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Is that an excuse I sense?

Yes, yes it is. I’ve been adjusting to my new, semi-permanent work schedule that has me at the studio for 6 out of the 7 days of the week. It’s been busy, but good. It’s actually the perfect schedule for me to feel really on board about. I have mornings all to myself to get my writing and art done, and then I work until eight. Or nine. Or nine thirty. It depends on our appointments for that day.

Case in point, though, is somehow all this work happened and I have no outfit photos with which to grace the blog! My apologies, friends, and I’ll be back on Friday with something much more interesting to share. Promise.

Can You Hear the Crickets Chirping?

I’m sure you guys have noticed the blog has been a bit slower than usual this week. I meant to post something in the beginning, but I didn’t have the time (the ones you saw were scheduled well in advance).

Truth is, I’m not even that busy most of the time. I am, however, in the middle of moving. David and I are finally in our own place, albeit with a lot of love and support from family. It feels really nice to be in our own space, although I’m definitely grateful to the family members who hosted us for September. No, the reason there’s been no blogging is simple–there’s been no internet.

No internet.

It’s silly how crippling that can feel. I’m the girl who refused to have internet the entire time I was living alone–several years. I mean, I figured if I needed something bad enough I’d head to campus or a coffee shop. I could do a similar thing now, except my knee is still bad. Not as bad, but still requiring crutches for distances further than the stretch of our apartment.

Moving, no internet, and a bad knee. That, my friends, is why I’m quiet. I’ll be making noise soon, though. David ordered internet and they’re shipping the appropriate tubes to us as we speak.


Stripes: So Yeah

Remember that time I told Sequins I would totally have her back and come up with some awesome posts to keep the blog running like a gem? Yeeeaaaahhhh. I may or may not have TOTALLY forgotten to take pictures of my outfit yesterday. Here is a list of why you didn’t get to see my geek chic outfit:

-I forgot I needed to write a post (because some how it’s really hard to remember I post every other day…)
-Sequins wasn’t here to remind me to take pictures
-I really had to pee when I got home last night so I first changed in my pjs so I could be as comfortable as humanly possible
-I’m kinda forgetful
-My dog ate it
-Aliens took over my brain and made me do some weird stuff
-I’m actually a bear and started hibernating
-My outfit burst into flames and I had to go on the Hunger Games
-I’m really a ghost and it’s really hard to get a picture of me
-My outfit was actually made out of candy and I ate it
-I’m a werewolf and as I got home tonight I started to change so I couldn’t take a picture of the process
-I was hungry and food>pictures
-My dog wanted me to rub her belly

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get the point. I may or may not have totally forgotten that I needed pictures of my outfit, which is a shame because it was really cute! BUTTTTTT (what what in the butt? Anyone?) I’ve got a picture of me and the sweatshirt I was OMG SO EXCITED to change into. Not kidding. Sorry friend I had coffee with and those ducks at the park, but the highlight of my day was putting on this sweatshirt and then eating nachos.

See why this sweatshirt rocks?! My little college town has a heart over it!

This sweatshirt (from the farmer’s market by the lady who did our jellyfish sweatshirts) makes me smile!

And then I caught the wind from my fan…I’m getting all ANTM up in hurrrr. Making Tyra proud, one picture at a time.

What’s your guys’ favorite post work outfit? Anyone else crave nachos in a weird, kinda intense way? Oh God, don’t let me be the only person who would eat the cheesy deliciousness for every meal ever.