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Things Are Getting A Little Harry

This year will forever be remembered as the years Harry Potter took over my wardrobe. After my jaunt in Wizarding World, I’ve been rocking the crap out of my Gryffindor House sweater- I wear it to work, I wear it while shopping, and yesterday, I even wore it to the spa (it was cold out…so cold we even had our first snow! How wintertime in Hogsmead of us!). I’m kind of addicted to this sweater.

Photo on 12-15-12 at 4.24 PM

Yesterday, I met up with a friend for lunch (it’s amazing how much time I have for friends when I’m not doing both school and work! I’ve seen more friends in the last week than I had in the last three months) and we exchanged some pretty epic gifts. Imagine how thrilled I was when I opened this little gem?!

Photo on 12-15-12 at 4.25 PM

Yeah, I was beyond excited to be holding my very own golden snitch necklace! (Shout out to my friend Ashley who handcrafted him for me!) You bet you’re going to see him pop up on the blog from time to time. I can’t wait to figure out how I can make him be a work appropriate accessory. She also got me the fanciest snuggie out there…check the poms on this guy!

Photo on 12-15-12 at 8.18 PM #5

Impromptu photoshoot while blogging! Yay! Spontaneity!

Photo on 12-15-12 at 4.24 PM #8

Sweater:Wizarding World of Harry Potter//Shirt:Ross// Scarf:Found//Jeans:Gap//Snuggie:Pier 1

Yay! Goofy Face Picture!!!

And so it has begun. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing me rock a robe and tie like it’s no big deal, I’ll be working my time-turner like it’s my third year at Hogwarts, and I’ll have a magic bag where I keep all my possessions stashed away…or maybe not. Guess you’ll just have to keep an eye on the blog to see just how far bad my Harry addiction gets. But be sure of one thing, I’ll be wearing my snuggie as the coolest blanket cape ever for the next six months straight.

Happy Sunday folks!


Some Thoughts on Self Care

Happy Sunday everyone! This week has been one seriously emotional roller coaster. And while it’s been a little rough, it has also reminded me of the importance of self-care. From getting your nails done, to snuggling with your doggie, to taking steps to improve your health, to relaxing in a warm shower, to looking at pictures of puppies on the internet-self-care is amazing. And while I do do all of the aforementioned I’ve started realizing I’ve started using fashion as a form of self-care lately.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.35 PM #7Rather than try to merely look pulled together or appropriate for the situation, I’ve been picking my clothes mainly by what will make me happiest for the day and remind me that I will make it through whatever may come my way. Take this outfit.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.34 PM #3I adore each and every bit of it-it’s comfy, it’s easy to wear, I can do everything I need to do and fit in, and it flat out makes me happy. And really, what’s life if you’re not happy?

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.35 PM #8Despite all the stress that’s been thrown my way these last few days, at least I’ve been able to be comfy, happy, and, most importantly, silly. All of of which have significantly boosted my ability to deal with life and take everything as it comes…and take it from this life-long worry wart, that’s not small feat.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.35 PM #11

Shirt:Bellingham Farmers Market//Tank:A&E//Jeans:Gap

I totally and completely recommend that you wear at least one outfit this week that makes you unbelievably happy because it definitely makes a difference in your day (just ask Marci who has been rebelling against her work dress code…that’s rough over there!)

Have a great start to the week guys and smile big as you throw on those chunky sweaters/leggings/amazing heels/embellished tees/what have you.

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Oh These Dark Days

Man guys, let me tell ya, being a fashion blogger comes with it’s own set of woes. For reals. Like the fact that it now gets dark at 4 pm out here in the great NW. You want to know what’s really hard to do after its dark? Taking fashion blog pictures. So please, bare with me here with these cruddy pictures.

The single full body shot that wasn’t completely awful.

My sad attempt at showing you I was wearing brown boots with black pants. (A big first for matchy matchy Kels!)

My OMG is this really going to work? face.

What follows is a selection from my silly face pictures because I’m using a webcam album:

Shirt & Jeans:Express//Sweater:Target//Boots: Lucky Brand//Scarf: Charlotte Russe

Yeah, maybe next Saturday I’ll remember to get dressed before it gets dark again…maybe.

Feeling Oh So British

Here’s something that’s probably not a shocker: I love Kate Middleton’s styling (not to mention envy her wardrobe and continue to drool over her collection of fascinators). So imagine how excited I’ve been with my recent exploration into the realm of business casual as I’ve finally been forced to tap into her pulled together look and explore what makes an outfit look professional not only in a work setting but also in my “real life” (aka all the rest of the time I’m not at work or hanging out at home in sweats). And, what’s been most thrilling, I think I’m finally getting the hang of this fun, classy look!

As I was getting dressed this morning, I channeled my favorite princess and decided I just needed to tuck in my shirt…I’ve never been a shirt tucker iner (with pants anyways) so I was admittedly weirded out that my instinct told me to do so but as I shoved my shirt into my pants (so eloquent, I know) I realized it not only worked, but I liked it. I’m pretty sure this is what growing up feels like…though is it really growing up if you’re still dressing like your favorite princess…or if you’re wearing a sweater you got at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Oh yes folks, this is a legit, Scottish made, wool, Gryffindor sweater just like the cast of Harry Potter wore in the movies. I’ve been beyond excited to finally wear this gem so I could show you how I planned to incorporate my favorite souvenir of my summer travels into my wardrobe (guess that’s what happens when you buy the coolest wool sweater ever in July of the sunniest year you’ve ever lived through…seriously it’s usually rainy and gray by labor day out here can’t the weather just let a girl wear her nerdy sweater?!).  As I got dressed and was feeling ever so British tucking my shirt in and taking a few queues from Kate (cough cough matching belt and boots), I decided it was time to up the British (and nerd) factor and throw on the ultimate British sweater. A gosh did it feel good…and warm…they’re not kidding around about how warm these wool sweaters are!

Sweater:Wizarding World of HP//Shirt:Express//Jeans:Gap//Boots:Lucky Brand//Belt:A&E//Bag:Sorial via TJMaxx

I’m really excited for my upcoming posts because it’s been really fun to stretch my fashion limits, try new things, and let my style evolve alongside the other changes I’ve been experiencing. With that, does anyone else feel especially British lately or love Duchess Kate’s style as much as I do? If so I’d love to hear about which styles you’ve been digging because I wanna drool over them right along side you!

Stripes: A Saturday Well Spent

A Saturday well spent is a Saturday spent playing Lego Harry Potter while wearing a HP shirt and Sprectrespecs and then eating bacon. Oh yes. And you know who has two thumbs and a had a well spent Saturday? This blogger!


Plaid with the Quibbler I got her in Wizarding World of HP.


I think I pull of the pretty dang well…maybe I’m a little bit of a Lovegood?


Oh yes, there were some silly faces made while wearing the Spectrespecs…if only you could see what I was seeing.


And then there was kitty snuggle time.


And then there was kitty judge time. I’m pretty sure we deserved it, though, so we can’t blame her.

That was my Saturday. I hope everyone else is having a great weekend and enjoying one of the last weekends of summer…how is it almost September?! Seriously. Happy Sunday!

Stripes: A Shopping Adventure

This last weekend, Sequins and I had the opportunity to make our way to downtown Seattle to do some shopping as our first blogger reunion (it had been a whopping 4 or so days since we’d seen each other…I know crazy long, right?). Anyways, we were able to hit up H&M, which we didn’t have in our small town, and stocked up on some goodies that we can’t wait to preview on the blog.

The one really silly thing about our Seattle photo shoot was the reaction we got from the person who happened to walk by us. Maybe I had my expectations backwards, but I had always assumed people in a bigger city would probably care less about our silly back ally pictures (not kidding, we actually found a really pretty marble wall for pictures but as we walked up to it we noticed this ally and both went for it, instinctually, without having to ask each other about what we would prefer) and that the small town people would take a little more interest in our obsessive photo-taking. But I was wrong! And that is how this picture happened:

As I was posing away, this woman happened to walk by us and shot some serious judge face our way which was quite unlike the giggles we used to get back in our small town. So what did I do in return? Clearly the mature thing and gave her some judge face right back. Yep, I’m suuuuuch a grown up.

Purse:Lucky Brand//Scarf:Charlotte Russe//Sweater:Old Navy//Jeans&Tank:Gap//Shoes:Saucony

Anyone else have some fun weekend adventures? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!


Sequins: I’m Still Grateful

I think those days where you’re feeling anything but grateful are the best days to work on active gratitude. This has been a doozy of a week, let me tell you. In addition to the things I was (vague and)unexcited about, I ended up taking a tumble on my steps. Remember this mug? It took the tumble with me, and now I have eleven stitches in my arm. Ouch.

So on to gratitude! I’m grateful for…

…Health insurance. I’m lucky enough that my work is able to over me some pretty awesome coverage, and I definitely get that not everyone has that. Although it shouldn’t be a privilege, health coverage should be a right. Ahem.

…My partner in crime. He’s been amazingly patient with me and the situations we’ve been in this week. He’s one of the few people I’d ever want to be stuck with for four hours in an ER.

…My mom, who will always let me whine about how clumsy I am, and send me off with a reminder to just be really nice to myself. She grants permission to eat cookies pretty much whenever the permission is needed (like now)

…Cookies. Or, more specifically, chocolate cake. I definitely picked up a couple slices for Monsieur and I from my favorite little local bakery.

…Twin Peaks (and, more broadly, Netflix). I didn’t realize how much Monsieur would like the show, so I had been watching it by myself. He watched a couple episodes with me and now he’s hooked! He’s actually just waiting impatiently for me to finish this post so we can get back to watching it! The owls are not what they seem…

…I know it’s like I’m sneaking the same answer in twice, but I’m going to include Monsieur’s willingness to do photos with me. It’s fun, it’s silly, and he’s never made me feel embarrassed at all about asking him to take photos of my outfits. He’s even getting to the point where it’s fun for him, I think, and he likes helping me pick out outfits!

The top you’re about to see, by the way, is obscenely comfortable and soft. This outfit proof that I do occasionally have lazy, dressed-down days. I slept in this shirt Friday night, and I only threw on the headband and earrings five seconds before walking downstairs for photos. That doesn’t happen too often, but today it does.

Shirt: Covet/ Jeans: Thrifted/ Shoes: Payless Shoes Earrings: MiShoes/ Headband: F21?

I hope everyone else out there is having a relaxing and safe weekend with beautiful weather! I’m going to go work on a sewing project for a friend while watching Twin Peaks. Only a few more episodes left! No one spoil it for me! 😉