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A Mad Hatter TeaParty

Stripes and Sequins, heretofore to be known as Alice and the White Rabbit, decided to join forces with the Dormouse to throw a going away party for Plaid–aka the Mad Hatter, naturally.

The Mad Hatter is where all of our epic themed parties were born, so it was just really perfect for Alice and the White Rabbit to throw her a tea party. We invited her faithful, albeit silly, friends from Wonderland to help us celebrate. There was the Carpenter, a Slythy Tove, a Mome Rath, and the Mushrooms from Wonderland. And really, what better way to celebrate a Mad Hatter Tea Party than with an epic food fight?

There was really not a whole lot of food fighting shots since, you know, the White Rabbit was in on the action for 90% of the time. Photos of the aftermath, however, where duly documented. And yes, for those curious, that super soaker is full of lemon-lime soda.

Yes, just in case you noticed, the White Rabbit was the cleanest at the end of the battle. Mysterious forces, people. Ears and bowties were lost, however. And for those about to speak up, outraged at the mess we inflicted on a public park, let your concerns rest easy. We laid out plastic tablecloths to catch most of the mess and then used brooms and buckets of water to clean up after ourselves. Because that’s just how we roll.

*For those curious, the White Rabbit made the banner and Alice’s apron from scratch, and used red acrylic paint, fabric scraps, scrapbooking flowers and glitter to make the Mad Hatter’s Hat. Alice did an amazing job of Michael runs, making potatoes for the food fight, coordinating rides, and making the flower table decorations as well as the placesettings. And Monsieur, who unfortunately had to work during the party, was amazing and made two boxes of mac and cheese, two things of pudding, and one box of jello for our throwing pleasure. Also thanks to the Carpenter, who made two fabulous newspaper bowties–one for his costume and one for the Mad Hatter’s. Thanks to everyone (shoutout to the Dormouse!) for helping set up beforehand and for getting into the spirit of things to give our favorite Mad Hatter an amazing send off as she leaves our small pond for some bigger lakes! We love you, you crazy beautiful Mad Hatter!

Sequins: My Modern Alice

I’m sure I’m not alone in this supposition, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say that Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, of course) is the most remixed character in literary history. The story itself is constantly being reimagined, and with every reimagining, Alice herself is remade. I think it helps that the story itself is so bizarre and unexpected, and no one really knows what it’s about. Although Cracked takes a shot at the “right” interpretation here.

Dress: Charlotte Russe; Sweater, Vest, Ring & Shoes: Thrifted; Tights: Gift

This dress always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, no matter how I style it. Usually I opt for the vest pictured with purple or marroon tights, but I’ve been jonesing for a fun way to wear my new polk-a-dot sweater so I branched out a bit.

Seriously, though, this sweater? The internet made me buy it! I completely blame the internet (specifically this pin) for me blossoming obsession with polk-a-dots. I may have gone a little overboard with them in this outfit (have you seen how ridiculous those shoes are?) but I totally and un-apologetically loved this outfit.

I did not, however, love the crazy wild wind that messed my already-being-difficult hair. I was whining to Stripes about my hair–I’m a fan of the length but I’m seriously having the hardest time styling it. If I do nothing to it, it looks like limp noodles. If I spend hours blow-drying it straight, it last about five minutes before turning into greasy-looking limp noodles. And if I use my snazzy blow-drier attachment to help the natural waves turn into curls, it looks like a monster trying to eat my face (see above photo for reference). And then, of course, once satiated, it turns into limp noodles. In short, I’m failing in my stylistic efforts to prevent noodle hair. Any tips are much appreciated.

*Ahem. Back to my main point. This is my funky, modern version of Alice! I’m pretty sure she would have rocked this look perfectly. After all, what’s the point of getting dressed if you can’t dress up? And really, lest you think my costume is lacking in the props department, be assured….

…I even had my White Rabbit.