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Stripes: An Outfit Post!!

After a brief hiatus from outfit posting (Sequins and I have been ridiculously busy and on opposite schedules which means I don’t get outfit pictures because I don’t have a Monsieur of my own and the background of my living room is hella lame so self-timer is a serious compromise) I’m here to show you that I do indeed still wear clothes-despite what this blog may have implied.


And I even accessorized for you! To be honest, I’ve been studying for my final finals (woooooo!!!!) and made good use of my yoga pants, holey jeans, stained t-shirts, and random sweatshirts this last week or so and they just aren’t all that great to look at (although the outfit I wore yesterday was one of my favorites ever: gray yoga pants, old t-shirt from high school, jelly fish sweatshirt, and running shoes…5 year old me could not have been prouder).

Also, as a quick life update, because I feel like there isn’t too much to say about my ensemble aside from the fact that you guys are finally starting to see more of my printed t-shirt collection, here is a short collection of upcoming things I am excited about:

-Graduation is on Saturday eeekkk!
-I found the perfect graduation dress (thank God, I was getting a little worried I’d be naked up there living out a nightmare!)
-I got some other new articles of clothing that I think you’re going to LOVE…here a hint about my favorite piece: hot pink
-By the time you’re reading this, I will either be finishing my last final or be hellza done with my undergrad work!
-I finally scheduled a haircut so you will be seeing a reemergence of my bangs soon

Sunglasses:Cole Haan via Ross//T-shirt:Junk Food via TJMaxx//Skirt:Gap Outlet//Shoes&Purse:Lucky Brand//Bracelets:Old Navy & Target

And I really felt like these glasses required at least one duck face photo.

 So what are you all looking forward to? Anything exciting headed your way? I wanna hear all about it!

Stripes: Dying to Craft

Yes, you heard me right; I’ve got the crafting itch. These last few months, with the mono monster and graduation and schoolwork, have left me with little to no time to craft. Now I have a ton of built up crafty energy and I’ve been pinning fun projects like crazy to pinterest…a recipe for some serious crafty productiveness starting the day after graduation.

In honor of my weird pinning obsession/intense crafting itch, here are a few of my top projects:

This is the cutest little bank ever! And now that I am [almost] done with college, I’ve really gotta start saving my pennies!

I bought a set of bangles planning to do this to, but sadly they’ve sat naked in my bathroom for months.

It’s not really a secret, I love all things organization. This tutotial promises to teach me how to make adorable little boxes to keep track of all the knick knacks that I seem to attract…I’m going to be in organized heaven!

These birdhouses are sooooo cool!!!

And finally, I’ve really been wanting to paint more. There just something so nice about how easy it is to pack up some watercolors, a couple brushes, and a bit of paper .

Anyone else have a list of crafts you want to do? Anything else you think I should do?!