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Stripes: A Peek Into Our Past

As a part of my “becoming an adult” I’ve been obsessively organizing everything I own (a side effect of moving and trying to find stability in chaos…also, extreme Type-A personality). One thing that had been driving me NUTS for the last six or so months was one-the number of albums I had accumulated on Facebook and two-the utter lack of organization in my photo file on my computer. All this combined with my OCD tendencies led to the perfect storm of hours upon hours spent obsessively putting the last 5 years worth of photos in chronological order. It also resulted in the rediscovery of some early Moose in Chartreuse gems that were the precursor to the blog.

Without further adieu, here are some of our original Moose pictures from a wonderful weekend spent with our neighbors to the north.

And there you have our travel outfit pictures, the original hipster faces, and our going out on the town looks. Anyone else feeling especially┬ánostalgic┬álately? What about OCD? I’m just glad I’ve been able to channel mine into [mostly] productive activities.



Sequins: Flashback to Canada with Stripes

**So we’re trying to be a lot better about planning out posts every day for you guys, and we’re going to slowly evolve this blog into more than just fashion. Since, you know, that’s actually a surprisingly small component of our lives. Neither one of us managed something for Friday, so this is a scheduled post. In honor of Monsieur and I spending the weekend in Canada, I decided this would be appropriate

We have this running joke about being hipsters. I think there is a type of observer effect that occurs with the whole hipster phenomena, wherein the moment you introduce the word “hipster” in a reference coming even close to yourself, you are immediately caught in a paradox of never avoiding the stain of reference without ever actually becoming one. These are the things that occupy my thoughts…

Anyway, Stripes and I have a running hipster joke. It involves making the hipster face a lot and she can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it began when we took a trip to Canada a few months ago.
We ended up eating at this super hipster breakfast place our first day there, and that really just set the tone for the rest of the trip (as well as the rest of our faces)

This was the place I’m talking about. We consumed mimosas made from fresh-squeezed oranges, and consumed locally-harvested lettuce on our sandwiches and scrambled eggs birthed from free-ranged chickens. Oh and did I mention the glowing deer head they had on the wall? Because in case you missed it… I think part of the hipster joke came from my insistence on wearing a bronzed miniature crow skull around my neck the whole time (it hasn’t made an appearance yet, but that’s still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry).
That’s right. You had no idea Stripes and I were just that cool, did ya?
Or maybe we’re dorks. It’s anyone’s guess.