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Stripes: So Yeah

Remember that time I told Sequins I would totally have her back and come up with some awesome posts to keep the blog running like a gem? Yeeeaaaahhhh. I may or may not have TOTALLY forgotten to take pictures of my outfit yesterday. Here is a list of why you didn’t get to see my geek chic outfit:

-I forgot I needed to write a post (because some how it’s really hard to remember I post every other day…)
-Sequins wasn’t here to remind me to take pictures
-I really had to pee when I got home last night so I first changed in my pjs so I could be as comfortable as humanly possible
-I’m kinda forgetful
-My dog ate it
-Aliens took over my brain and made me do some weird stuff
-I’m actually a bear and started hibernating
-My outfit burst into flames and I had to go on the Hunger Games
-I’m really a ghost and it’s really hard to get a picture of me
-My outfit was actually made out of candy and I ate it
-I’m a werewolf and as I got home tonight I started to change so I couldn’t take a picture of the process
-I was hungry and food>pictures
-My dog wanted me to rub her belly

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get the point. I may or may not have totally forgotten that I needed pictures of my outfit, which is a shame because it was really cute! BUTTTTTT (what what in the butt? Anyone?) I’ve got a picture of me and the sweatshirt I was OMG SO EXCITED to change into. Not kidding. Sorry friend I had coffee with and those ducks at the park, but the highlight of my day was putting on this sweatshirt and then eating nachos.

See why this sweatshirt rocks?! My little college town has a heart over it!

This sweatshirt (from the farmer’s market by the lady who did our jellyfish sweatshirts) makes me smile!

And then I caught the wind from my fan…I’m getting all ANTM up in hurrrr. Making Tyra proud, one picture at a time.

What’s your guys’ favorite post work outfit? Anyone else crave nachos in a weird, kinda intense way? Oh God, don’t let me be the only person who would eat the cheesy deliciousness for every meal ever.

Stripes: Thank Goodness for Some Sunshine

Now that summer is finally in full swing out here in the great NW (it was almost 85 degrees the other day!!! a huge improvement from two weeks ago when we barely topped out at 60) I’ve been remembering all the reasons why summer is my favorite time of year which inspired me to actually write down a little list of these reasons because maybe you all (our lovely blog readers) might agree, and that way we can share our mutual happy!

-Longer days
-Warm sunshine on your skin
-Warm evening breezes
-Iced coffee
-Reading for fun (side note: I’ve been reading Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady and getting really into it! I adore that author)
-Turning the GPS off and just driving-the backroads around my home town are absolutely amazing and I caught the most beautiful sunset while getting myself rather lost in the forestry
-Fresh Fruit
-Rainer Cherries
-Sandal Weather
-Evening Runs by the Lake- Lesson learned yesterday: don’t do this after eating spaghetti.
-Morning Runs by the Lake- Just before posting this, I got back from one such run and we happened to make it to the lake in time to watch a Herron fly off through the mist that was rising off the lake. Uh-mazing!
-Music Making (ok, ok. I do this all the time. But it’s more fun making music in the sun!)
-Using the Sunroof in my Car
-Blasting music with the windows down (yes, I’m super cool like that)
-Time to Journal
-Late Nights out with Friends
-Making New Friends
-The Smell of Sunscreen
-Actually Being Able to Watch the Sunset

I would also like to point out just how hard it is to take a picture of your own toes! There is a whole slew of pictures that are somehow unflattering (who knew you could even take unflattering pictures of your feet?) that did not make it to the blog.

What does everyone else out there love about summer? What color are your toesies? What are YOU reading?! Any suggestions for my next book?

Stripes: Procrastination in 3 Steps or Less

Life I mentioned in my last post, this is my most intense mid-terms week of the quarter and I realized I could write a manual on procrastination so, written (for the most part anyways) while I should be studying, here is “How to Procrastinate in 3 Steps or Less”.

(Sorry for the blurriness, it was really rainy during our shoot!)

Step 1: Add Sound

Procrastination is not nearly as entertaining if you’re sitting in a silent room, I mean that’s why libraries are quiet. Silence increases productivity. And that’s not our goal. So, please, plug in those headphones and do one of the following things:

Youtube: a classic. How can you possibly study while there are 50,000 videos of puppies trying to climb onto couches or little kids giving motivational speeches? These will pump you up and help you feel empowered when the time really does come to bust out a bunch of work. Then there’s the music video aspect of this site. Gotta have your tunes! So why not select, song for song, what your study playlist should be? I mean the songs really need to portray a “I’m ready to kick butt” and “Getting stuff done” vibe otherwise all future attempts at productivity will be essentially futile.

Pandora: tunage at it’s best. If you’ve realized that after watching 27 music videos on youtube, that you need a more structured approach to music selection but want to listen to music you don’t have on iTunes, then this is the place for you. So why not try out Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Muse, Adelle, or 90’s pop music stations and get the creative flow started. No better way then letting other people’s creativity rub off on you, right?

-iTunes: As alluded to in the previous section, this is one of the more limited music options but you have the most control. So why not make a playlist filled with songs that really get your brain going and time it down to the second for when you’re working on whatever you’re supposed to be doing?

Step 2: Get Visual

Blog time. Now that you’ve gotten pumped, empowered, and created the best playlist ever it’s time to take a break (that was a lot of work) so what’s the first logical choice? Blogs, duh! These blogs are my favorite for kicking back, relaxing, and remembering that life is alright while in the midst of a study marathon:

Yes & Yes: Always good for an article about some far away place, interesting stories about people’s lives, and links to the coolest things out in the interwebs. This will help open your mind to new thoughts and help you think outside the box when you just can’t think of anything to do for your work. It’s always good to get fresh perspectives!

Living Yellow: She is a favorite ’round these parts. Her posts that read like you’re talking to your bff and she is the epitome of adulthood coolness…so why not spend sometime dreaming about how awesome your life is going to be when you’re done with whatever you were supposed to be doing?

The Great Fitness Experiment: Charlotte is one of my favorites out here in the blogosphere. Not only is she ridiculously awesome and funny (not to mention hers was the first blog I regularly followed) but she also can teach you how to get that booty you’ve always wanted. Wether you’ve always wanted to try martial arts, ballet, or P90x she’s done it all and will tell you the good, bad, and ugly of her adventures. What better resource to look at so you can dream about the workouts you’ll be able to do when you don’t have so much work to do?

Psychology Today: So you can figure out why you’re so stressed and how to stop procrastinating. Yep. Pretty much.

Step 3: Socialize

Now that you are inspired and the future looks delightful, it’s time to share your thoughts and feelings with the world. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but when there are things that people just can’t seem to start on (aka-procrastinating) the total amount of time these people spend on a social media site goes up by approximately 900%.

Facebook: Of course, the classic. Who could try to procrastinate without checking with site (aside from ‘those people’ who don’t have one >.>)? Now that you can chat with your old friend from elementary school to finally catch up and try to figure out why it’s been so long since you last hung out while watching the creep crawl on the side, you will be in the know. And what’s more important than that?

Twitter: Admittedly, I am a recent convert to this social phenomenon and all I can say is there is something always going on in the land of Twitter. So while you’re trying to take a few minutes to regroup and refocus, why not read through your twitter feed and remember how many cool things are going on in the world as we speak?

Pinterest: Gotta have somewhere to organize everything you learned in the last several hours of distraction.

And there you have it, how to procrastinate like a pro in 3 steps or less. Or less? You may be asking, yes, it really only takes one of these steps to keep busy for hours on end so feel free to mix it up and put the pro in procrastinate!

Shirt:Delias//Jeans:Gap//Shoes:Asics//Sweatshirt:A&F//Coat:The North Face//Backpack:Kelty

How do YOU like to procrastinate?

Stripes: Car Singing Day 27

Here’s the post I promised yesterday. I really did not intend to do more than a little blurb about the concert and say it was fun and stuff but Coldplay really blew me away so yeah, they got their own post.

Here are the facts about my driving habits for the last 5 years:

-I’ve been in college for 5 years at the same school.

-My family (and I mean my whole immediate family and at least half of my extended family) all lives around the Seattle area either in the city itself or in the various suburbs dotting the map around the epicenter.

-I did a distance relationship with someone who lived in Seattle while I was in college.

-I am adventurous (sometimes, anyways) and love to get out of our little college town to do cool things.

Because of all of this I have driven between Seattle and my college town about 100 times…and if you’re counting there are 2 ways each time and each way takes about 2 hours. In other words, I’ve spent a lot of time driving over the last few years. I was originally going to post about all the things I do while I drive that I think are kind of weird (cause I do a lot of weird stuff when trapped in a car alone) but when I started the section on car singing I realized I had way more material than necessary for a blog post so instead I decided to focus on my favorite (and most ritualized and obsessive) part of driving: Car Singing.

Car Singing, my friends, is an art form that I have developed over years and years of ridding in cars. I no longer do the whole half hearted, kind of singing along, easy to pretend I am on bluetooth in case that old man creeper in the next car looks in my window. No. I car sing like I am on American Idol and this is my last chance to prove I deserve to make it to the final episode.

For long trips, like the one home, I have started doing vocal warm ups (and cursing the fact that you can’t stand while singing in the car causing your breath support to suck and making those high notes in ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ nearly impossible to hit with a full voice). These warm ups accomplish two helpful things:

1. Protect your voice from damage. Let’s face it, unless I’m really tired or emotionally drained, I’m going to be singing the whole time I’m in the car. I am a marathon singer when need be and I don’t want vocal fatigue to kill it for me (and I want to be able to talk the next day…especially helpful for when you’re planning a long drive the next day so you can pick up where you left off and sing more).

2. Helps you to hit those notes like a pro. I would totally recommend some sort of warm ups so you can activate your vocal chords and gain more control over your sound. You’re going to sound 1000000x more like Whitney Huston/BSB/Lady GaGa if you can control your voice and know it’s limits.

The next step is your music selection. I usually start off on my iPod which requires some prep work in the form of an awesome playlist. I don’t mean to sound super conceited but I make awesome playlists and I think it makes or breaks the car singing experience. I have a play list of fast, dance music (think Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, N*Sync…I don’t discriminate) another one literally titled ‘Sit on the Porch Mix’ which is all slow, bluegrassy acoustic stuff (think Nickel Creek, Hem, Iron & Wine) and another that is full of music in between these two genres. I also have an a’capella/showtunes mix that I reserve only for my most focused car singing times. I prefer a playlist to just picking an artist (aside from every once in a while when Coldplay or Sufjan Stevens calls me…can’t say no to that) because I like to mix it up. It can get boring singing one person’s stuff and that’s the last thing you want while car singing. I do, also, sometimes change over to the radio to mix things up a little bit and hear some new music…gotta keep it fresh.

After picking music it’s time to sing. I usually like to start off just singing melody but then adding in some bad ass harmonies when I feel the moment is right. It’s also really fun to put on simple music and make up songs/scat/vocally percuss/improv over it.

Now it’s time for the next best part of car singing: CAR DANCING. Oh yes, I took it there. Car choreo is very important because why bother taking all that time and effort to get ready to sing if you’re not really going to get into it? I usually limit myself to hand/arm motions or tapping out cool rhythms when driving for obvious safety reasons but sometimes you just can’t help but shimmy a little. And I say, embrace it. Embrace it good and just let it happen.

I realize that car dancing is the part that makes your awesome car singing less easy to hide form passers by. But you know what? You’re already awesome car singing so who cares? That person only wishes they were as good at car singing as you. So feel free to watch their lame, boring car drive away and sing with peace because you are a million times cooler than they are.

And this final part may just be my own a’capella perfectionism coming through (ok, most of this is my a’capella perfectionism coming through) but I sometimes get super obsessive about a song and will keep singing it over and over until I can nail it in my sleep because practice makes perfect. This includes but is not limited to: the words, correct notes, accurate harmonies, emoting, and proper car singing choreography. Yeah, I have a little OCD when it comes to performing BUT it feels sooooo amazing to sing something perfectly. Totally worth the work but also optional. I realize not everyone is into singing the same song 20 times in a row and that’s ok.

So a quick summary of my car singing routine: Sing healthfully [always, please!], sing proud, and dance your little heart out!

And now for the part you were waiting for, the outfit:

Sweater: Old Navy

Dress: A&E

Leggings: The Loft Outlet


What’s everyone’s favorite car singing songs? I personally am a fan of Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye (so many opportunities to harmonize and add stuff) and Take Care by Drake and Rihanna right now but that’s subject to change. Anyone else break out the car dancing? I’d love to hear what you all do!

Stripes: Only 10 Day Left Day 20

Whew! Only 10 more days of the challenge. Not that this has been a horrible month, I’ve gotten a lot more creative with my outfitting and I’m more likely to take some fashion risks in the future, but I’m ready for a change. And so, to commemorate these last 10 days of April, here’s a list of 10 things I’m looking forward to in May.

10. We’ve been having tons of April showers…BRING ON THE MAY FLOWERS!

9. We’re one month closer to my birthday.

8. Only one month until graduation!

7. I get to wear other clothes again! Wooo! I can’t wait to break out my butterfly Toms and and sandals.

6. Also, so excited for cute summer toes!

5. Being able to study in the sunshine on campus.

4. Getting the start of a tan.

3. I can go shopping again!

2. Being healthy (that’s right mono, your days are numbered).

1. Weekends at the bay, enjoying good company, and having fun adventures!


Sweater: Old Navy

Tank Top: H&M

Skirt: The Gap

Tights: Target

Shoes: Lucky Brand

And there you have it, the ten things I’m most looking forward for in May! What is everyone else looking forward to in May?! Anyone going somewhere exciting? All my travels are saved up for July because I’m still in school until the first week of June but I wanna know if you all are going anywhere or doing anything cool so I can live vicariously through you!