, Look Down

Don’t look ’em in the eye. Look down, look down. You’re here until you die.

(Eh? Anyone? Anyone? Besides my mom?)

Well, clearly I didn’t want to look at the camera today (and if you read Stripes’ late night post from yesterday, you’ll see it was something in the air. Neither of us felt much like making eye contact). Yes, I technically have some pictures of my looking at the camera, but when I was going over them I just really was not feeling it! So…. I have no face today!

Shirt: Gap, Thrifted /Skirt: 36 point 5/ Shoes: Soda /Scarf: from Africa, Gift/ Tights: Fred Meyer, Gift

PS It is a rare day that the background is brighter than my outfit! Just goes to show that I’m not always the (visually) loudest in the room. Or alley. You know, wherever.