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Sequins: I’m Still Grateful

I think those days where you’re feeling anything but grateful are the best days to work on active gratitude. This has been a doozy of a week, let me tell you. In addition to the things I was (vague and)unexcited about, I ended up taking a tumble on my steps. Remember this mug? It took the tumble with me, and now I have eleven stitches in my arm. Ouch.

So on to gratitude! I’m grateful for…

…Health insurance. I’m lucky enough that my work is able to over me some pretty awesome coverage, and I definitely get that not everyone has that. Although it shouldn’t be a privilege, health coverage should be a right. Ahem.

…My partner in crime. He’s been amazingly patient with me and the situations we’ve been in this week. He’s one of the few people I’d ever want to be stuck with for four hours in an ER.

…My mom, who will always let me whine about how clumsy I am, and send me off with a reminder to just be really nice to myself. She grants permission to eat cookies pretty much whenever the permission is needed (like now)

…Cookies. Or, more specifically, chocolate cake. I definitely picked up a couple slices for Monsieur and I from my favorite little local bakery.

…Twin Peaks (and, more broadly, Netflix). I didn’t realize how much Monsieur would like the show, so I had been watching it by myself. He watched a couple episodes with me and now he’s hooked! He’s actually just waiting impatiently for me to finish this post so we can get back to watching it! The owls are not what they seem…

…I know it’s like I’m sneaking the same answer in twice, but I’m going to include Monsieur’s willingness to do photos with me. It’s fun, it’s silly, and he’s never made me feel embarrassed at all about asking him to take photos of my outfits. He’s even getting to the point where it’s fun for him, I think, and he likes helping me pick out outfits!

The top you’re about to see, by the way, is obscenely comfortable and soft. This outfit proof that I do occasionally have lazy, dressed-down days. I slept in this shirt Friday night, and I only threw on the headband and earrings five seconds before walking downstairs for photos. That doesn’t happen too often, but today it does.

Shirt: Covet/ Jeans: Thrifted/ Shoes: Payless Shoes Earrings: MiShoes/ Headband: F21?

I hope everyone else out there is having a relaxing and safe weekend with beautiful weather! I’m going to go work on a sewing project for a friend while watching Twin Peaks. Only a few more episodes left! No one spoil it for me! 😉