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Play Date

My mom and I have some of the best play dates. I wrote more of the details on my personal blog, over at Like A Small Fire, but here are the outfit deets

When I first wore this dress around my mom, she made the astute comment that I needed a shirt that matched it better. So when she was coming over for our trip to scope out Goodwills and furnish my art room, I figured I’d throw on the dress and we could see if anything appropriately matching came out. We were thinking something along the lines of a mauvey-lavender purple.

Dress: thrifted | Sweater & TIghts: Target | Shirt: inherited from my sister | Boots: Mishoes

We found something that should work, so you’ll probably see this dress again. I think that’s like three times on the blog. Hopefully you aren’t all harboring some secret grudge against my repetition. Because that would be… Well, it’d be a little sad. But if it makes you feel better, I found two dresses at Goodwill, so those will be nice and new for the blog. Just for you, guys, just for you.


Feeling Oh So British

Here’s something that’s probably not a shocker: I love Kate Middleton’s styling (not to mention envy her wardrobe and continue to drool over her collection of fascinators). So imagine how excited I’ve been with my recent exploration into the realm of business casual as I’ve finally been forced to tap into her pulled together look and explore what makes an outfit look professional not only in a work setting but also in my “real life” (aka all the rest of the time I’m not at work or hanging out at home in sweats). And, what’s been most thrilling, I think I’m finally getting the hang of this fun, classy look!

As I was getting dressed this morning, I channeled my favorite princess and decided I just needed to tuck in my shirt…I’ve never been a shirt tucker iner (with pants anyways) so I was admittedly weirded out that my instinct told me to do so but as I shoved my shirt into my pants (so eloquent, I know) I realized it not only worked, but I liked it. I’m pretty sure this is what growing up feels like…though is it really growing up if you’re still dressing like your favorite princess…or if you’re wearing a sweater you got at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Oh yes folks, this is a legit, Scottish made, wool, Gryffindor sweater just like the cast of Harry Potter wore in the movies. I’ve been beyond excited to finally wear this gem so I could show you how I planned to incorporate my favorite souvenir of my summer travels into my wardrobe (guess that’s what happens when you buy the coolest wool sweater ever in July of the sunniest year you’ve ever lived through…seriously it’s usually rainy and gray by labor day out here can’t the weather just let a girl wear her nerdy sweater?!).  As I got dressed and was feeling ever so British tucking my shirt in and taking a few queues from Kate (cough cough matching belt and boots), I decided it was time to up the British (and nerd) factor and throw on the ultimate British sweater. A gosh did it feel good…and warm…they’re not kidding around about how warm these wool sweaters are!

Sweater:Wizarding World of HP//Shirt:Express//Jeans:Gap//Boots:Lucky Brand//Belt:A&E//Bag:Sorial via TJMaxx

I’m really excited for my upcoming posts because it’s been really fun to stretch my fashion limits, try new things, and let my style evolve alongside the other changes I’ve been experiencing. With that, does anyone else feel especially British lately or love Duchess Kate’s style as much as I do? If so I’d love to hear about which styles you’ve been digging because I wanna drool over them right along side you!

This outfit is almost entirely c/o’d

I mean, not in the way you think. My favorite brown sweater and my only pair of jeans ripped on the same day, so my mom graciously agreed to replace them.

Sweater & Jeans: Target (c/o my mommy) | Boots: Mi Shoes | White Tank: Romys | Gray: F21 | Scarf: Vintage | Necklace: Thrifted

I wore this outfit on a breakfast date with David and my mom, and it was met with her approval. 🙂 To the point where she asked if I had taken photos of it for the blog yet. I think it’s really fun(ny) when IRL people ask about the blog. Anyway, this outfit post is for her!

We spent the weekend pet sitting for a couple we know through my sister’s in laws, and oh my gosh. They had the cutest doggie! I mean, sure, I’m partial to my own pooches, but I’ve never seen David go gaga for a dog that way. He’s not much of an animal person.

It was adorable. And I totally have way too many photos of the animals. I narrowed it down to my top favorite of each pet. Indulge me?

Just like cuddling Fluffy

My sister and I had matching stuffed animal versions of this breed when we were growing up. Her’s was named Fifi and mine’s name was Fluffy (I was the younger child, don’t judge). It was definitely my favorite stuffed animal for years.

I’m not even really a fan of cats at all (with very limited exceptions) but this guy was a total sweetie. He’s an older cat, and too lazy to finish his meows. He’d just give you a little baby-eyed look and croak a little, so I couldn’t resist picking him up and going the full monty and head-butting with him while we cuddled.

Across The Pond

I run around this lake every morning that David and I are capable of being mature adults and follow through on our promise to run around the lake. It happens maybe twice a week, if we’re really committed. Now that he leaves at 6:30 AM for his new job, though, I imagine it will happen pretty much never. Which means I have to do it alone. Which means I’m not going to do it. Or I’ll pout. A lot.

These were from that great day where Kels visited my corner of the city. It was lovely. She let me whine and moan about all my trivial life problems, and she even procured a San Pelegrino for me. Because that’s true friendship, folks. In return I took stunning photos of her, and she reciprocated marvelously.

This was one of those days where it looked really warm out, and it almost felt really warm out, but in fact it was too chilly to go barelegged. I compromised with Mother Nature, though, and opted for boots. I’ve been living in these boots. Almost literally. My life feels so boring that I’ve filled an entire post talking about clothes and then I remember that’s what I’ve always done, and this is really no different. 

Vest & Skirt: Thrifted, Boots: Mi Shoes, Tank: Romy’s

For those who are super curious, my alternate blog is so friggin’ close to being finished and ready for it’s re-entry into the Blogging Society. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do all the design myself, in my stubborn I-don’t-need-to-look-at-tutorials way. My goal is by the end of the week. So if you’re just itching to read my book reviews and ranty-tangents, then by golly, have I got something for you! Oh also, stay tuned for a lovely sweet surprise tomorrow!