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Things Are Getting A Little Harry

This year will forever be remembered as the years Harry Potter took over my wardrobe. After my jaunt in Wizarding World, I’ve been rocking the crap out of my Gryffindor House sweater- I wear it to work, I wear it while shopping, and yesterday, I even wore it to the spa (it was cold out…so cold we even had our first snow! How wintertime in Hogsmead of us!). I’m kind of addicted to this sweater.

Photo on 12-15-12 at 4.24 PM

Yesterday, I met up with a friend for lunch (it’s amazing how much time I have for friends when I’m not doing both school and work! I’ve seen more friends in the last week than I had in the last three months) and we exchanged some pretty epic gifts. Imagine how thrilled I was when I opened this little gem?!

Photo on 12-15-12 at 4.25 PM

Yeah, I was beyond excited to be holding my very own golden snitch necklace! (Shout out to my friend Ashley who handcrafted him for me!) You bet you’re going to see him pop up on the blog from time to time. I can’t wait to figure out how I can make him be a work appropriate accessory. She also got me the fanciest snuggie out there…check the poms on this guy!

Photo on 12-15-12 at 8.18 PM #5

Impromptu photoshoot while blogging! Yay! Spontaneity!

Photo on 12-15-12 at 4.24 PM #8

Sweater:Wizarding World of Harry Potter//Shirt:Ross// Scarf:Found//Jeans:Gap//Snuggie:Pier 1

Yay! Goofy Face Picture!!!

And so it has begun. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing me rock a robe and tie like it’s no big deal, I’ll be working my time-turner like it’s my third year at Hogwarts, and I’ll have a magic bag where I keep all my possessions stashed away…or maybe not. Guess you’ll just have to keep an eye on the blog to see just how far bad my Harry addiction gets. But be sure of one thing, I’ll be wearing my snuggie as the coolest blanket cape ever for the next six months straight.

Happy Sunday folks!

A Day in the Life

Oh boy, yesterday was quite the busy day (as are most days in the life of a full time worker and student, I’ve found) and in the chaos of everything I realized, I very rarely show you how many outfits I actually wear in a day. So I thought it might be fun to show what a day in my life looks like via the clothes I wear. Be prepared to see the good, the mediocre, and the not so pretty because I’m bringing it all. You’ve been warned.

Outfit #1: Work

Gotta get my Blue Steel on for this one! This is quite the usual Kels business casual look. I love wearing layers to work because perhaps all my coworkers are polar bears and I didn’t notice (admittedly unlikely because polar bears are SO CUTE, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt) but our office is constantly freezing. I’ve been super excited to wear this sweater in particular but, for whatever reason, I couldn’t figure out how to wear it until this morning. I don’t know what clicked but suddenly it made so much sense to wear it to the office over this super comfy H&M shirt. Moment of business casual genius perhaps?

Sweater:Ross//Shirt:H&M//Pants:Gap//Shoes: Target

Despite the fact that I’ve been having a hard time figuring out how to wear green shoes (I mean seriously, there’s some magic that goes into wearing colorful shoes that I’m not 100% sure I possess…maybe I should talk Marci into giving me color lessons), I was digging the pop of color this morning with my otherwise rather 50 shades of gray outfit. (Now get your minds out of the gutter! This is me we’re talking about…and I was at the office…and it’s me…)

Outfit #2: School

Because I’ve been SUPER busy and stressed with all the epic life changes going on in the last couple months, I’ve really been making a point to wear clothes I adore to class which is why I was delighted to pull out the jellyfish sweatshirt this morning! This gem, which I’m pretty sure was part of my first blog post ever, usually results in a smile being instantly plastered on my face when it makes its way out of my closet so it was an obvious choice for my quick change after work before I headed out to classes.

Sweatshirt:Farmers Market//Jeans:Gap//Shoes:Target

I also love getting to wear jeans so I have started making sure I pack a pair for class in the mornings before I make my way to the office. Theres something about it that just changes my mind set into that of a studious student. Maybe it’s because I wore jeans almost everyday to classes for the last 5 years so there is a sense of familiarity but it just feels so right slipping into them.

Outfit #3: (Only Because I Like You) Blogging

And this, my friends, is how I looked while I typed up this very post. Oh yes, my face has been scrubbed (though I did take off the ring of mascara I usually ignore around my eyes, just for you), hair is in a messy bun, sweat pants on, and a tshirt from a school activity. Yes, I dress exceedingly relaxed when I’m at home (though, don’t most people?). There’s just something so wonderful and relaxing about throwing on the sweat pants and pulling back your hair at the end of a long day.

Shirt:Sexual Awareness Center//Sweats:Pink by Victoria Secret//Earrings:Kohls

In case you were wondering…I ditched the green shoes for this look.

There you have it, a day in the life of Kels via the clothing on my back and the shoes (or lack there of) on my feet. And yes, you did just witness the posting baggy sweat pants on a fashion blog…that did just happen.

Stripes: An Island Getaway

Hey all! I’m baaaack! On my mini-hiatus I did many things, I watched a somewhat disgusting amount of How I Met Your Mother, I ate some really great food, oh and I went on a crazy awesome adventure! Inspired by Sequin’s Hawaii trip, I realized I could put on my big girl pants and take a getaway whenever I darn well please and when better but on the long weekend? So I celebrated my first paid holiday by hopping on a ferry and heading out to do an island getaway…Pacific Northwest Style.

Don’t we live in such a pretty place?! I love the NW so much, and it’s little trips like this that remind me just how great the area is (not to mention how lucky I feel that this is only a couple hour drive and short boat ride away from my front door). I ended up staying the night at the Orcas Bed and Breakfast on Orcas Island which meant I got to see a lot of the island.

That’s the view from the beach.

That was the sunset from a little trail off the beaten path up on Mt. Constitution… mountain goating our way to the perfect sunset picture.

Those are the bunnies that came out to eat dinner on the lawn of the bnb. SO FREAKING CUTE!

Sweatshirt:Bellingham Farmer’s Market//Jeans:Gap//Purse:Lucky Brand

And that’s me on a boat (I forgot my flippy floppies, sadly). My companion and I were a little busy taking in all the beauty around us to snap the usual outfit pictures but this is essentially how I looked all weekend. Jeans cuffed into capris, sandals, my WA sweatshirt zipped over a shirt, all topped off my with favorite purse. This was the best little trip ever, and if you ever get a chance you should totally hit up Orcas Island-all of it is pure magic.

Stripes: A Shopping Adventure

This last weekend, Sequins and I had the opportunity to make our way to downtown Seattle to do some shopping as our first blogger reunion (it had been a whopping 4 or so days since we’d seen each other…I know crazy long, right?). Anyways, we were able to hit up H&M, which we didn’t have in our small town, and stocked up on some goodies that we can’t wait to preview on the blog.

The one really silly thing about our Seattle photo shoot was the reaction we got from the person who happened to walk by us. Maybe I had my expectations backwards, but I had always assumed people in a bigger city would probably care less about our silly back ally pictures (not kidding, we actually found a really pretty marble wall for pictures but as we walked up to it we noticed this ally and both went for it, instinctually, without having to ask each other about what we would prefer) and that the small town people would take a little more interest in our obsessive photo-taking. But I was wrong! And that is how this picture happened:

As I was posing away, this woman happened to walk by us and shot some serious judge face our way which was quite unlike the giggles we used to get back in our small town. So what did I do in return? Clearly the mature thing and gave her some judge face right back. Yep, I’m suuuuuch a grown up.

Purse:Lucky Brand//Scarf:Charlotte Russe//Sweater:Old Navy//Jeans&Tank:Gap//Shoes:Saucony

Anyone else have some fun weekend adventures? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!


Stripes: New Shoes and A New Era

Today’s post is going to be quite short and sweet because I’m in the middle of packing/moving (also, my apologies for the conscise nature of my next week’s worth of posts, movie and acclimating to a new environment usually takes a lot out of me…which makes me sound like an animal moving from the wild into a zoo so please imagine me as a sloth or panda bear exploring their new habitat). Heading out of my little college town and back into the real world is really the start of a new era for me and what better way to start a new era than breaking in a new pair of shoes?!

The other day, Sequins and I met up for our usual lunchtime pictures and as we moseyed around town we found our way into a little shoe shop (it’s small, independently owned and local…we are true hipsters). I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes for my upcoming summertime travels (more on that later, I promise) and the owner informed us that all the spring shoes (all but three pairs of shoes in the store) were 30% off. This was a serious recipe for disaster for our little blogger selves. Luckily, we both walked out with just one pair of shoes apiece and these were my little gems! So far, no blisters (my biggest new shoe fear) or weird marks on my feet.

Blazer:Charlotte Russe//Tank:Banana Republic//Jeans:Gap//Shoes:Mi Shoes