Marci’s Headquarters

This is my “grumpy old lady” face

My name is Marci. Well, it’s not really, but I don’t like to be in a habit of giving out my name on the internets all willy-nilly. It is, however, a nickname of mine pulled from my middle name. And it’s what David, my partner in crime, calls me. So it works.

Who am I? I’m a recent college graduate who likes to consume books at a voracious pace while posting my outfits on the internet. I’m super proud of my mohawk and you’ll rarely see me wear something that isn’t at least 30% ridiculous. I also rock my hipster glasses (or, as one of my friends calls them, “boner shrinkers”) with sass.

Eventually I’ll overcome my lifelong fears of both paperwork and the phrase “living up to your potential”, and then I will apply to a graduate program studying Middle Eastern history. Or Russian literature and its influence over politics. Or the history of typography and type. My interests are very solid, but they rotate.

Until then, feel free to indulge your voyeuristic tendencies with the outfits I post on the internet. I hope you enjoy.

I have a personal blog full of rants and art projects that I recommend checking out over at this site. I also post random images at this location

One response to “Marci’s Headquarters

  1. I confess that I peeked at your personal website and I saw the statue draped in a tentacle. Which was amazing. That’s all. 🙂

    One day I will find a class just on typography and type and I will tell you about it and we can be typography geeks together. Until then, I have to say this “about” page so perfectly encapsulates you.

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