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What’s the best thing to do after you’ve been traveling a ton? Travel more, duh! I’m hanging out with Stripes at her hometown. We’re doing bottles of wine, nail polish, crafting, and epic amounts of discussions regarding guys. We’re preparing for tomorrow, which is my next in line bride’s shower. So, wish me luck with fun crafting! I’ll show you the fun stuff I made for the shower soon, as well as what I did for my sister’s shower. Promise!

Like my mini skirt? It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I got it–it’s super fun, and I’m excited to match it. Guys, I haven’t talked about this much, but I’m super excited to figure out how to make my wardrobe work for not-work and not-not-work. I realized that I had been¬†subconsciously¬†pressuring myself to wear shorts since they’re not work-appropriate, and I don’t have to wear work-appropriate things. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to wear my work clothes…. It took longer than I’d like to admit for that last bit to sink in.

This is Maggie–look familiar? She’s pretty into her ball, and it being thrown, and since I’m pretty into dogs, and obeying their every whim, we became pretty close friends. Which is why she ended up in 90% of my outfit shots. It’s cool, I’m not a diva. I know how to share. What I don’t know, however, is which side of my shirt is the front. If it looks vaguely familiar, that’s because I wear it all the time–except the other way. I was putting it on this morning and realized it doesn’t have a tag. So suddenly my brain asked “Have you been putting this shirt on backwards the whole time you’ve owned it?”

Maybe, brain. Maybe. Or maybe just for today.

Shirt: Thrifted/ Skirt: H&M/ Shoes: Seychelles/ Necklace: Gift (from Monsieur)

Sequins: Memorial to Art

I’m house- and dog-sitting for my mom while she jaunts off for a quilting retreat this week, and it’s really nice to be in my old stomping grounds. Not so much the house, since she moved in to the house after I moved out for college. It’s still in the Seattle area, though, which means I still consider it my old stomping grounds. And for the kiddos who grew up with a Seattle zip code, I concede–I am one of those obnoxious wannabes who lived in the outskirts but claimed the city for my own. I call it valid, though. I’ve been eating at Thai Tom’s since I was twelve, and the main chef knew me well enough to compliment my freshman-aged self on the freshly-pinked locks. I volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium and was on first name basis with the cook at my favorite sandwich shop in Pike’s Place Market, until he left to find his luck in the UK. I could go one, but case in point, my street cred is earned. Yo.

One of my favorite ever-evolving memories is of this random-ass building in Seattle’s U-District. I’ve grown up staring at it as we’d drive by to other places. First it was an actual store, named Tubs, and it looked like the most elegant, fancy building I’d seen (in my sheltered life). I’ve watched the business close, and the building be abandoned. I’ve seen the street artists slowly but steadily reclaim it as their own. My mom and I were driving past the building, and she indulged me in an impromptu photoshoot when I saw how the building’s most recent designs.

I love this building. And I love this city. I’m so excited to be moving back to Seattle. I mean, yes, right now I’m horribly stressed and grumpy and overwhelmed, but in the long run, I’m excited. I think. Being in a city full of art and community and graffiti and noise–that’s exciting to me.¬†And I’ll be even more excited when August is over, I have a place to live, and a job to pay for things again. Wish me luck.

Shirt: Thrifted, Tank & Shorts: Target, Shoes: Clarks

Sequins: A Balancing Act

I feel like I’ve had that as my title before. It might be mostly because it’s the title of my life. There are times where the balancing act is fairly seamlessly woven into the fabrics of my daily processes, and other times where it’s a conscious presence looming above. That’s when it starts feeling oppressive. There’s a constant juggling show of me making sure I’m doing All The Right Things. You know–have I spent enough time with my family? Friends? My partner? Have I spent enough time by myself? Have I been reading enough non fiction to further encourage that part of my interests? Have I been working on my art? Have I been working on art that isn’t directly related to one person’s wedding or another? Have I read that one fiction book I started a few weeks ago and haven’t thought about since? Have I even remotely considered riding my bike somewhere? Probably not.

This sounds all very first-world-y and that’s fine. That’s almost the point. It takes so much of all these different components for me to keep my head above water, and then I go and start focusing on an amazing book, Arab Spring Dreams ed. Nasser Weddady & Sohrab Ahmari. It’s really… well inspirational isn’t quite the right word. But it’s a reality check. About the differences between my life and those of people younger than me fighting passionately, and sometimes to the death, to fix the wrongs they see in their governments.

My life is less full of such direct advocacy. It is however, full of small steps I take to make sure I’m doing the best I can. I live as honestly as I can and I take care of myself the best way I know how–and believe you-me, that’s a complicated process.

The balancing act isn’t solved in a day, or in a blog post. It was just top-of-mind conscious when I set down to write this. On a lighter note, (literally), you might notice I chopped some more of my hair off. I have to say, the asymmetry of the style is my new all-time favorite. Lets hope the next bride I’m standing next to feels similarly. Also on the chopping block were my mint green pants. I love my new long shorts. It’s like shopping but without spending any money! Excitement.

On a sillier note, I wrote half of this post before heading out with my mom to the art store (I’m in Seattle housesitting for her and she leaves tomorrow, so we snuck in some mother-daughter-time). I get a text from Stripes, who had previewed my (unfinished) post. “Your post is a little heavy–everything okay?”

She’s a good friend. I hope none of this is to melodramatic sounding, though. Mostly it was just the topics rolling through my brain. I’ll keep reading books about topics beyond my scope of identity and learning more about the world and the ways in which I am not, but could be, or should be, or won’t be, or shouldn’t be, involved.

Shirt: tagless, and worn backwards/ Shorts: Nordstrom’s, modified/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Bag: H&M/ Earrings: Mi Shoes

Sequins: It Occurs To Me

I’ve never given you guys a good side shot of what my hair looks like. It’s a little radical, especially considering I’m in two weddings this summer, but the brides are being relaxed(ish) about it. I’m growing the top out to the point of being capable of curling it, which will look cute for wedding photos. I might even perm the top. The sides, however, which is what you miss most days, are shorn. Entirely. I had Monsieur help me with his beard trimmer (on the 4 setting) to shear me like a little lamb in springtime.

The top is totally long enough to french braid, albeit poorly. This makes me happier than I can even comprehend. I’m too self conscious to give you guys more than like one or two side profile shots, but I’ll try to fix that. Mostly because my hair is way cooler than any amount of self awareness should damper.

Sequins 30 for 30 The Morning Off

Okay so it isn’t until I’ve written this entire post that I realized… I never posted anything yesterday! Woops! You’d think someone would remind me at some point… It’s because yesterday was a crazy busy 12-hour work day. Which is very different from the 12-hour school days I remember, where random hour breaks could be scattered. No, it was a hectic, exhausting, running-around-filled day where I had exactly one hour off between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

I remember coming home in a total spacy blur and mumbling to Monsieur as I walked past him and towards the fridge. He was trailing behind, making some kind of ball-park-range-appropriate responses to whatever exhausted spew was coming out of my mouth. I grabbed a bottle of wine, turned to grab a glass and he was standing right there.

With an empty clean glass.

God that man is a good find.

But anyway….I survived! Better believe I’m celebrating Friday–the Friday where I’ve successfully SURVIVED the twelve hour day of Thursday.

Friday is a half day, full of sleeping in and coercing Monsieur into cooking breakfast* for me. There was video game playing (I’ve now made it to the third Spyro, and I’m as addicted as ever), as well as art projects. Lots of art projects. As in, I’m making no promises, but I already have over 60 articles of clothing (not counting my 30 for 30 picks) sketched out.

Oh, and there might have been a hair cut yesterday…. Like I said, I had exactly one hour. Turns out hair cuts only take up like 45 minutes! This was the kind where lots of hairs were cut. And they were cut quite a bit. Are you ready for this?

Holy crapballs, yo’! It feels so good I can’t hardly stand it! I am going to pop back in (hopefully today) to have them take a bit more off the sides and back, but yeah. Having this hairstyle back feels amazing, and will be perfect for summer! And yes, it’s definitely a mohawk. My compromise with working in an office is styling it down during work, but oh yeah. There’s almost nothing on the sides or in the back. I love love love it!

Also, though, it’s definitely time to get back into the habit of wearing eyeliner, since I’ve found that’s one of the best ways to keep feeling feminine when you chop all your locks off. It probably wouldn’t hurt to add make up in general back into my regiment (you guys must have noticed how very rarely I wear it. I’m definitely not wearing any in these photos!).

Anyway this post isn’t too long. Most of my long, lazy morning off has been coordinating with our landlord to get our cold water pipe fixed. Since it’s leaking enough to flood the bathroom in under ten minutes.

Yeah… Not fun times! Fortunately we have gym memberships, so we can shower there. Oh yeah, my life is so glamorous sometimes.

Sweater: Target/ Camisole: Sojourner/ Pants: Thrifted H&M/ Scarf: Thrifted/ Shoes: Modcloth

*Cooking breakfast turned into “buying me bananas and then driving to our favorite donut shop for breakfast. He did make lunch, though, and lunch was full of breakfast foods, so I’ll count it as a win!