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Feeling Oh So British

Here’s something that’s probably not a shocker: I love Kate Middleton’s styling (not to mention envy her wardrobe and continue to drool over her collection of fascinators). So imagine how excited I’ve been with my recent exploration into the realm of business casual as I’ve finally been forced to tap into her pulled together look and explore what makes an outfit look professional not only in a work setting but also in my “real life” (aka all the rest of the time I’m not at work or hanging out at home in sweats). And, what’s been most thrilling, I think I’m finally getting the hang of this fun, classy look!

As I was getting dressed this morning, I channeled my favorite princess and decided I just needed to tuck in my shirt…I’ve never been a shirt tucker iner (with pants anyways) so I was admittedly weirded out that my instinct told me to do so but as I shoved my shirt into my pants (so eloquent, I know) I realized it not only worked, but I liked it. I’m pretty sure this is what growing up feels like…though is it really growing up if you’re still dressing like your favorite princess…or if you’re wearing a sweater you got at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Oh yes folks, this is a legit, Scottish made, wool, Gryffindor sweater just like the cast of Harry Potter wore in the movies. I’ve been beyond excited to finally wear this gem so I could show you how I planned to incorporate my favorite souvenir of my summer travels into my wardrobe (guess that’s what happens when you buy the coolest wool sweater ever in July of the sunniest year you’ve ever lived through…seriously it’s usually rainy and gray by labor day out here can’t the weather just let a girl wear her nerdy sweater?!).  As I got dressed and was feeling ever so British tucking my shirt in and taking a few queues from Kate (cough cough matching belt and boots), I decided it was time to up the British (and nerd) factor and throw on the ultimate British sweater. A gosh did it feel good…and warm…they’re not kidding around about how warm these wool sweaters are!

Sweater:Wizarding World of HP//Shirt:Express//Jeans:Gap//Boots:Lucky Brand//Belt:A&E//Bag:Sorial via TJMaxx

I’m really excited for my upcoming posts because it’s been really fun to stretch my fashion limits, try new things, and let my style evolve alongside the other changes I’ve been experiencing. With that, does anyone else feel especially British lately or love Duchess Kate’s style as much as I do? If so I’d love to hear about which styles you’ve been digging because I wanna drool over them right along side you!

Stripes: A Little Brady

Can I just take a second to say how awesome big girl paydays are? For Reals, folks, this first paycheck of mine went almost completely a little towards some new wardrobe pieces that I’m really excited for…especially this Brady-licious shirt.

Oh yes, I took it there. I’m going all groovy on you, folks, and bringing out my inner Florence Henderson with this new shirt. I got a little excited at H&M and found out they have a shirt (that comes in about 10 different colors and patterns) that is cut perfect for my body…and only costs $20. Yeah, I had to get on that bandwagon. Luckily, I’ve been working on having more self-control so I was able to walk out with just one shirt, not the 15 I wanted (the pair of snazzy new jeans I shelled out for definitely didn’t hurt my self-control either).

Oh moderation, how very Brady Bunch of me. I’ve realized, however, the older I get, the more I am like the Bradys-is that weird? Eh, I enjoy it and they *do* have some pretty out of sight wardrobes so I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

Shirt:H&M (recent)//Pants:Gap//Shoes:Target (recent)

Stripes: The Big Time

Alrighty folks, I have a big announcement- this last week I landed my first big girl job. We’re talking a vacation day providing, health insurance giving, 9-5 big girl job. This is the start of a new era in Stripes-land and to commemorate the moment, here is a picture of what I wore while signing the new-hire paperwork.

Luckily, Sequins and I had a coffee date shortly after I signed the papers so we were able to catch my outfit (and have a total photoshoot reunion complete with the emailing of pictures…oh the things we took for granted in months past!). It was really fun catching up and pretending we still live in the same small town (despite the EPIC traffic I hit while making my way over to the Seattle coffeeshop where we were meeting). I miss Sequins a ton and I’m really excited for her to move down closer to me (albeit 45-70 mins away depending on traffic).

Shirt:Thrifted J Crew//Sweater:Old Navy//Pants:Gap//Belt:Charlotte Russe//Bag:Lucky Brand via TJMaxx

I’m also excited to transition into a new, professional wardrobe-lots of new clothing combos and a chance to really redefine my relationship with fashion. I’ve felt myself really evolve since moving away from my college town/bubble but that’s is really it’s own post…

What’s everyone else’s workplace essentials?! I’m sooo new to this business casual everyday stuff and I’d love to hear what you love!

Stripes: Quick Check In

This last week has been my last really hard week of my undergrad career so, out of exhaustion, I am going to keep things short and sweet today.

Yesterday I took my last mid-terms ever (two, one right after another), had a 2 and a half hour chem lab where we got to make gummi bears explode…pretty cool!, sang in a show, then worked a 4 hour shift at work all on 4 hours of sleep because I stayed up late studying. So today, I am pooped.

But, it also means the next 15 days (eeeeek!!) until graduation are going to feel like a breeze. I can count the things I need to accomplish on one hand and I’m pretty sure this is the easiest last month of a quarter I’ve ever had. So as I sit back, relax, and brace myself for my impending “adulthood” I promise I have plenty of things to tell you all. But for now, I shall rest and let the anticipation build!

Shirt:JCrew, Thrifted//Belt:Wet Seal//Skirt:Target//Boots:Lucky Brand

And I’m still trying to figure out my phone…after having to have a friend show me how to make a phone call things have gotten much easier. And I am already addicted to draw something and words with friends…my biggest pre-iPhone fears have some true and I have embraced them so, so much.

Anyone else having a busy, busy week? Anyone else love their iPhone? What are your favorite apps?

Stripes: Goofball

I have some news for you all. I feel like we’re getting closer so it’s time for you to know something about me that I haven’t really shared with you before. Now, before you jump to conclusions, hear me out-90% of the pictures I am in look ridiculously silly. I don’t know if it’s something about my body language in front of a camera or the way my face looks when I smile or that I am just a perfectionist and in reality only a few of my pictures are really as weird or awkward as I see them. Regardless, sometimes our photoshoots end up like this:

Shirt:JCrew-Thrifted//Skirt:Inherited from Sequin’s Sister//Belt:Wet Seal//Shoes:Lucky Brand

This is why you see a lot of pictures like this last one where you can’t see my face…it hides the awkward. So there you have it. My unphotogenic secret.

Anyone know the a trick for awesome pictures? I would seriously LOVE to hear any tips to turn that sexy hot mess up there into a sexy hot model.

Stripes: It’s Day 30! Thank God

It’s finally here!!! DAY 30! Wooooo! I am beyond excited to get back into the rest of my clothes and get back on a 3 a week posting schedule. II thought it would be really fun to do a retrospective look at all my outfits for the last 30 days to celebrate the end of this project.

And now you have my last outfit of the challenge:

Sweater: H&M

Dress: A&E

Leggings: Loft Outlet

Boots: Rocket Dog

Can i just say that I am glad to put this challenge behind me and wear some new clothes?!

Stripes: A Cute Post Day 19

Since sometimes I am not the cutest thing ever (shocker, I know) I’m sending some serious cuteness your way!

I guess I can be pretty cute, too!


Shirt: J Crew

Sweater: Old Navy

Jeans: Gap

Boots: Lucky Brand via Dillards

I hope these guys make your day a little brighter!

Stripes: Beautiful Moments Day 15

Since I spent all of this morning at work, I thought it might be a little more interesting if I wrote a little something about yesterday because it was filled with so many beautiful moments. Sometimes, especially when it rains for 5 months straight, it’s easy to forget how beautiful our little town is up here. But yesterday, it was amazing. The morning started off very gray and around 2 or 3 the clouds broke and the sky became this:

I ended up at the bay studying and I actually got a lot done. Beyond that, however, I was just ridiculously happy. Like, smile on my face for no reason happy. I love that (although I think it may have been making the people sitting around me a little nervous…me sitting there, books open, with a giant grin on my face). I was having fun, despite the studying, and really just enjoyed my time I got to spend there.

I also had my first iced coffee of the year and boy have I apparently cut back on my caffeine intake! Admittedly I got the biggest size (hey the ice takes up a lot of space!) but I think I drank it too fast and I ended up in the back corner of the seating area twitching as I tried to condense my notes. It was soooo hard not to break out laughing but I was able to manage (mainly because they people around me really did think I was weird).

And then for dinner I got to make enchiladas for the first time! I’ve had them before but I’ve never made them so I was a little intimidated but one of my friends came over and we made dinner (oh heck yes it was from scratch!) and chatted for a while. We caught up on what’s going on in our lives, what it’s like transitioning out of college, future plans, and our little bits of personal gossip (about ourselves…it’s always more fun to gossip about yourself).

Yesterday was just plain beautiful and I enjoyed all of it. I got to sleep in (woot! slept for 14 hours! I’m a champion sleeper thanks to mono), I spent my day studying at my favorite bayside cafe, had my first iced coffee of the year, got some vitamin D, made yummy food (the enchiladas were uh-mazing…definitely making them again!), and caught up with a good friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂

And, today, I did have one high point at work; I made this epic platter of food for lunch! So yummy!


Shirt: Target

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macy’s

And this was my attempt at getting a picture of me and my shoes, since I’ve been really bad about it lately…too bad the camera was not into this picture at all! Although, it is a lovely picture of my bike.

Anyone else having a beautiful weekend? or sleep for 14 hours? It was epic! AND today marks the official halfway point for our 30 for 30! These days have gone by much faster than I’d expected!

Oh, and you should totes follow us on Twitter if you like our random observations on life, we’ve been pretty good about posting lately!

Stripes: Channeling the First Lady Day 6

Every time I wear this J. Crew shirt, I feel like I am channelling a little Michelle Obama. While Barrak was running for president, everyone made a huge deal about how Michelle is just like “us”. She buys her clothes from J. Crew, she works out, she strives to be a good person. And the whole time I was like, “Who actually wears J. Crew? I don’t have $80 to drop on a blouse!”. Granted it was my first year in college and 90% of my clothes were t-shirts from activities I did in high school and cheap denim from various store (read: not The Gap). The idea of ever spending more than $50 on pants or $20 on a shirt was unfathomable and excessive.

Flash forward 5 years, I wear exclusively Gap jeans (when I find something that works I stick with it till the end! I am brand loyal in an almost disgusting way. But it’s seriously worth the increase in relative sanity that comes from only having to try on 1-3 pairs of jeans versus the average 10-15 anywhere else) and J. Crew shirts. While I pay full price for my jeans (I recently ripped a pair and have to save up to buy a replacement…Gap rised their prices and it’s hitting the college crowd particularly hard!) you bet I did the happy dance to top all happy dances when I found this J. Crew shirt in a thrift store for a whopping $5 a couple months ago. I’ve never worn a button down that fits as well as this shirt and if I could, I would buy like 10 of them and where them everywhere all the time (but seriously, I can’t afford button downs that cost more than my jeans…my minimun wage budget gets me minimum wage clothes). Now I see why Michelle Obama wears this stuff…it rocks! And this one shirt gives me a peek into the elusive world of high quality business clothes that I am so anxious to wear in the coming years.


Shirt: J. Crew (thrifted)

Jeans: The Gap (where else?)

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Anyone else have amazing thrift store finds? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever thrifted? Anyone else love J. Crew or (more importantly) The Gap?

Stripes: There’s a Story Days 4&5

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but I have a pretty funny story which I hope makes up for it.

So, I got out of class yesterday and went to the bathroom. As I was turning around to leave the stall, my phone flew out of my coat pocket and into the toilet bowl. I instinctually reached for it (no worries the water was clean at this point and I washed my hands like crazy after) and right before I was able to grab it, it was sucked into the pipe and disappeared. I’m not even kidding when I say the toilet monster ate my phone! And so I spent my only 2 hour gap between my last class and work, which I was planning to blog during, at the AT&T store.

Day 4:


Shirt: Target

Jeans: The Gap

Belt: A&E

Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear

Day 5:


Red Shirt & White Shirt: Target

Tie: Thrifted (for a theme party a while back)

Skirt: The Gap

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Anyone else lost their cellphone in a weird happenstance? I seriously can’t be the only person who was dumbfounded watching their phone disappear!