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Sequins: Two Realy Awesome People

Two really awesome people are getting married today. It’s exciting, and it’s also the first wedding of the season (that I get to attend). I’m really happy for them, and while I could turn this post into a platform for my beliefs on equality and what I think is right, I think I’ll just settle with a heartfelt congratulations. This couple is adorable, and I’ve known one of them ever since I started college. I wish them the best of luck and hope all the happiness for them.

For those curious, Monsieur and I went as a Katamari Ball and the Prince, while the other couple went as Miss Piggy and Miss Piggy’s Doting Boyfriend. And let me tell you, of all the men (and women) I know, none pull off a Miss Piggy as well as that guy. Oh and also, Monsieur is notorious for always making the wrong face at a camera. In case you were wondering.