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Sequins: DIY Fashion Blogging Perfection

Oh man, guys, I’ve got something I’m super excited to share with you. I didn’t intend for this DIY, originally, but when I realized I had stumbled across Fashion Blogging Perfection, I figured it was just too good to keep to myself. So I whipped up this DIY and I hope you enjoy!

The other day, while Monsieur and I were on a date, I stumbled across the key ingredients for Fashion Blogging Perfection. I feel I should warn you that this particular brand of Fashion Blogging Perfection is ideal for the hipster fashion blogging, which has a lot of DIY and thrifting involved. Also commonly seen: bizarre pets, trips to obscure festivals, and copious amounts of eyewear. I outlined the basic four elements, though, to make sure your blog is capturing Fashion Blogger Perfection!

Step 1 Thrift. Thrift Often.

Thrift often, and thrift hard. Blog about your thrifts, and make sure to always properly call it thrifted. Bonus points for bulkiness, vintage (or faux-vintage, where it looks old enough), bizarre patterns, bright colors. >>pictured Thrifted Apple Red Chunky Sweater from Pendleton

Step 2 A Dash of Trend.

This particular breed of Fashion Blogger bucks the Brand-Name-Gawking habits that occasionally accompany the classic Fashion Blogger, but they still have an ear to the ground. Adding a splash of trendy goodness to an outfit shows that your other bizarre choices aren’t a mark of poor fashion consultation, but intentional deviations from a fashion world that you’re very aware of. Skinny colorful pants are the best way to make this type of statement. >>pictured Mint Green Pants from Nordstroms

Step 3 Don’t Forget Patterns

Look, color blocking is great, and you’ve probably achieved it with your sweater and pants. Bonus points if they’re in an in-season color set, like Apple Red and Mint Green. But more important, almost, than color blocking is inserting a brilliantly bold pattern. Polka Dots are particularly effective, and you get bonus points if you combine patterns. Bonus bonus points if it’s Thrifted, Sponsored, or Designer. >>pictured Polka Dot Shoes in Black and White, Thrift Store

Step 4 Frame Your Masterpiece

You didn’t spend all this time creating the Perfect Fashion Blogger Outfit just to frame it in a Popsicle-stick-wrapping. No no. Your outfit deserves to be framed in an appropriately-glorious background, and you know just the back-alley brick wall to do it justice. Bonus points if it’s from a particularly-hipster-ish event, or from a off-the-beat date night. >>pictured Barrels of Mead Background from Fancy Date Night With Monsieur

Well, friends? Did I forget any of the basic steps? Feel free to include your additions in the comments! ❤
Just know–I tease because I care. And sometimes because I feel silly about how formulaic my outfits can be somedays… alldays

Sequins: Doctor Seuss Dress Up

This post is dedicated to Stripes, who enjoys giving me a hard time about my lack of silly poses.

There once was a Woozle
Who spent all her days wondering

“What oh What should I wear?I have red pants, blue pants
and creamy mint green pants
Brown shoes and Black ones covered in Dots
Shirts every color from Blue to Chartreuse
Even one covered with orange-plaid hand-drawn Gazots!”

There are shoes all over her floor,
Down to the basement and clear up the stair,
With clothes scattered right Here and way over There,
Even some pants on her Sailing Ship’s helm,
This Woozle was feeling over-the-top- Whelm!“Should I wear this or should I wear that,
Maybe oh maybe, my striped purple top hat??”

Then, with a Hop and a Skip,
the Woozle had an idea hit like a Brick

“I know what I’ll do, right Here on the Spot,
Oh yes I will, won’t I,
I will wear the Whole Lot!”

Shirt: UO (used), Pants & Vest: Nordstroms, Keffiyeh: Palestine, Shoes: Modcloth

Green Pants are a winner,
Purple Red Plaid is for sure.
Wrapped up with my Oversized Scarf,
and topped with a Yarny Vest like super-soft-fur!

*This morning, after getting dressed, I pulled in my fashion consultant (read: my darling dearest Monsieur).

“Give it to me straight, babe–is it too much?” I asked, gesturing to my ensemble. He paused, looked me up and down carefully, and thought a moment.

“Honestly? I’m not sure. It actually might be. It’s pretty ridiculous. But… I really, really like it!”