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Stripes: A Little Arts and A Little Crafts

Hey guys, I’m sorry I’ve been slacking in the outfit pictures department; starting a new full time job that has me getting up at 5 am has been an interesting transition. I also dont have any friends at this new job that I can ask to take outfit pictures of me. I know, excuses excuses, but I am going to try to be better about capturing my outfits either before or after work next week. See how much I love you guys?! I’m willing to consider waking up a whole 15 (very precious) minutes early for you. This is true love my friends.

Until I muster the courage and self control to wake up that early, I have a crafty-crafty post for you! After moving home, I realized I needed some new decor; I tossed a lot of my decorations before moving home because I didn’t want to have to move more stuff and I wanted a chance to start fresh in this new stage of life. So, in the midst of my unemployment, I got busy with my acrylic paints and went crazy painting some decorations. The following is a how-to guide for making cute plaques as inspired by these canvasses.

Step One: Pick some plaques. I got mine at Michaels for $1-2 depending on the size. Super easy and there are a million shape options.

Step Two: Prime. I don’t think you really need to do this but some of the nots on the wood were pretty dark so I figured it probably wouldn’t hurt the final product. Though I was a little worried seeing the not so great job this spray paint did …hello drippy droppies. I’m pretty sure it was the can but it could have been operator error, too…

Step Three: The Base Coat. I did this in different colors on each board and I would totally recommend doing two coats, just in case.

Step Four: Arrange the letters on the board. I would also recommend waiting a couple hours just to be sure the paint is dry so you don’t pull it off with the letters at the end. (I forgot a picture of just the letters, but I used plastic letter stickers from the tshirt decorating section [I think…] at Michaels)

Step Five: Paint the top coat. I LOVE BLUE so I chose blue. I would totally sugest two or three coats just to be sure your colors are brillant.

Step Six: Peel off the letters. I used my tweezers and a lot of patience…not as much as I needed while laying the letters down though. Boy, did I go a little OCD in that step.

Step Seven: Optional: Use fine grain sandpaper to distress the project. I did it on the first one I did (the small one) but I wasn’t sure I liked it so I held off on the second one.

Voila! There you have a rediculously cheap and easy project that brightens any room and makes an awesome gift. No seriously, everyone I know is getting one of these for Christmas. EVERYONE! So don’t be surprised if all the Michaels store in the greater Seattle area are out of these plaques


Stripes: Starting to Figure This Fashion Thing Out

After all these months of trying new fashions and putting together “grown up” outfits (ok, outfits that go beyond jeans and a t-shirt from that show I was in several years ago and those running shoes I can’t run in anymore because they are too worn out) I think I am finally finding my style.


I am absolutely in love with this ensemble! The skirt/belt combo was inspired by this Burberry skirt I pinned months ago on pinterest (it won’t let  me embed the image but the link will take you right to it). I’m really into this style and I’m excited to see what kinds of cool pieces of clothing come my way in the future and how I can keep up this preppy/simple/clean cut style I’ve been carving out.

In other news, as you may have been able to tell based on the lack of ice/snow in this picture, is that snowpocalypse 2012 is over. I am kind of glad that I can wear skirts and cute flats again (though Sequins would completely disagree and say it is all about the layering of tights over leggings, guess I am too much of a wimp for her fashionista ways :P).

And of course the silly one! This was actually the face I made after the silly face when asking Sequins if I had made an adequately silly face-guess it’s true that sometimes you achieve what you want best when you don’t even mean to do it.

Shirt: Thrifted J Crew, Belt: Wet Seal (old), Skirt: The Gap Outlet (recent), Tights: Khols (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand (recent).