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Sequins 30 for 30: The Bookstore Ritual

First off–have I mentioned how many weddings are happening in my immediate circle this summer? Four. My step sisters, my good friend from college, my sister’s, and my other good friend from college. The last two I’m Maid of Honour for. It’s a lot, and means that a lot of my free time is thinking about someone or another’s wedding. This weekend it was my step sisters. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend her actual wedding, which will be in Quebec in June, but I was able to attend her bridal shower this weekend in the big city.

Monsieur and I are getting in the habit (that I’ve spend years cultivating) of visiting the bookstore that is very close to the train station before actually hopping on the train. I have an absolute book buying…. well, “problem” isn’t an accurate word. Excessive habit, perhaps? Excessive book buying habit? Well anyway, we went to the bookstore for a few other things, and we opted to be brave/nerdy and do photos there!

And please note my necklace–it was my birthday present from Monsieur. I’m absolutely in love with it, especially considering how much I’ve been jonesing for just such a necklace after seeing this pin. So yeah, I’m thrilled with it. Also? This outfit is one that I honestly never would have pieced together if it weren’t for the 30 for 30.

And oh and last note? My sister and I have the same initials, and we found a bottle of wine with our (shared) initials as the name. So we’re definitely drinking that while watching Triplets of Belleville. Anyone seen it? Totally crazy! I’m kind of totally in love with it!

Shirt: Thrifted J Crew/ Belt: Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tank: Sojourner/ Shoes: Soda/ Tights & Necklace: Gifts (Stripes & Monsieur, respectively)