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Stripes: In Search of the Perfect Dress

With just 6 days until graduation, I am in serious need of a new dress. For years I’ve been dreaming of the most perfect dress but, despite my best efforts, I still have yet to purchase anything. I know I want something knee length, pretty, colorful, with a decent amount of structure and straps. These are the best dresses I’ve found thus far:



Mod Cloth

This style of dress, however, is apparently impossible to find for less than $100. Anyone know anywhere where I might find a dress like this quick for $100 or less? You’re help in finding the perfect grad dress is much appreciated!

Sequins: Thinking Out Loud

Dress, Necklace, Belt & Shoes: Thrifted; Jacket & Sweater: Target; Tights:

It totally snowed the other day. Monsieur and I were sitting on the couch and being lazy on Sunday when I looked out and saw beautiful flurries coming down full force. It didn’t stick, and stopped in about an hour, but man oh man was it pretty. I’m totally okay with it snowing all the time. None of my coworkers (except the one from Iowa) agrees with me, but that’s okay. They don’t have to.

This dress was almost deemed too short for work. I almost wore a pencil skirt underneath it. The belt almost didn’t make it onto the final cut for the outfit. I’m really glad all of those “almost”s didn’t pan out.

This month is a busy month at work. Our second most busy time of the year is gearing up to start, and I’m pretty excited about that.  It’s nice to be really active and busy at work. Not that I’m never not busy, of course, but working on new and exciting projects is way more fun that maintenance projects that never seem to finish, if you know what I”m sayin’.

Monsieur took these pictures before our lunch date, and this was his “blogger photo”. I’ve decided I need to do a lot more sewing projects. I thrifted the most amazing red polka dot dress, and it desperately needs hemmed to a new length. I want to get that done. I also added buttons to a skirt so I can wear it with suspenders (pictures soon), and I’ve decided that all my skirts and pants need hidden buttons for suspender options. I have a list of my top five articles that need prioritized for suspender optioning, though, and I should go from there. Now that there’s a sun re-emerging in the sky, it’s definitely time for sewing. I have no clue why those two things are related, but apparently they are.

Also, have you entered your guess for Stripes’ and I’s giveaway? You should totally check it out! It’s okay if someone’s already guessed what you would guess. We’re being pretty chill about the giveaway so it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong–we just want to hear from you! And in return, one of the lucky commenters is going to get this handmade brooch:

Good luck!

Sequins: I Am A Walking Blanket, And That’s Okay

I kind of hope color blocking is still in, because then I can pretend that’s what was I was going for with this outfit. Mostly, though, (mostly = entirely) I was going for comfort. This outfit was so comfortable my coworker teased me for falling asleep and drooling on myself at my desk.*

Dress& Shoes: Thrifted, Sweatershirt: American Apparel, Tights: Macys, Necklace: Fireworks & Lisa Leonard, Hair bow: DIY'd from Modcloth Shoes (long story)

I wore this outfit for no reason other than Monsieur really likes the dress, and it was Valentine’s Day. Poor planning (re: poor brain function) meant that I wore the dress while I was at work (re: not with him), and that the moment I came home all I wanted to wear was sweatpants.

Fortunately, I have a hunch he likes me regardless of what I’m wearing, and we still had a pretty snazzy Valentine’s Day. He cooked (and did the dishes, which means I’ll definitely keep him) and we settled in to watch Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which is one of my all-time favorites. And, you know, he was even okay with turning it off early because it was a work night and I was falling asleep.He’s definitely my favorite Valentine. And as I spend today wearing that same sweatshirt, only with an old tshirt and jeans while he officially moves in (instead of living here 90% of the time, unofficially), let’s hope I keep liking him that much!

Shirt: 7 Diamond, Pants: (he has no clue), Shoes: (probably) Nordstroms

*Okay so that didn’t happen at all, but this outfit is so comfortable it could happen. If I’m not careful.

Sequins: Happy Valentine’s Day! (And Some Wearable Art)

Happy Valentine’s Day! As planned, I’m wearing the red dress from this post on the holiday, but here’s a recap of outfit from the romantic getaway weekend I had with my lovely Monsieur. I hope your day is full of love and happiness! And, for the record, I totally don’t think that love is limited to a romantic relationship–I may have spent Saturday loving on my Monsieur, but better believe I spent Sunday celebrating Valentine’s Day with my family, in our yearly tradition of Decadent Sunday. There were waffles, ice cream, board games, and lots and lots of love!

One of my favorite art styles was the modern, hip crazy art from the 1920s. Deco art is super cool beyond just paintings, and it’s my favorite style for a lot of things–jewelry, architecture, and even clothing. Which is why I was super excited to find this dress. I mean, really, does it scream deco or what?

It was a particularly appropriate dress for Saturday’s Valentine Extravaganza with Monsieur, and not just because his favorite color is purple. What better dress to wear to an Art Deco-inspired hotel, and then the EMP? Plus, you know, it doesn’t hurt that it is super comfortable and super soft. And super, super colorful, which I think you should know by now is my most absolute favorite thing about clothing (even if I don’t wear neon clothes everyday, just know that I want to. I want to so bad.)

Sweater, Dress & Vest: Thrift Shop, Tights: Macy’s, Shoes: Old, Jewelry: Family

Also, side rant: I found this dress at my favorite used clothing store, but it was one of the new ones they’ve been sneaking into the racks. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them mixing in new clothing (mostly because they’re being super sneaky about it), but I’m pretty sure I don’t like it. This dress was still a win, though, because it was 50% off.

I hope everyone is having a love-filled, fabulous Valentine’s Day! ❤

An ode of things I love about those closest to me: I love you all so much in all your unique, quirky ways.

Weekly Doctor Who nights with you keep me sane. I’m glad I got to know you, and I’m very grateful that you are a much more patient person than I can ever hope to be.

A:There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that no matter how bad I fall down, you’re always there with understanding, compassion, and a bowl of ice cream. I can’t wait to stand next to you this September and watch you marry your best friend.

J: I’m proud of you, how you’ve grown, and how you’ve pushed me. Celebrating ten years together is an friendshipversary I’m looking forward!

Stripes: The craziest things come flying out of your mouth and make me laugh so hard. You’re a fabulous person to plan anything with, and you make me feel brave enough to step outside my comfort zone.

Plaid: You’ve opened my world to the magic that is Dairy Queen’s flamethrower sauce, which would be enough to cement you into my book of forever friends. We’ve planned parties together, we’ve celebrated holidays together–I love that you are always up for my whims, and when I lack for ideas, you always have ten.

Mommy: I don’t know how I could have gotten this far in life if I didn’t know you would always be there the second I required it. Your ability to love completely and without reserve is your best trait, and I’m so proud of you.

Sister: You’ve always been my protector, and I love you for keeping me safe. I also love that you didn’t kill me in my sleep for stealing your clothes when we were teenagers. You sparked my obsession with fashion, for better or worse. I love the friendship we’ve grown into, and I love planning your wedding with you!

Monsieur: You love me at my worst, so you deserve me at my best.

Sequins: My Modern Alice

I’m sure I’m not alone in this supposition, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say that Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, of course) is the most remixed character in literary history. The story itself is constantly being reimagined, and with every reimagining, Alice herself is remade. I think it helps that the story itself is so bizarre and unexpected, and no one really knows what it’s about. Although Cracked takes a shot at the “right” interpretation here.

Dress: Charlotte Russe; Sweater, Vest, Ring & Shoes: Thrifted; Tights: Gift

This dress always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, no matter how I style it. Usually I opt for the vest pictured with purple or marroon tights, but I’ve been jonesing for a fun way to wear my new polk-a-dot sweater so I branched out a bit.

Seriously, though, this sweater? The internet made me buy it! I completely blame the internet (specifically this pin) for me blossoming obsession with polk-a-dots. I may have gone a little overboard with them in this outfit (have you seen how ridiculous those shoes are?) but I totally and un-apologetically loved this outfit.

I did not, however, love the crazy wild wind that messed my already-being-difficult hair. I was whining to Stripes about my hair–I’m a fan of the length but I’m seriously having the hardest time styling it. If I do nothing to it, it looks like limp noodles. If I spend hours blow-drying it straight, it last about five minutes before turning into greasy-looking limp noodles. And if I use my snazzy blow-drier attachment to help the natural waves turn into curls, it looks like a monster trying to eat my face (see above photo for reference). And then, of course, once satiated, it turns into limp noodles. In short, I’m failing in my stylistic efforts to prevent noodle hair. Any tips are much appreciated.

*Ahem. Back to my main point. This is my funky, modern version of Alice! I’m pretty sure she would have rocked this look perfectly. After all, what’s the point of getting dressed if you can’t dress up? And really, lest you think my costume is lacking in the props department, be assured….

…I even had my White Rabbit.

Sequins: The Back of the Closet

I couldn’t decide what to wear this morning (not actually the most typical quandary I find myself in, considering I usually plan my outfit as I fall asleep the night before), so I dug deep into the back of my closet and pulled this baby out.

Sweater & Dress: H&M, Scarf: Vintage, Boots: ..I forgot…, Tights: Target, Bag: Modcloth.com
This dress always looks so frumpy and ugly on the hanger, as if it would be too long or awkward. I always forget that I like wearing it, and an office job is the perfect place for it! I did spend the whole day feeling super toned down, but such is life. I can’t always be ridiculously dressed, I suppose.

Also? Can I just say about the above pose? I have a perpetual fear of being photographed from the side angle. I’m not the thinnest girl (I’m healthy, though, and I love my body), and I have a stomach condition that causes almost constant tummy bloat. So I live in fear of sideways shots and appearing pregnant. But this dress is fluffy and full enough that I could totally pull off a sideways shot! Because now you’ll never know if it’s just windy (which it was) or what!

I’ll admit, though, it does help that I get to bring my favorite ridiculous “business briefcase”  with me, though!

How about our readers (we know you’re out there!)? Do any of you have those easy-peasy pieces hiding in the back of your closet? How do you doll up a piece that’s on the bland side?

Sequins: The Perfect Snow Day

Our area gets fairly consistent snow, but I think collectively we as a community forget that, since it never snows until mid to late January. We also get a decent snowfall every other year or so in Thanksgiving, but I think by January we’ve given up believing the forecast. So when it dumps a foot of snow overnight, the whole town is in this beautiful state of sparkley white shock.

Coat: JCPenny, Dress: thrifted, Jacket: local crafter, Tights: Target (with leggings underneath), Boots: Sorel from REI, Cowl: handmade (crocheted by me), Earwarmers: gift

Stances differ drastically on who you ask, but I friggin’ love the snow. I’m a pedestrian/biker who doesn’t even have a license, and I live in walking distance to everything I need, so I never feel inconvenienced enough by the snow to hate on it. Plus I grew up in the desert, so cold weather will perpetually hold a deep fascination with me. The trick is just preparing for the cold! My handmade cowl and (non-homemade) earmuffs did the trick perfectly

Monday was a work holiday (thanks, Martin Luther King Jr!), which meant that I actually got to enjoy a snow day instead of watching the flakes fall down out my window. Monsieur and I bundled up and spent the entire day literally walking all the way around town (which goes to show how small it actually is). We encountered a surprising amount of snowmen.

The whole day was entirely magical, as well as perfect for an indie film (I mean, seriously, me and my mister walking around the town encountering all types of people we’re familiar with. A hipster indie film is just dying to be made from that). It’s supposed to snow throughout the rest of the week (haha yeah we’ll see…), but I’m just really grateful that I got to spend Monday taking advantage of my small town in all it’s beautiful, winter glory.