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Days Like This

As promised in my last post, Marci and I had quite the little meetup/coffee date/photo shoot in Seattle this last weekend and boy did I miss her (and her fancy pants camera). We had fun, sipping coffee, catching up, and being slightly vain while posing on a bunch of rocks.

It’s strange how different life feels being removed from our little college town. I really miss having meet ups like this with friends, bumping into people I know all the time, and spontaneity in general. I realize that I spent a huge portion of college yearning for some semblance of routine but now that my life is all routine I miss the fluidity, flexibility, and occasional chaotic moments.

Despite how much I miss my old lifestyle, however, I have found some serious benefits to this new big girl era-benefits that make me remember how awesome growing up is. For example, being able to go on trips whenever I want (ok, on weekends or with my VACATION TIME…oh heck yes I can get paid to have fun). Or getting to buy cute new clothes on a whim (and shoes…eh, eh! Check these babies out…just got them at Target for $30-Uhhhhmazing). And for finally being able to plan for some big life changes that I think will bring full-on happiness to every corner of my life.

Sweater:TJMaxx//Dress:A&E//Tights:H&M//Shoes:Target//Bag:Lucky Brand//Belt:PacSun

But at the end of the day, I feel especially glad that I can always have a coffee date with and old friend, catch up, and take photos just like we’re back in our old, college town ways soaking up the nostalgia. Although most parts of me are moving, fast-forward, toward the future, there will always be some bits and pieces craving and appreciating these moments of old school bliss and, for that, I’m glad for days like this.

Kels is Traveling Back in Time, Too! (Also Known as: What Happens When Marce and Kels Get Together)

Oh yes I am because I just so happened to be Marci’s date to this event. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last year, it’s that when the two of us are together epic amounts of pictures are taken. Some very silly pictures are taken.

Some unintentionally serious ones are taken.

Dress:Gap (thrifted)//Sweater:Romy//Shoes:Lucky Brand//Clutch:Old Navy

And some blogingly perfect ones are taken.

Yes, when we get together we take lots of pictures. And this is why I miss us getting together as much as we used to be able to but it’s always nice to take a little time travel trip down memory lane and look at all the good times we’ve had. It’s also nice to know we’ll meet up again, take even more ridiculous  slightly vain pictures of ourselves, catch up like we’ve been apart for two days not two weeks, and enjoy some good coffee (spoiler alert, there may be a post just about this in the works). That’s the beauty of good friends, everything can change but when you’re reunited it’s all the same again.

Stripes: The Cycle of Blogging

I have to admit, this morning when I walked pass the bathroom mirror on my way out the front door, I didn’t recognize myself. When did I become quasi-glamourous? The answer was this morning when I got dressed. I’ve been SUPER dressed down and pretty unfashionable since getting back from my trips because I haven’t seen much of a reason to throw on a sundress if all I’m going to do is putz around the house all day reading/journaling/watching youtube/writing a fashion blog…yeah, that’s right, I write a fashion blog.

This realization that I do, indeed, write a fashion blog lit a fire under my butt to get out of my sweats and tshirts (which I’ve been wearing almost everyday aside from when I’m doing job hunty things) because I was quickly running out of pictures and stories for the blog (seriously, there is not much going on in Stripes Land right now, ooooo boy). So I did.

And somehow, throwing on clothes (and make up…I need to do a make up post stat btws because I bought a bunch of new stuff [I know, way to rock not having a job] and it has changed my life) has helped me to actually do stuff with my day. Like, productive, life enriching things that I can blog about in the future.

Dress:H&M(recent)//Shoes:Lucky Brand//Sunnies:Steve Madden via TJMaxx

So you see, blogging is really just an epic cycle. You need motivation to do something for the blog so you put on your cute outfit and then you have something to show everyone/can write a great post (because this post is clearly literary genius). The cute outfit makes you want to get out of the house and do things so you go to the craft store and buy all the missing components for the 47241 unfinished crafts you’ve been waiting to do. And then, when the crafts are done, you can blog about those too! Full circle moment, my friends.

What kinds of crafts is everyone else up to these day? I’d love to hear about it in the comments because, until I’m employed, I foresee a lot of crafting in my future.

Stripes: A New Kind of Stripes

When I saw this dress at H&M this week I knew I had to have it even before trying it on. My mom looked at me like I was crazy, and I have to admit for a second I questioned my own judgement; pink zebra print, with zebras, on a dress. But, fortunately, it was crazy enough to work. And boy am I excited to, as my idol Tim Gunn would say, make it work.


This was my attempt at “Stripes in the Serengeti”. I totally nailed it…yeah, or totally not.

I would also like to introduce you to the newest addition to my collection of leather goods; say hello to my sea foam purse. It is officially known as my first big girl purchase (I made the second yesterday…pictures of that should be here sometime next week depending on the weather) and I got it for my summer travels. I needed a bag that was purse sized that zipped close at the top, was close to my body, could hold my MacBook along with some other purse things, and, of course, was stylish.

I’ve actually been looking for a bag that met these requirements for a couple months now but nothing was quite perfect enough (“Hi, I’m Stripes, and I’m a perfectionist to a fault). So imagine my surprise when I walked into our local TJ Maxx to return a bra and I happened to see this beauty that had just been placed on the floor 5 minutes earlier. It fit every requirement. It was leather (a huge plus, once you’ve had a leather bag it’s really hard to go back…it just feels different. Although it should be noted that as a former vegetarian of sorts for 8+ years I do still have a moral battle over leather goods). It fits my laptop. The color that accents so much of my existing summer wardrobe. It was marked down $300 from the original price (though, still about $50 more than I had originally budgeted for a bag but it should last forever which makes the investment worth while). This bag was meant to be mine if you ask me.

Dress:H&M (recent)//Shoes:Aldo//Sunglasses:Steve Madden via TJ Maxx//Bag:Sorial via TJ Maxx//Bracelets:Fred Meyers

And there you have it; my two most favorite purchases ushering me into this new chapter in high style.

Stripes: A New Chapter

Hey all, this is new and improved College Graduate Stripes writing! Eeeek! I’m a college graduate! While I still can’t believe it’s all over, the reality that I have finished something big finally hit me as I walked into the Commencement Ceremony (I was the 6th person to graduate so I was right behind the bagpipers and if there is an instrument that can bring up emotions, it’s the bagpipe) and I just felt happy. I’m so happy everything thats happened in the last 5 years has happened. I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to learn all the stuff I have. I’m so grateful for all the growing I’ve done and I love the person I’ve become.

I’m grateful for all the multi-tasking skills I’ve developed (blogging while taking notes *cough cough*). All the music I’ve learned, made, and created. All the time I’ve gotten to spend with friends, the adventures, mishaps, and fun. The smiles, tears, laughs, giggles, kisses, hugs, and suspicious looks. The people I’ve gotten to meet and the stories they have brought to my life.

I’m grateful for the books I’ve read, documentaries I’ve seen, and [most] of the lectures I’ve attended. The sunny days, coffee dates, kisses in the rain, hand holding, and fanciful daydreams.

I’m grateful for the endurance, work ethic, and attention to detail I’ve developed. The belief in myself, belief in others, trust, and meaning of respect. Finding grace amidst my awkward nature. Self-acceptance, learning how to grow, and how to love. The game nights, theme parties, fast food runs, study dates, crafting dates, and dancing.

(Dress:Macy’s//Blazer:Charlotte Russe//Shoes:Lucky Brand)

I’m grateful this chapter happened, but I’m also very much so grateful that the next one is right before me, open, and waiting for a colorful brush to paint something painstakingly perfect and then throw glitter all over it. This is me and that’s exactly how I see my future. Thank you for being a part of my past, present, and future because in your own little way you have changed who I am for the better.

Stripes: Babyface

After seeing these pictures, my first thought was “Man, I look like I’m a kid”. This isn’t the first time I’ve been blatantly aware of my tendency to look a little young, since I was 5 years old people have come up and told me-to my face-that I had such a sad looking face which, which as I got older, turned into “you look stoic” (read: super grumpy) because my eyes were disproportionately big on my face and when my mouth is in a neutral state it is slightly turned down kinda like a frown. I’m not quite sure why people decided to say things like that to me since they aren’t particularly nice things to say, but it has made me aware of my youthful appearance for a while.

Funny enough (seeing as I had just taken these pictures), yesterday in my psychology class we were discussing 2 kinds of faces: the babyface and the mature face. While my face doesn’t fit all the criteria for a babyface it is about 1000x more baby than mature (yes, that’s an approximation…I don’t promise you good math around these parts but I can promise poor use to estimation!). And sometimes that kind of sucks. Babyface people are deemed “cute” and I think that’s great and all, but it can be kind of hard to look like you have sex appeal and for that I am infinitely jealous of my “mature face” friends who look super hot and effortless in their yoga pants and t-shirts while, when I sport the same outfit, I look out of place and like I’m going to a slumber party. I suppose I had never thought about it in such black and white terms before that class, but yes, some people’s faces are just “cute” and some are just “hot” (Megan Fox, I’m looking at you). I’m sure there are those super lucky ladies who tow the line and pull off both those looks, but I’m here to tell ya, I don’t. I am stuck with my cute babyface and that “hot” look utterly alludes me.


While I have found several perks to having a babyface over the years (let’s be real, people often underestimate me largely because they assume I am in high school, and I take some serious joy out of blowing their minds when I prove them wrong…have I mentioned I am somewhat competitive? Yeah just a little.) I have also realized that there is no ideal face and both have their perks and downsides (though the downsides tend to be similar across the spectrum of lady faces and probably are symptoms of our own society’s issues with women and sexuality…woah things just got deep).

Anyone been called out for looking sad or anything else (the reactions to my face have spanned the gamete-sad, angry, stoic, cute) but it’s really just how your face looks? That’s always an awkward conversation with people…”no, I’m fine, seriously, that’s just how my face looks”. Anyone else feel like modern day society underestimates or make false assumptions about you? How do you like to prove society wrong?

Have a happy Thursday!

Stripes: Oh la la!

As I’ve mentioned many-a-time, I sing with some pretty cool people and last Saturday night we decided to throw ourselves a formal dance! (I totally planned to post this on Sunday but due to technical difficulties I was unable to…life happens.) Can I please take 5 seconds to say how much I LOVE this dress?! And, making it all the more sweet, it’s one of my most epic thrift store finds to date.

I picked up this little Banana Republic number four years at a local thrift store for $20 or $30. Although there aren’t all that many reasons to wear such a fancy dress in my everyday college life (aside from playing dress up which is always a fun game!) I’ve held onto this dress waiting for the best opportunities to bust it out.

I also vamped up my make up…a lot. Despite looking like one seriously hot mess at the end of the dance (what can I say I dance it out like a champ) I was soooo excited to have a chance to try out some flashy eye make up because, again, there aren’t all that many opportunities in my day to day life to wear 5 lbs of make up.

(This is a candid that shows off just how graceful I am in heels…yeah. If you happened to be wondering why I don’t sport fancier shoes more often, this is why.)

(Dress:Thrifted Banana Republic//Clutch:Old Navy//Shoes:Target)

So there you have it, me being all fancy! Now I just need to learn how to pose in my nice duds and I will be all set to be the next Kate Middleton or at least Michelle Obama (who totally would wear Banana Republic, just sayin’).