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Sequins 30 for 30: And I’m Finished!

Okay because I really want to be done with this, I tacked on the sketched versions of the two outfits I forgot to take pictures of. Come May, I can start showing off my non-30 for 30 clothes!

So this has been fun–it’s been a bit harder than anticipated (mostly at the end, when I couldn’t quite remember what I had already worn), but mostly just a ton of fun. Full of fun and learning. Some things I’ve learned include: I love my red polka dot dress. Love. Love. Love. I can rock a mint green midi skirt much better than originally anticipated. How to tie a blogger knot on my belt. How boring most of my shoe collection is. How much I’ve enjoyed having watercolor illustrations of all my clothing.

A month of (mostly) no shopping has also been hard. Less fun. But it, too, has taught me quite a bit. Namely, it’s taught me that I want a denim jacket. Oh, wait, it’s the fashion blogger world who taught me that. Still, it was learned during the Great 30 for 30 Era.

I’ve also learned about these amazing black flats that I have every intention of buying May 1st, because the black flats I’ve included in my 30 for 30 are officially on their last breath. I think the Challenge was their Swan Song, because they’re goners. And, after getting five years of almost daily wear out of a $15 pair of flats, I’ll call that a pretty good run!

Mostly, though, I’ve learned that 30 articles of clothing is actually a healthy (albeit lean) amount of clothing to own. It’s maybe a fifth of my whole wardrobe, so I’m being a complete hypocrite, but honestly? I remixed and restyled most of my outfits without ever feeling like I was really struggling. Especially if you take into consideration the fact that I was not repeating combinations at all, which is something that most people would do in their everyday lives.

I definitely miss my clothes, though, so don’t expect me to slim down my closet anytime soon!

Sequins 30 for 30: Stubborn As A Ram

So I’m an Aries. Sometimes, that means absolutely nothing. Sometimes, that means I’m as stubborn as a mule ram. Stubborn as a ram. Some days, like today, I’ll wear my pencil skirt and button up with no tights and a hood-less jacket, despite the huge rainstorm in the previous night and the drizzle that doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

What can I say? Sometimes I’m just really, really stubborn.

Sometimes, though, I’ll cave halfway through the day and throw on these amazing horse-print socks. What can I say? Sometimes it’s colder than expected! So, maybe the whole Aries thing is the most accurate depiction of my personality….

Jacket: Target/ Skirt: Hand-Me-Down from my sister, Romy’s/ Socks: Bella/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Shirt Belt & Necklace: Thrifted


PS I’m so so so in love with the socks. I want to wear them everyday (and I might. I just might.)

Sequins 30 for 30 Tiptoeing On Through

When everybody else cancels on you at literally the last minute (valid reasons or not), sometimes it’s okay to let them and just take your best friend in the whole world on an adventure to find tulips. We didn’t use a map, or google, or any planning (and believe you and me–I’m definitely a planner). We winged it and followed traffic, which brought us to Tulip Town.

Definitely not the biggest tulip farm or show in the county, but it was one of the campiest. Anywhere I find a faux-Statue of Liberty, I find campy.

Mexican food afterwards, followed by a bottle of wine (or two) with some friends while we catch up on Game of Thrones (anyone else as obsessed? I’ve read the books and I keep getting so shocked when they deviate! I’ll gasp and be all “Well it was implied…..!!”

All in all, good day. Hopefully friends who are sick (nudge nudge Stripes) will actually calm their lives down and devote themselves to healing, instead of daily pushing themselves. And hopefully friends with “mini emergencies” (nudge nudge Plaid) will always remember that treating me to Dairy Queen fries with flamethrower since in a ten minute picnic excursion will actually excuse you from bailing.

And hopefully next week we all get to go! Again! To bigger fields!

Oh also, if you look carefully at the next photo, you’ll see my black dress has undergone a bit of a transformation. It’s old version was already borderlinen too short, so when it shrunk in the wash I made an executive decision that replacing it with one very similar is a-okay. Welcome to the fold, new and appropriately-lengthed dress!

Dress; Thrifted/ Shoes: Soda/ Keffiyeh: Palestine/ Earrings: Sojourner

Take care, my friends! Oh and enjoy this little throwback from last year’s trip, when Stripes was a healthy-goose. Please, feel free to laugh at the horrible hair day I was enjoying (I was growing out a mohawk. It was an awkward phase)

Favorite picture from last year

Sequins 30 for 30: I Believe In Fun

… Way more than I believe in pretty! Monsieur and I were looking at someone-or-another’s blogger photo and I pointed out how pretty she looked, and put together the photo was. He nodded his agreement and I laughed because she took such a classic fashion blogger picture, while I? I take these pictures
Ah, well. Monsieur said he likes mine more anyway–“Your photos are way more fun”. He should know–he’s the one who takes them after all.

I have no idea if I’ve mentioned that before. Have I? Monsieur takes the majority of the photos (particularly the ones where there isn’t a corresponding background that Stripes has!). I’m a lucky girl, I know!

I had a “higher up” at work approach me at a meeting today. She’s super friendly and I like her a lot. Anyway she walked over and started to say something but paused, and looked at the rest of my outfit, and what came out was,
“I always notice your… tights…”

I think I distracted her with everything else going on. She asked me how many pairs of tights I own, and I guestimated around 20 (honestly more like 12 – 15, as I think back **Updated: So I just finished laundry and I counted. I have 27 pairs of tights. I almost feel ashamed..). This took her by surprise, but I balanced it out–most people don’t realize it, but I only have 4 pairs of pants.  A pair of jeans, brown cords, red denim, and mint green pants. So, you know, my tights balance out my skirt-heavy wardrobe. She nodded, because that makes a lot more sense.

I suppose.

Yes, these the new tights mentioned in my Not So Guilty Confession post. They’re soft like butter and really pretty. So I’m pleased with them. Enough to make me act like a ballerina, I guess.

Oh and in case you’re curious about the crazy forest I’m having my pictures taken in, it’s actually my front yard. My house in on a huge slope and I think the landlords are terrified of touching this crazy mess of ivy and blackberries because they’re very probably the only thing holding the hill (and house) up. Eep!

And as for the rest of the outfit…

Shirt & Dress: Thrifted/ Tights: Nouvella/ Shoes: Soda/ Necklace: Gift, Charming Charlie

Apparently it, too, is ballerina-worthy! It was a super cute outfit, and it is one I know I never ever ever would have tried without the 30 for 30 Challenge pushing me. So yay! Personal (style) growth!

Alright and time for a normal photo, just so I can prove that I am capable of taking them (every now and then)

Sequins: Ombre Tights Before They Were Cool

Yeah, so, prepare yourself for me to get my hipster mode in gear. But you know how cool ombre tights are on pinterest now? Yeah, well, so check out my ombre tights…..

The ombre tights that  I’ve had for about four years now.  Oh yeah, I’ll say it. I’ve had ombre tights before they were cool.

/Insert hipster face here.

…. You don’t believe me? Okay, fine. I’ve had ombre tights for four years, true, but this is the third time I’ve worn them. Ever. Because I didn’t by them intentionally. I was trying to buy a ridiculously bright pair of pink tights, but when I unfolded them I saw they faded. I thought it was a mistake. I was super disappointed and felt strange every.single.time I wore them.

Until Pinterest showed me how cool they are, that is!

Thank you, Pinterest, for helping me level up my hipster-snob factor!

Jacket Necklace Shirt & Skirt: H&M/ Tights: Target/ Purse: Meli Bianco/ Shoes: Modcloth

Stripes: Some Days Day 11

Somedays you forget to wear shoes.

Somedays you find links like this and you feel more normal (maybe that’s just me, but sometimes seeing that people loved to take ridiculous animal pictures 140 years ago when film was super expensive makes me feel so much better about the 70 pictures I have on my computer of my dog wearing a hat).

Somedays you find Tumblrs like this that you can’t stop reading…like at all. Like seriously, I need a support group over here.

Somedays you take so many terrible self timed pictures in a row that you make this face.

Somedays you want to buy this dress more than anything ever. And somedays you’re a broke college student on a spending fast and can’t (in reality, this is more like everyday in Stripesland. But I want it nonetheless!).

Somedays you have to remember it’s ok to cut yourself a little slack and that it always works out in the end. And to give people the benefit of the doubt because when you really need something to pull through, it does. (And somedays it’s really hard to remember how to do this.)

Somedays you accidentally stop and smell the rain (this is the NW and the smell of rain currently overwhelms the smell of the flowers) and you begin praying for a huge, warm downpour complete with giant raindrops so you can just sit around and listen to the rain fall.

Somedays you wear this outfit:

Shirt: A’capella Club

Jeans: Gap

Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear

And somedays you realize you don’t have a drawing of all your clothes in the picture so you say “whatev’s” and don’t include the hand drawings that day.

ALSO! In response to Miss Sequin’s post… heck yes I gave her a hard time. She was totes the one who wanted to stop spending money during this experiment and just this last weekend was quoted as saying “I can match anything with anything else”.  So yes, my judge face is on. 😛

Sequins 30 for 30: Friends In Low Places

I’ve got friends low places, or so the song goes. Not really–I don’t think, at least. I done, however, have awesome friends. In cool places. Awesome friends who find cool trinkets from those cool places, and who then mail those things to me. Curious yet? Fell off the train that was my thought? That’s okay. I’ll just show you a picture, then.

**Update: My darling friend let me know that the necklace is from Charming Charlies, and there’s only one of its kind up here in Washington. Apparently it’s based out of Texas, and apparently (or so the reports go), everything in that store has the same level of awesome a my necklace.

See that necklace? That necklace was found by a good friend of mine, a good friend who has a blog that you should check out. Girl is crazy interesting with her crazy lists. But back to the necklace! Isn’t it awesome? The paper in the typewriter moves. And it’s a full QWERTY key board. Ugh it’s so cool it hurts! And the rest of the outfit isn’t that bad (if I do say so myself)…

Shirt: Gap, Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights: Bella/ Shoes: Clarks/ Necklace: present!

Are you loving my ponytail? I told you all it was dorky! I’m so happy to have my hair up, though. It’s been up the whole weekend. It take a couple of hair clips to support it, but man alive is it comfy! Right now I’m just curled up in my boyfriend’s sweatpants (few things are more comfortalbe than the things that come out of his wardrobe), watching Game of Thrones with him and our darling friend Lou Lou (he hates the nickname, but he puts up with it like the good sport that he is!)

Let’s take one last look at that friggin’ awesome necklace, shall we?

Ahh… What a necklace. What a gift! Lordy I must be spoiled rotten!