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Measuring my life in coffee dates

Small take on the whole coffee spoon imagery, but that’s my life lately. A lot of coffe dates. Breakfast dates. Lunch dates. I’m really not complaining–it’s great to develop friendships with all these people I’ve been hanging out with, extending our relationships beyond what they originally started as–coworker, mother, acquaintance.  This particular spot was with my mom. We had a fun day planned full of crafts and shopping and errands, so we started off at our favorite breakfast joint.

The day didn’t go exactly as planned, but it was still nice to hang out with my mom. Also, it’s kind of funny but I’ve gotten into a weird niche with my outfits around her. The last four outfit photos she’s taken, I’ve worn two different dresses. Weird. This is the dress I was talking about last week, though. She found it when we were at Goodwill a while ago, and I just love it. It fits so nicely and so comfortably!

Dress & Shoes: Thrifted | Sweater: H&M | Tights: bella | Necklace: Gift

When the weather turns

I’m not one for segregating out clothing based on seasons, but to a certain point it’s a bit necessary. I mean, I’m not going to be pairing my halter tops with anything warm enough to justify them in the winter. On that same note, I have a couple dresses that I never wear until it starts getting ‘oh check out your breath’ cold. Which it has been.


My mom treated me to this dress a couple years ago, right after I graduated college. My sister, mom and I took a weekend trip up to Vancouver BC to celebrate that whole diploma thing. We stopped by Target first, though, and found this dress!

Dress: Target | Tights | Modsock | Boots: Mishoes | Bag: Alphabetbags.com | Earrings: Gift from coworkers

I have no clue why my face is so serious in that one, but whatevs. This dress is one of my favorites because there are a million ways to style it. True story, this dress was the largest  factor in my addiction to floral tights.


I can’t remember if I’ve shown them off before, but my earrings were a parting gift from my former coworkers, along with like three boxes of my favorite candy. Those people really get me.

Sequins: Seeing Red

Mostly because I know the future of the blog, and I’m definitely wearing red dresses two days in a row. I might pull out my red stripey dress and make it three days, if I’m feeling radical. Or, rather, if I’m feeling red. Which I might be–it’s anyone’s guess as to what I’ll be in the mood to throw on tomorrow. Why do I feel like cackling an evil laugh right now?


Without further ado, I bring you…. outfit photos.

Jacket Shoes & Dress: Thrifted/Vintage
Belt: H&M
Sweater: Target
Tights: Bella

This felt like such an easy outfit to put together, and I realized it’s all different pieces from my 30 for 30 (for the most part). I feel like enough time has passed (a month) and it finally feels safe to wear these pieces again. I didn’t realize I was avoiding them until I put a bunch of them together. Also, this is a bikeable outfit for me. Also also, there’s mud on my pretty shoes from biking. Also also also, every time I had to add another article of clothing to my thrifted outfit line, I felt more like a hipster. Just wait until next week. I’m really excited for something, and that something is definitely going to level me up to the next level of hipster. Because, you know, it’s my dream in life to level up in hipster-dom.

Sequins 30 for 30: I Believe In Fun

… Way more than I believe in pretty! Monsieur and I were looking at someone-or-another’s blogger photo and I pointed out how pretty she looked, and put together the photo was. He nodded his agreement and I laughed because she took such a classic fashion blogger picture, while I? I take these pictures
Ah, well. Monsieur said he likes mine more anyway–“Your photos are way more fun”. He should know–he’s the one who takes them after all.

I have no idea if I’ve mentioned that before. Have I? Monsieur takes the majority of the photos (particularly the ones where there isn’t a corresponding background that Stripes has!). I’m a lucky girl, I know!

I had a “higher up” at work approach me at a meeting today. She’s super friendly and I like her a lot. Anyway she walked over and started to say something but paused, and looked at the rest of my outfit, and what came out was,
“I always notice your… tights…”

I think I distracted her with everything else going on. She asked me how many pairs of tights I own, and I guestimated around 20 (honestly more like 12 – 15, as I think back **Updated: So I just finished laundry and I counted. I have 27 pairs of tights. I almost feel ashamed..). This took her by surprise, but I balanced it out–most people don’t realize it, but I only have 4 pairs of pants.  A pair of jeans, brown cords, red denim, and mint green pants. So, you know, my tights balance out my skirt-heavy wardrobe. She nodded, because that makes a lot more sense.

I suppose.

Yes, these the new tights mentioned in my Not So Guilty Confession post. They’re soft like butter and really pretty. So I’m pleased with them. Enough to make me act like a ballerina, I guess.

Oh and in case you’re curious about the crazy forest I’m having my pictures taken in, it’s actually my front yard. My house in on a huge slope and I think the landlords are terrified of touching this crazy mess of ivy and blackberries because they’re very probably the only thing holding the hill (and house) up. Eep!

And as for the rest of the outfit…

Shirt & Dress: Thrifted/ Tights: Nouvella/ Shoes: Soda/ Necklace: Gift, Charming Charlie

Apparently it, too, is ballerina-worthy! It was a super cute outfit, and it is one I know I never ever ever would have tried without the 30 for 30 Challenge pushing me. So yay! Personal (style) growth!

Alright and time for a normal photo, just so I can prove that I am capable of taking them (every now and then)

Sequins 30 for 30: Friends In Low Places

I’ve got friends low places, or so the song goes. Not really–I don’t think, at least. I done, however, have awesome friends. In cool places. Awesome friends who find cool trinkets from those cool places, and who then mail those things to me. Curious yet? Fell off the train that was my thought? That’s okay. I’ll just show you a picture, then.

**Update: My darling friend let me know that the necklace is from Charming Charlies, and there’s only one of its kind up here in Washington. Apparently it’s based out of Texas, and apparently (or so the reports go), everything in that store has the same level of awesome a my necklace.

See that necklace? That necklace was found by a good friend of mine, a good friend who has a blog that you should check out. Girl is crazy interesting with her crazy lists. But back to the necklace! Isn’t it awesome? The paper in the typewriter moves. And it’s a full QWERTY key board. Ugh it’s so cool it hurts! And the rest of the outfit isn’t that bad (if I do say so myself)…

Shirt: Gap, Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights: Bella/ Shoes: Clarks/ Necklace: present!

Are you loving my ponytail? I told you all it was dorky! I’m so happy to have my hair up, though. It’s been up the whole weekend. It take a couple of hair clips to support it, but man alive is it comfy! Right now I’m just curled up in my boyfriend’s sweatpants (few things are more comfortalbe than the things that come out of his wardrobe), watching Game of Thrones with him and our darling friend Lou Lou (he hates the nickname, but he puts up with it like the good sport that he is!)

Let’s take one last look at that friggin’ awesome necklace, shall we?

Ahh… What a necklace. What a gift! Lordy I must be spoiled rotten!