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Sequins: Little Red Riding Cape

I had a lunch date with Monsieur who was a good enough sport to take these photos afterwards.

Dress (Mona B), Cape (Love Tree) and Belt: All thrifted.

When we were in Oregon visiting his parents, I saw that his mother has a beautiful blue cape, and I was immediately jealous. I saw this cape at my favorite thrift store and my sister strong-armed me into buying it for myself, and I’m so glad I let her talk me into it. Monsieur comments happily on it every time I wear it, and it makes me feel so fashionably festive this December.

The dress was the age-old story of girl-goes-to-store, girl-loves-print, girl-assumes-shape-will-be-unflattering, girl-tries-it-on, girl-loves-the-perfect-fit.

The bag almost wins favorite-bag-ever award. Almost. Unfortunately, the handle ripped right off the (p)leather before I was even a week into owning it. I still kinda love it, though, so I just use the larger strap.