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Sequins: Redical And Far Out

My amazing superpowers of predicting my future blog posts totally are legit, guys, because guess who’s wearing an amazingly redical* red dress…

Um yeah, it’d be this girl. Also, this isn’t just a redical dress but the most Mod styled dress in my closet. My other dresses took a vote and decided on that the other day, in case you were curious.

Do you like my bracelets? I picked up the circle one forever ago, but my mommy picked out the other one! I love it, but I never know what to wear it with. Purples and reds is apparently the right answer. I feel like it goes with everything in my closet, but when I wear it I want to showcase it, you know? Coming up with an outfit that can highlight bracelets is my kryptonite. Or, to be less dramatic, my accessory-kryptonite. My bracelet collection is expansive enough to surprise me, and one day maybe I’ll let the people of the world get a glimpse. Once I figure out how to wear them, that is.

Also, heck yes the shoes are back! I can’t believe I don’t wear them every single day of the year. Except, yes, I can believe that because whoa are my feet sore after a day walking around in these! Stripes said I look better walking in them today, but that’s pretty much only because she didn’t see me navigate stairs.

Drunken baby giraffe, people.

If you’re gasping at the thought of serving alcohol to an underage-anything, don’t take it up with me. I’m fully in the camp of people who don’t believe baby giraffes should be fed liquor. I’ve seen what it looks like, and it isn’t pretty.

Speaking of these shoes, I know I couldn’t remember what brand they were last time I showcased them, but I actually found them on Modcloth–you can see them here if you’re so inclined. BC Shoes, fyi. And for the record, I totally didn’t buy my own pair at Modcloth.

Sweater & Dress: Thrifted/ Tights: Macys (gift)/ Shoes: BC Shoes

*That’s not a typo, it’s a reference to a silly comment on my last outfit post