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Sequins: Pretty Homemade Things

I’m having a nice getaway with my Monsieur (yeah, so we do that a lot, what of it?), so in the meantime, enjoy some of the fun things I’ve made that make happy lately.

This was a birthday card I doodled for my friend, who turned a whoppin’ 28 last week

A look at the Valentine’s Day cards I made for friends and family (with a rather pun-y message inside)

The cardboard long-horn mount i have on gracing my wall, tentatively named #83 (since that was his ear tag number). Any suggestions?

I love my gold bunting, as well as the garland it is currently is sharing space with for Valentine’s Day. I love that glittery heart garland much I’m considering keeping it up year round…

Hope everyone else is having a love-filled, happy Saturday!


Sequins: Pinterest Backlog

Pinterest Challenge Week 1:
DIY Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder

Pinterest Challenge Week 2: Bobby Pin Holder* from a Paperclip Holder
*To be honest, I didn’t do the paper embellishments that the pin had, but that was because my paperclip holder was darkly fogged and I didn’t like how that made the paper look. It’s a work in progress.

Pinterest Challenge Week 4 (remember, week three was this one): Thank You Card Scrabble Tiles*
*There aren’t any numbers on these tiles because they’re Bananagram tiles, not Scrabble tiles. The thank you note was for Monsieur’s parents, and Bananagrams was what we spent the entire break playing!