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My Bangin’ Decision

I hope you appreciate the terrible pun in my title…yeah. It’s late. These long days of studying on lunch breaks, sleeping only a handful of hours each night, and running like a crazy person (not kidding when I say crazy…I should have my own reality TV show because the amount of crazy things I say out loud is priceless) all over the place trying to make school and work jive cause me to make absolutely awful puns by mid to late week. But hey, it adds to my charm!

Annnnywaaaays, seeing as this post is not supposed to be about how tired I get by mid-week or how terrible my puns are, it’s time to reveal the verdict on the bangs decision from last week! Drumroll please! It’s full, straight bangs again!

While I was super excited about my decision while I was getting my hair cut, I think this may be the last style I go for with the straight bangs. I think I’m kinda ready for a change…of course I decided this two days after my haircut so it will be a while before you see any huge changes to my hair (because I know you were totally on the edge of your seat in anticipation and all). But, unless I somehow re-fall in love with straight bangs again-which very well might happen like it did this week (I blame Zooey Deschanel and how well she pulls off her bangs), I’m thinking the next haircut will probably go with team side bangs from my original bangs post last week.

Sweater, Tank & Shoes: Target, Pants: Express

Thank you so much for all your help deciding what I should do with me hair guys (even if I didn’t listen at all). It’s awesome getting outside input on these big, hairy situations…there I go again with the bad puns. And on that note, I think it’s time for me to peace out and attempt to hang on til Friday night. Happy almost weekend guys!

The Constant Battle of the Bangs

Hey all, I’m here asking for your help today. I know, I know, I need to post about fashion…but hair is one serious part of fashion. What I need, are your votes on what you think I should do with my bangs because, despite my impending haircutting appointment, I have no idea what I want to do. I feel it is important to start by saying that I am planning to keep my hair long for the winter but beyond that I have no idea what I want to do with this whole fringey business up front. I’ve outlined the two choices I’ve been passing around most to give you an idea of why I haven’t been able to make up my mind (aside from being horribly indecisive) but if you have some other suggestion that I haven’t considered PLEASE tell me in the comments-I would adore all the help I can get on this one!

Me sans bangs-just a point of reference.

Straight Bangs: You see, I love my bangs, don’t get me wrong. They’re fun. They’re flirty. They actually make me look like I’m in my 20s. It’s all super. I don’t mind styling them everyday and I love how they look. But. I’m bored, I think anyways. But I can’t really tell. I’m one fickle pickle.

Side Bangs: I’ve also been tossing around the idea of going back to side bangs. Currently, my bangs are longer than the bottoms of my eyes (which means I’ve been getting really creative in how I’ve been styling my hair these days) so they could easily be cut back into side bangs. Buuuuuut, I’m not sure if I want to go down that path again. I mean, what if I don’t like them?! (ok, ok, I can always get them recut into straight bangs so it’s not the end of the world, but still no one likes seeing themselves with a bad haircut.)

Or, is there an option I haven’t given that you think would be awesome? I would love to hear your votes of what you think I should do with my crazy long bangs in the comments section! Thank you for your help guys…and thanks for supporting me as I continue my run for Miss Indecisive 2012.

A Hair How To: Flat Iron Waves

When I learned how to do this technique last June my mind was blown; I’d heard rumors of girls using their one inch flat irons to curl their hair but I couldn’t understand how it worked. To be honest, I’m still not sure I get what happens on a physics level but I do know that I can take my hair from this:

To this:

In under 10 minutes and it lasts all day. Yes folks, this is 100% possible even if your hair can’t hold a curl from a curling iron/curlers/all those other fancy ways people on pinterest try to curl their hair without heat (because mine usually is completely flat in under 20 minutes, regardless of how much hairspray I use). I swear this is the miracle curling method and I’m here to tell you, you can do this and rock awesome waves!

The Tools:

-Chi Flat Iron (this baby gets as hot as 410 degrees)
-Aussie Heat Protecting Spray
-Nexxus Mouse
-Nexxus Hairspray
-Claw Clip
-Flat Brush

The Prep Work:

I used  the heat protector and mousse to dry my hair. I usually finger dry my hair and then use my round brush to curl the ends but since I knew I was going to curl my hair today, I just made sure the moisture was out and let it sit for a little bit before attacking it with more heat devices. I’m pretty sure my hair appreciates the break and it helps the curl hold better if your hair is cool when you start using your flat iron.

Step 1- Section Off Hair:

Because of how thick my hair is, I like to do three big sections that span all the way around my head. I use my claw clip to keep the sections I’m not going to work with out of my way and brush out the section I’m planning to curl. And, yes, I do realize just how sexy this half up half down swept over on shoulder look is. Ohhh yeaaaah. Especially with the white wife beater.

Step 2- Curling A Chunk of Hair:

You want to pick up a chunk of hair (I usually do between 1 and 3 inch chunks- the bigger the chunk the looser the curl…which also translates to use bigger chunks if you’re seeking out cool beachy waves over Shirley Temple-esque curls) and clamp the flat iron straight up and down onto the section.

Then you want to rotate it 180 degrees (or a half turn) and slowly pull your hair through the iron. You don’t need to keep rotating the iron as you pull the hair through but you can if you would like to make your curls tighter.

Now you have a curl!

Step 3- Repeat Step 2 on All the Chunks and Sections of Hair:

Yeah, it’s really that simple. You can do all your curls in the same direction then brush it out for big glam waves but I usually vary the direction I do my curls because it makes them look more natural. You can do a lot of styles and variations with this technique which rocks because this is SO easy to learn how to do!

Step 4- Brush it Out:

After some resent research I found out the best way to break curls down into waves is by gently using a flat paddle brush rather than using your fingers (which ends up giving the opposite look. So to minimize the Texas look my hair can have after being curled (no hate to our Texan friends), I like to gently brush my hair out.

Step 5- Hairspray the Crap Out of It and Admire Your Work:

With a hairstyle so simple and quick, it’s hard not to.

Step 6: Make Some Silly Faces:

Because why not?!

If you have any questions about how I do this, please ask in the comments section, I’d love to help anyone who felt as adept at curling their has as I used to! Happy Sunday everyone!

Stripes: Of Bangs and Hair

A day has come that I never ever, ever, ever thought would come: I have mastered the art of styling bangs.

Oh yes, I finally consistently pump out bangs that look like this in the morning. 9 year old me, with the goofy bangs going all directions, is so freaking proud. This was a long time coming, The first month or so of bangage was filled with weird gaps and flyaways. Luckily, after a bunch of experimentation, I’ve mastered the blow drying to hairspray quotient.

There are the bangs at the end of my work day. Seeeeeeee?! I think I’ve finally conquered the cowlicks.

Jacket:Charlotte Russe//Sweater:Old Navy//Tank:Banana Republic//Bracelet:H&M

I also thought you all might be proud of my accessorizing! I picked up this rose bracelet this last weekend at H&M and I think it’s my new favorite thing ever. I seriously want to wear this every single day ever but, alas, I’ve got to try rocking some other accessories too. I can’t be a one trick pony, now can I?

Stripes: Surprises and Sunshine

Alright guys, remember how big of a deal it was when I got my side-swept bangs? Well, I’ve gone and changed things up again…I went for the full on, Zooey Deschanel-esque, whole enchilada straight across bangs. AND I LOVE THEM. Seriously.

This is my favorite hair change I think I’ve ever made (which isn’t super surprising because, as a true child of the 90’s, I rocked similar bangs up until 2000 to the point that I would cut them myself-at age 4-when my mom tried to convince me I should grow them out because I have epic cowlicks along my hairline which left me looking like a crazy Alfalfa for most of that decade). Needless to say, like both of my more recent hairstyle changes, I was shaking in the barber’s chair as I watched my locks fall.

Luckily, my stylist taught me how to blow dry the cowlicks out for the most part (I still get a small gap where one lick lies, and one chunk of hair refuses to sit totally flat no matter how much I try to flatten it…I swear my hair has a mind of it’s own) and I no longer look like a slightly ugly duckling. In fact, I think this cut actually makes me look older than any other haircut I’ve ever had just in time for job interviews and trying to convince people I really am a responsible 20-something.


As far as life goes, I’ve been slowly assimilating to my suburban surroundings and soaking up the sunshine that followed me back from the East Coast (yes, I single handedly brought the sun to the Pacific Northwest…maybe I should put that on my resume, who wouldn’t want to hire the person who controls the weather?!). My life has become a series of days spent reading, watching tv (I know I know, I didn’t used to watch much tv at all but there’s a lot less to do out here and I have about 2 friends in a 20 minute drive radius so I’m working really hard to find ways to fill my unemployed time), and hanging out with this pretty lady.

I think she has become my absolute favorite model (sorry Sequins) because she’s free to take pictures whenever I want and she never talks back…but she’s awful at taking direction. You can’t have it all, I suppose.

What’s everyone else up to this summer? How do you entertain yourself in the ‘burbs? (Does anyone even call them “the ‘burbs” or is that me?)

Stripes: The Cut

As you may have noticed in my graduation post, I cut off my hair. I did not intend to do this, until the night before my appointment, anyways. But inspiration hit as I was sitting at my computer after having taken my last final earlier that day browsing at Pinterest where one of the boards I follow had suddenly added several pictures of short bobs. Being my ever so cautious self, this was not enough to sway me, however.

The last picture of my long hair…taken on my webcam right before heading to the hairdresser.

As a soon to be grad at that point in time, I did what any self respecting college student does: I googled the crap out of “short bob” and found some celebrities who had cut it all off. Lizzie Olsen (little sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley aka My idols from age 4-13) had recently cut off her long hair (waaaay longer than mine) into the cutest little wavy bob. As I browsed pictures of her new look, a hint of confidence began to grow. I mean if the terribly adorable little sister to MK+A is pulling off this look and she’s the same age as me, maybe I could do it!

So I continued looking at pictures, not 100% convinced that this was the right move. My hair helped define me and I was on the cusp of change, why mess with something that works? However, despite my hesitation, I continued to click around the internet when I remembered one of Sequin’s favorite bloggers, Kendi over at Kendi Everyday, had cut off her hair into a shoulder length bob a couple months ago. After looking at about 100 pictures of her hair, I was hooked. The shorter length suited her so much and she styled it SO cutely. I found this post to bring into my stylist and my resolve had solidified.

…Until morning anyways, I woke up to get ready for my hair appointment and I broke down. Cutting off my hair suddenly became a symbol of cutting off my youth and college days. I’d spent the last 5ish years rocking braids, cute side ponytails, people wanting to play with my hair, and blogger buns. How could I suddenly just cut it all off? I would be a symbolic end to my youth and suddenly thrust me into the realm of adulthood: a new world I wasn’t ready for.

I was stuck on loop, almost in tears, for about 10 minutes. I realized at the time how silly it sounded that cutting off 4-5 inches of hair would suddenly make me a grown up, I mean clearly nothing else about me was really going to change while I sat in the barber’s chair, but nonetheless I panicked. But I also instinctually knew this was something I needed to do. Graduation had not felt real yet (it didn’t until I was sitting in commencement itself, by the way) but cutting my hair was as real of a change as I could get at that point in time. I would soon see the hair drop, the memories I had with it swept into a dustpan, never to be seen again and I realized, I needed this. I needed to move on and start fresh. What’s fresher than a brand new hair cut?

As I sat in that chair, explaining what I wanted, showing my pictures to the hairdresser, I relaxed and took it all in. Yes this is a new look, but it was time to try something new. I’m ready to do things that I’ve never done, take some leaps of faith, and rock a new haircut. And suddenly, all my fear became excitement and I began to relax. Two hours later, I walked out of the salon completely in love with my new hair and ready to take on the world.

And there you have it, the story behind the haircut. I admit, it is the most effort and emotion I’ve had in a style since I chopped all my hair off to donate freshman year. If I have one piece of advice it’s to just do it! Cut off all your hair, try something new, do it all on a whim, and have fun.

Anyone else recently cut off a bunch of hair? Any other fellow grads out there? Anyone wanna discuss how adorable Lizzie Olsen is?

PS- These are the first pictures we took with Sequin’s new fancy pants camera (the crappy picture from my webcam aside)!  This photo shoot was kind of a milestone for our Moosey selves.

Stripes: The Constant Hair Debacle

As you may have noticed, I have long hair.

Shocker, I know. But I haven’t always had long hair. 5 years ago (I seriously can’t believe it’s been that long!) I donated about 10″ to Pantene Great Lengths and rocked some above the shoulder hair for a while. While I do, for the most part, enjoy having long hair (otherwise I would just cut it all off!) I do gripe about it a lot
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