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Sequins: DIY Fashion Blogging Perfection

Oh man, guys, I’ve got something I’m super excited to share with you. I didn’t intend for this DIY, originally, but when I realized I had stumbled across Fashion Blogging Perfection, I figured it was just too good to keep to myself. So I whipped up this DIY and I hope you enjoy!

The other day, while Monsieur and I were on a date, I stumbled across the key ingredients for Fashion Blogging Perfection. I feel I should warn you that this particular brand of Fashion Blogging Perfection is ideal for the hipster fashion blogging, which has a lot of DIY and thrifting involved. Also commonly seen: bizarre pets, trips to obscure festivals, and copious amounts of eyewear. I outlined the basic four elements, though, to make sure your blog is capturing Fashion Blogger Perfection!

Step 1 Thrift. Thrift Often.

Thrift often, and thrift hard. Blog about your thrifts, and make sure to always properly call it thrifted. Bonus points for bulkiness, vintage (or faux-vintage, where it looks old enough), bizarre patterns, bright colors. >>pictured Thrifted Apple Red Chunky Sweater from Pendleton

Step 2 A Dash of Trend.

This particular breed of Fashion Blogger bucks the Brand-Name-Gawking habits that occasionally accompany the classic Fashion Blogger, but they still have an ear to the ground. Adding a splash of trendy goodness to an outfit shows that your other bizarre choices aren’t a mark of poor fashion consultation, but intentional deviations from a fashion world that you’re very aware of. Skinny colorful pants are the best way to make this type of statement. >>pictured Mint Green Pants from Nordstroms

Step 3 Don’t Forget Patterns

Look, color blocking is great, and you’ve probably achieved it with your sweater and pants. Bonus points if they’re in an in-season color set, like Apple Red and Mint Green. But more important, almost, than color blocking is inserting a brilliantly bold pattern. Polka Dots are particularly effective, and you get bonus points if you combine patterns. Bonus bonus points if it’s Thrifted, Sponsored, or Designer. >>pictured Polka Dot Shoes in Black and White, Thrift Store

Step 4 Frame Your Masterpiece

You didn’t spend all this time creating the Perfect Fashion Blogger Outfit just to frame it in a Popsicle-stick-wrapping. No no. Your outfit deserves to be framed in an appropriately-glorious background, and you know just the back-alley brick wall to do it justice. Bonus points if it’s from a particularly-hipster-ish event, or from a off-the-beat date night. >>pictured Barrels of Mead Background from Fancy Date Night With Monsieur

Well, friends? Did I forget any of the basic steps? Feel free to include your additions in the comments! ❤
Just know–I tease because I care. And sometimes because I feel silly about how formulaic my outfits can be somedays… alldays