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Sequins: Did I mention my sister got married?

Because in case you haven’t heard–my sister got married. To her best friend. A guy she’s known for over half of her life. He’s kind of awesome. Like, in a I’ve-considered-him-my-older-brother-since-I-was-ten-kind of way. Anyway, to wrap things up, I got permission from my sister to share some of their professional photos she received in a sneak peak. Woot!

Oh and if further proof that my speech was amazing and hilarious was needed…

Some of my favorite peeps, right there. And thus endeth the wedding photos!

Oh and because this is, technically, a fashion blog? I found my Maid of Honor dress in a thrift store for ten dollars. I never remember the designer, but it’s a semi-fancy one, so a fun find. It was originally white, and I dyed it using a combination of purple and pink dyes.