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Stripes: Music of the Week 1.29

As I typed the date into the title I realized it’s my half birthday! Not that that is at all relevant to my music of the week but still kind of exciting. This week has been crazy busy between papers, studying for mid-terms, preparing my a’capella group for a big concert in early February, working, catching up in my classes from Snowpocalypse, and trying to fit in some workouts, I have been running around all day everyday (and night…definitely ended up pulling an all nighter in there). I always forget just how much focus winter quarters require because they are over in a blink (seriously, next week marks the halfway point for the quarter which just seems so crazy!) but I know I can do it and that it’s all going to be over soon (hello, fear/anticipation/excitement/nervousness for my impending graduation).

Anyways, all the crazy in my life this week has definitely effected my music choices, so without further adieu, here are my songs of the week:

I adore Daft Punk so much. This song is so infused with energy, it’s kind of hard to feel exhausted while listening to it.

This is one of my favorite singing in the car songs…so cathartic. It also helps that we are working on this one in my a’capella group right now so I can sing not only the lead vocals by background harmony. +1 for music nerdiness!

Dave Matthews Band is AMAZING at writing and performing energizing songs. I have been listening to a ton of DMB during my crazy busy week.

And Death Cab for Cutie has been a long time favorite of mine. I’ve spent almost all of my life on Ben Gibbards stomping grounds (405? that’s a freeway I use whenever I am back in my hometown) so I kind of feel like I have some sort of weird special bond with these guys.

And finally, here’s a true classic if I’ve ever heard one 😀

Happy Sunday!