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Sequins: I’m An Excellent Co-Conspirator

A good friend of mine, both blogging-companion and IRL-compatriort, but mostly Facebook-friendly since we live more than an hour away from each other, needed a friend to step in with some support for her Top Secret Mission. I was so absolutely game (I mean come on, tell me there’s a secret mission? I’m in. Doesn’t matter.), but it was somewhat unfeasible since I live an hour away from her. And I don’t drive.

It’s this awkward hidden stipulation that being my friend will also include the willingness to travel for me, or meet me where I am. I’m pretty self sufficient with buses and biking, but if it’s out of bus range, I’ll need a ride. Or I can’t make it. It’s a burden I put on those around me, but fortunately, those around me love me enough to put up with it.

Hower this chick? She loves me enough 🙂 She picked me up late Thursday and we had a fabulous Friday adventure with a super successful top secret mission. You’ll have to check out her blog towards the end of the month for the Top Secret Mission details, but I’ll let you in on sneak peeks here!

Hope you guys are all having an amazing weekend!