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Kels is Traveling Back in Time, Too! (Also Known as: What Happens When Marce and Kels Get Together)

Oh yes I am because I just so happened to be Marci’s date to this event. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last year, it’s that when the two of us are together epic amounts of pictures are taken. Some very silly pictures are taken.

Some unintentionally serious ones are taken.

Dress:Gap (thrifted)//Sweater:Romy//Shoes:Lucky Brand//Clutch:Old Navy

And some blogingly perfect ones are taken.

Yes, when we get together we take lots of pictures. And this is why I miss us getting together as much as we used to be able to but it’s always nice to take a little time travel trip down memory lane and look at all the good times we’ve had. It’s also nice to know we’ll meet up again, take even more ridiculous  slightly vain pictures of ourselves, catch up like we’ve been apart for two days not two weeks, and enjoy some good coffee (spoiler alert, there may be a post just about this in the works). That’s the beauty of good friends, everything can change but when you’re reunited it’s all the same again.


Traveling Back In Time

Let’s go on a trip, shall we? My good friend the Doctor has agreed to let me use his police box for one quick jaunt. It’ll be super short–just about a month ago. Remember all the weddings? I realized that Kels and I never posted our outfits for my sister’s wedding reception! And man, they were good outfits. So, like I said. Time travel.

I’ve worn this dress before, but I’ve had a hard time figuring out just how I like it. I realized I avoided wearing these tights with the dress because it felt too easy–the tights are the exact color of the shading on the purple flowers. So when I couldn’t decide what to wear, the obvious answer hit me like a ton of bricks.

Dress & Tights: Sojourner, Sweater: My sister’s closet, Shoes: Thrifted

The reception was a ton of fun, though, with a photobooth that Kels and I took complete advantage of. That’s how we have all those rockin’ photos on our sidebars. I also have some great ones with my mom, with my sister, and with one of my best friends from high school

Kels and I are doing our moose impression with my sister, and in the photo with my high school BFF and the one with my brother in law, we’re doing our bear impressions. Because that’s a thing with my family.

And that’s all! You may now return to the middle of September.

Stripes: Life Happens

Oh yes, sometimes life happens and it means one of us can’t blog. Usually, however, it’s only one of us who ends up a little distracted from the blog but this week turned out to be the perfect storm for both Sequins and myself to have to take a little blog hiatus. All I can say for my side of things (don’t wanna put any words in Miss Sequins’ mouth, though I have a strong feeling she would agree with the following statement) is “whoops”.

This last week has been filled with some really great things and some less than great (but still not bad, no need to worry) things as well as my body adapting to this new grown up sleep schedule. I haven’t been on a regular wake up/go to bed routine in the least since I was in high school and even then it was spotty at best (I was the queen of before dinner naps then staying up until all hours of the night getting my homework done…sounds a lot like college but I just had to be up at 6 am every day unlike college where I usually didn’t have classes that started earlier than 10 am-thank you Poli Sci Department). But this week I’ve been trying really hard to get up at the same time everyday and go to bed around the same time everyday. Ok, it’s not that hard because I’ve been so exhausted by the time I get home from work that three days this week I have fallen asleep on top of my blankets with my make-up (once I was even wearing my running clothes because I was just about to leave for a run…true story) but I’ve started waking up about 10 minutes before my alarms go off in the mornings which has been absolutely wonderful!

Since I’m 99% sure you don’t read our blog just to hear all about my sleep schedule, as exciting as it is, I have actually been wearing clothes, despite what this mini-blogging-blackout may otherwise suggest. I’ve come to realize that, in this business casual world I’m now navigating, I only wear two types of clothes Monday through Friday: work clothes (usually nerd chic…I promise there will be pictures soon!) and sleep clothes (because once I’m home I’m not leaving unless the house is on fire). But the weekends are a totally different story-I get to wear whatever I want. I can bust out the clothes that, just a month ago, I was bored with and breathe new life into them because it’s been forever since I last wore them. I’m excited to wear my skirts, boots, dresses, t-shirts, tennis shoes, and sweatshirts. It’s awesome! And this, my friends, is my Saturday look from this week!

Can I just say it’s REALLY HARD to get good shots of yourself using self-timer and the railing of your deck? Half the pictures are literally not focused on anything and 2/3 of the rest had me making funning faces or only my face was out of focus. So please excuse the relatively low number of outfit pictures I’m going to put out here until I get used to this new set up. Things did get fun, however, when I put the camera on the steps down from the deck…

Sweater:Romy//Dress:A&E//Boots:Lucky Brand//Headband:Target//Belt:PacSun

Maggie wanted to be the star of my photoshoot (or, you know, she wanted me to throw her toy for her). She’s actually been especially unphotogenic today which is strange because I have thousands of pictures of her and she always looks great. Maybe she’s having an off day? Story time!! Earlier in the day I was snuggling/rolling around on the floor with her and I went to take a picture because it was a cute moment but right when I turned my camera on her she froze and looked like a deer in headlights.

Seeeeeee? Straight from the iPhone you have it. She kept making this face every time I pulled out my phone. And yes, that is me laughing. I also think it’s great that she’s concerned with the amount of cleavage I put out in the world (hence the strategically placed paw). Such a weird (yet considerate) doggie.

Happy long weekend folks! Be safe and have fun out there and I’ll be back with a post on Tuesday!

Sequins: Flowers and Tassles

Does this dress look familiar? If not, clearly you don’t blog-stalk us enough 😉

I had this weird moment where I panicked about the shoe choice with the dress, but Monsieur reassured me they were fine. Because for five minutes, I entered a parallel universe where I was concerned with color matching. It was weird, guys, but I’m glad to have a partner like Monsieur to walk me through it.

The dress, though, needs some work. The top fits loosely (which, by the way, never ever ever happens) and needs pinned together, or maybe up. I haven’t figured out what it needs just yet.

Oh and in case you thought I stopped loving on my purse, think again. Stripes was showing her purse off, so I figured I’d flaunt this baby once more. Also, I’m a complete dork, but I didn’t realize until writing the previous sentence that I was saving these shoes for a different, special reveal. Ah well–there was another accessory that was going to go along with them, so that’s still on. Also also? These shoes are amazingly comfortable. They didn’t need any kind of breaking in or anything. Uh-may-zing.

Tired of me flaunting my nerd frames yet? Because honestly? I’m totally in love with them. I’ll also share how I did my nails pretty soon, if you dig them. It was a ton of fun.

Alright guys, the episode of Buffy that Monsieur and I were watching just ended so that means it’s bed time.

Dress; Sojourner/ Purse: Melie Bianco/ Shoes: Mi Shoes

Sequins 30 for 30 Throwback Shower

As you may recall, I spent Sunday at a wedding shower for my step sister. (yes–the very same step sister who I stole a dress from). I found out (after I packed my outfit and traveled) that it was a throwback, fifties-themed shower. My sister let me know, and I berated her (and my step mom) for not giving me more of a warning. Her exact response?

“I asked [our step mom] if she told you there was a theme, but she said you always dress appropriate anyway.”

Thanks. I guess?

Anyway, I’ll have a whole post up (probably after the 30 for 30) about getting ready for this. My sister is my own personal Barbie doll and a ton of fun to dress up, so I made sure to get enough photos that I’ll do a guest post later. We both did some epic wing-tipped eyeliner and red lips. My eyeliner didn’t show up in any of the photos, though. Apparently my eyes scrunch together when I smile. Good to know… (Oh and yes, the glasses definitely don’t help)

Oh! And the headband is homemade. Monsieur & I gave a nice cold-drinks pitcher to my stepsister and her fiance, and I whipped up two bands to go around it. The first one looked mostly like what I’m wearing in my hair, so I made a second one to actually wear as a headband. Lots of fun. The topper was raffia string tied with a skeleton key. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture, but I was (fairly) pleased with the outcome. Enough to give it, I suppose.

Dress: Sojourner/ Shoes: Soda/ Headband: Handmade/ Rings: F21/ Bracelets & Earrings: my sister's/ Tights: Gift from Stripes