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The Post That Has Been A Long Time Coming

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while…kind of. I had my reservations: I like to keep a (admittedly small) bit of my life private, I wanted to keep this part of me safe-almost harbored inside of me, and I know things change fast in life and I wasn’t sure I could handle the heart break of this changing and me having to tell you. But I’m here today to tell you, with much anxiety and anticiaption (from a small collection for friends *cough cough Marci*) that I have a boyfriend.

Say hi to Matt (previously known as Mr. New York).


(This is us in New York this last summer with the sunsetting behind us over New Jersey)

Matt has been lurking around, behind the scenes of Moose like my personal Quasimodo for a while. Though thinly hidden, he has been here for months making many of my posts possible. So, folks, here’s what you haven’t been seeing…

You all saw this scarf on this post but what I didn’t mention is that Matt brought it to me from all the way over from Thailand.

This picture was taken after this picture…

This picture:

Was taken just before this picture:

And this last weekend’s pictures from Leavenworth,

Did not include these pictures:

I realize this is not the most profound nor life changing news I could be throwing your way (unless you have my face tattooed on your chest and you’ve been secretly trying to seduce me for years in which case, I’m sorry, but it might be time to go get a new hobby) but it’s still a little nerve wracking. Regardless, it was time to let you all in on my little secret (not to mention make it way easier to talk about all the exciting plans we’ve made for Christmas and New Years).

Here’s to many more adventures, great times, and lots of kisses!

PS- Seeeee Matt? I know you’re reading this…our relationship is officially blog official.

Bavarian Paradise

Hi-o! I’m sorry to be posting so late in the day, but I just got home from Leavenworth, WA aka. American Bavaria! While there was only a short sprinkle of snow, it was freezing the whole so I was finally able to break out my winter gear and rock my peacoat!

Oh yes, I bet you didn’t know it butI am a bench posing pro!

How could I not posing with this German man with a fabulous mustache!? I kid you not when I say there was polka music playing all over this little park to help this little German man feel a little more at home (and complete the city wide theme).

Coat:Kohls//Shirt: Ross// Jeans:Express//Boots:DSW//Bag:Lucky Brand//Scarf:Found//Gloves:Gift

This weekend was so fun: it’s been the first weekend in about two months that I haven’t had any homework and could just do exactly what I want, when I want to. Pure bliss, I tell you.  Annnnd there as Christmas everywhere…

Happy early start to the holiday season (oh yes, it’s here. I think it’s impossible to miss all the racks of Christmas ornaments lining all the stores and the random Christmas tunes popping up everywhere these days) and, as usual, happy Sunday!

It’s Alllllmost Halloween!

And what does that mean?! Pumpkin patches! Corn Mazes! Adventures! Kettle Corn! Hot apple cider! EXCITEMENT!!! Yes, there are a lot of adventures to be had in this season and this last weekend a couple friends and I set out to make all our autumn dreams come true.

The first stop on our outing was the huge pumpkin fields. I’m not kidding, friends, this was one of the biggest pumpkin patches I’ve ever been to- we’re talking different sections or “Pumpkin Lands” as I started to mentally call them as we explored deeper into the land of the gourds, several breeds (I’m sure that’s not the correct word…but it’s my post so I can call pumpkins whatever I want) of pumpkins, and a couple acres of well fertilized-ok, let’s be real-smelly land. After trudging through a ton of mud (and artfully avoiding the gaggles of excited small children), I found the pumpkin. And this folks, is me and my pumpkin.

And THIS is Harry Pumpkin…yeah I don’t know but he was located next to a miniature horse.

We also completed the “challenging loop” of the Alice in Wonderland corn maze. I have to say the big lesson we learned on this trip is when a maze says loop, it means you’re going to end up right back where you started no matter how much you try. We walked down almost every off shoot of the challenge side only to realize the exit was through the simple path. But, hey, we had a blast and took some silly, Alice themed pictures along the way!

We met the White Rabbit on the way in-down the rabbit hole we goooo!

The signage was awesome (and led to some interesting arguments about which direction we were heading? “I said here!” “But I think we should go there” “This sign says yonder…should we go yonder?”).

Our very own Mad Hatter found the real Mad Hatter…it was a VERY exciting reunion!

And I had some tea with Alice.


As far as pumpkin patch fashion goes, however, this was a very utilitarian day. Dark colors so it wouldn’t stain from the dirt, old running shoes that wouldn’t be out of commission because of some mud, and comfy pants I could run around in. Not my most fashionable outfit, but it definitely served it’s purpose.

Tune in on Sunday for the carving of my pumpkin friend!

An Oregonian Adventure

One of the absolute coolest, most awesome parts of being apart of this “grown up world” is the ability to go where I want, when I want because I can use my money exactly how I want (except for that whole bit about the bills and life obligations…but we’ll worry about that on another day). While reveling in this new found freedom, I was able to take a weekend away to Hood River, Oregon to poke around and refresh a little….which I accomplished by literally stopping to smell the roses. Living out the cliches one cheesy picture at a time!

Aside from stumbling upon a great bluegrass show and having a spectacular tasting at the Naked Winery (I would so totally recommend the Cougar wine-so yummy!) we spotted the Multnomah Falls on the drive in.

Time for a little background: as a kid my very first classroom ever had a poster of these falls on the wall and I spent hours staring at it, mesmerized. I pretty much burned the image into my brain so imagine my surprise as we were driving down the highway, I looked to my right and like a mirage in the dessert it appears amongst the trees. I didn’t even know the falls were in Oregon much less that I would see them on my little getaway. It was quite the pleasant surprise!

Sweatshirt:Farmers Market//T-Shirt:Target//Jeans:Express (recent) //Bag:Lucky Brand//Scarf:F21//Sunnies:Ray Ban

Granted, I’m real reason smiling this big here because a ridiculously cute doggie was running around and headed straight toward my lovely photographer.

All in all, I had a great weekend taking some time to slow down and explore what life really is to me right now.  I’m so glad I was able to take some time to get away and I’m even more excited for what the next few months hold because, let me tell ya, after this little getaway, I am all the more pumped for what the next year has to offer!

Stripes: Wilderness Time

Maybe it’s the overabundance of evergreen trees or maybe it’s the epic number of giant hills we have out here, but the NW is prime hiking territory and this is the story of that one time I went hiking in the Summer of 2012.

The trip started off beautifully; the sun was shining, the air crisp with a hint of dust, the trees green as ever. So we took off heading up this epic hill. 

We climbed and climbed (this was a very big hill) until we were about a quarter of the way up because it was time for a water break. While sitting on a boulder, I decided to be vain and take some pictures of myself (I mean really, what else are you supposed to do in the woods? Reflect on life? Ponder the deep wonders of the universe? Look for birds? IDK) so this happened.

And then this happened.

Then I looked down and realized there was blood dripping down my ankle. Eeeek! I had a wound! So I rubbed some dirt on it and got over it (actually the dirt was there already…I just got rid of the residual blood and took a shower as soon as I was home to make sure it was clean and prevent gangrene and other things that the woods seem like they can cause). As you can see, this was a doozy of a hiking wound.

Then began the ascend once more. We climbed and climbed until the half way point when we stopped for water again. I chugged with everyone else instead of taking a million more pictures of myself but when it came time to decide whether we would go forth to the top or head home, we took a group poll  and ended up heading home. The hill had won. So with a sense of defeat, we turned around and marched our way back to the car.

Yeah, sorry this story doesn’t have an epic ending and I’m not even all that sure why it made it’s way to the blog but I do have a somewhat epic picture of the trail for you!

Happy Trails Folks!

Stripes: Of Wining and Dining and Adventures pt. 1

I know, I know, I just posted pictures from Florida but I didn’t really get a chance to tell you (slash show you via a zillion pictures) what I was up to on the New York leg of this trip. I did so much, in fact, that I am having a hard time paring down the number of pictures I want to post…so excuse my ridiculously long, two post series about New York. I had such a blast over there that I didn’t want to leave out any of the fun, so, without further adieu, here’s NY through the lens of my iPhone and a couple vignettes.

Day 1: Mr. New York and I made our way through the Village. Initially, we headed out with the goal of checking out an allergy free bakery but we turned it into a full day of poking around, finding all sorts of landmarks, and admiring the architecture. We ended the day with popsicles on the High Line-such amazing views!-and then dinner at an amazing gluten free Italian joint where we ordered wine like grown ups and made friends with the owner. We followed up dinner with some bar hoping and found our way to a speakeasy. Oh yes, themed drinking at it’s best! Though they were playing Backstreet Boys…I’m not sure it was the most historically accurate place but our drinks were served in tea cups which made up for the lack of mood music.

The first picture is of us post brownie noming at the awesome allergy free bakery and the rest are of some of the cool places we passed on our little tour.

Day 2: I took off on my own and headed towards Central Park. After taking an obligatory Strawberry Fields picture and lunching by the pond where kids race model sailboats (admittedly, I chose this spot because of how it was described in the Gossip Girl books…I had to see a few of my GG landmarks!), I headed off to Madison Ave to window shop. I don’t have many pictures from this leg of my trip because I didn’t want to seem too touristy…I’m sure I blended in like a golden retriever in a herd of Pomeranians (I was wearing a Hollister top and A&E shorts, after all) but I still had fun nonetheless. I ended my adventure by walking to the UN building and I successfully got myself home via subway all by myself-to say I was proud of myself would be an understatement. For dinner, Mr. New York and I whipped up this little dish…SO FREAKING GOOD!

The first pictures are from Central Park, the next is a really neat Dior window display, then a really pretty brownstone, and finally the UN building.

And there you have the first half of my New York trip! The second half of the trip will be up on Sunday and then we get to talk all things Disney…my “regular” posts should be starting back up just in time for Sequins to start telling us about some of her epic, impending adventures so I kind of feel like we should have temporarily renamed our blog Moose on the Run or Where in the World is Moose? or Moose Gone Wild-tell me your travel moose blog name ideas in the comments! I wanna see what you come up with for us!